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Some Redskins 'Hogging' the Victories
By: Paul Attner
Originally released: 1982-11-27

The Redskins' Offensive Linemen: Roll Out the Pork Barrel
By: Dave Kindred
Originally released: 1982-12-12

Sports of The Times; Hoggish on the Redskins
By: George Vecsey
Originally released: 1983-01-23

For the Offensive Line, A Casual Nickname Sows a Hog Happening
By: Paul Attner
Originally released: 1983-01-30

SOOOOEEEEY; A Hog: What Every Offensive Player Wants to be when He Grows Up
By: John Ed Bradley
Originally released: 1983-08-21

On the Redskins' Offensive Line, It's Still a Hog's Life
By: Gary Pomerantz
Originally released: 1983-10-30

Sports of the Times; Hogs in Three-Piece Suits
By: Dave Anderson
Originally released: 1984-01-19

The Hogs: Not as Famous, but Still Proud
By: Tom Friend
Originally released: 1988-01-31

Tough to Root Out a Hog; Redskins' Beefy Boars Prove a Long-Lived Species
By: Ken Denlinger
Originally released: 1991-01-04

HOG HEAVEN; Offensive line brings home the bacon for Redskins
By: Jim Souhan
Originally released: 1992-01-20

Introducing the Most Powerful Group in Washington
By: Thomas George
Originally released: 1992-01-21

Rooting for Redskins: An Honor Among Hogs
By: Dick Fenlon
Originally released: 1992-01-22

The Hogskins
By: Joe Burris
Originally released: 1992-01-24

The Hogs: Redskins Offensive Line Has Grip on Nation's Capital
By: Steve Kelley
Originally released: 1992-01-25

Redskins Made Hog Heaven
By: Chicago Sun-Times
Originally released: 1994-01-02

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