Hognostications - Free Weekly Pick 'Em pool Schedule For Picks:
» Week 1: No picks
» Week 2: Friday (9:00 PM)
» Week 3: Friday (9:00 PM)
» Week 4: Friday (9:00 PM)
» Week 5: Friday (9:00 PM)
» Week 6: Friday (9:00 PM)
» Week 7: Friday (9:00 PM)
» Week 8: Friday (9:00 PM)
» Week 9: Friday (9:00 PM)
» Week 10: Friday (9:00 PM)
» Week 11: Friday (9:00 PM)
» Week 12: Thursday (12:00 PM)
» Week 13: Thursday (6:00 PM)
» Week 14: Thursday (6:00 PM)
» Week 15: Thursday (6:00 PM)
» Week 16: Thursday (6:00 PM)
» Week 17: Friday (9:00 PM)
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Signing up for the pool is as easy as visiting the picksheet page, and choosing 'Add New Player' from the player drop down box.

How To Play:
To enter, just fill in the picksheet form each week by selecting your username from the drop down box, and the outcome of each game. You will also be asked to guess the total points scored in the Monday Night Football game (which is used as a tie breaker).

The winner for each week will be the player with the most correct picks. In the event of a tie, the player closest to the actual point total of the tie breaker game will win.

Determining the Champion:
The winner will be determined as the one with the most wins picked throughout the 17 week regular season. Should two or more players be tied, then the winner will be the one with the better winning percentage. If that does not break the tie, then the Monday Night Tiebreaker Percentage will decide between them.