Hogs Quotes
In this section you will find a collection of quotes that are either about the Hogs, or that were made by a Hog.
Jeff Bostic

... on running the 50-gut 9 straight times against the Cowboys

"After three or four, in the huddle I said to Russ, 'Play along with me,' " Bostic said. "I got to the line, and I said to Randy White, 'Our coaching staff loves you. We're going to run it over you again.' Then on the next play Russ told him. Randy wasn't very happy, but after three or four times, he didn't say a word."

"Being called Hogs is appropriate. We're always doing a lot of work on the ground in the mud, just like hogs. Besides, this makes us different from everyone else on the team. It's something to joke about. It's still a kid's game, and when you can't laugh, you better get out."

Monte Coleman

...on the hardest hit he ever took

'There are two answers. Brad Van Pelt, No. 10 for the New York Giants in the 80's. Really the hardest hit I ever took came from Joe Jacoby in practice one day. Just a counter trey the Hogs and John Riggins made famous. I stepped up to close it and it was lights out.'

George Starke

... on Howie Long

"Roughest game I've ever played in, Howie Long was great. He was fighting, spitting at people, but after the game he came over to me and said, 'You guys were great.'"

Joe Jacoby

... on John Riggins

Riggins:`Ah, the old man is mad at me. I'm asking you to do a little more for me. I need gaping holes.'
Jacoby: 'He gets halfway across the room and then walks back. '
Riggins: `On second thought, on those gaping holes, don't make them gaping. Just big enough to get five or six yards. I don't want to get 10 or 15 yards downfield and make a fool of myself falling down.'
Jacoby: 'That was John, and then he goes out and gets 185 yards.'

Mark May

... on the versatility of the Hogs

'They were blitzing everybody from weak-side safety to strong safety to linebackers. First, Joe Jacoby went out and I went from right tackle to left tackle. Then Joe came back and I went back to right tackle. Then Russ got hurt and (right guard) Ken Huff went to left guard and I went to right guard. George came back in at right tackle. It was like a chinese fire drill.'

Don Warren

... on the congeniality of the Hogs

'Russ Grimm would swallow his dip by halftime and throw up on somebody's shoes. Jeff Bostic and Mark May were fighting about who'd missed an assignment. And man did Riggo stink from his hangover. But we got it done.'

Matt Millen

... on the size of the Hogs

'When the Hogs came into existence, you had Mark May, who was 300 pounds. You had Joe Jacoby, who, depending on which meal he'd eaten, could be 320 or 330 pounds. Then everybody went to big offensive linemen. Subsequently, people had to start going to big defensive linemen.'

... on Joe Gibbs

"As a rule, I'm not big on coaches, Players play and coaches wish they could. But Gibbs was one guy who made a big difference."

... on Russ Grimm saying that he would run over his own mother to get to the Super Bowl

"I'd run over Russ Grimm's mother to get to the Super Bowl too."

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