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Patriots, Eagles, and Prop Bets: Your Super Bowl Starts Now

This weekend marks the pinnacle of the 2017 NFL season with the playing of the 52nd Super Bowl in Minnesota. It feels like forever ago back on January 21st when the Conference Championships were decided, putting the wheels in motion for one of the better Super Bowl matchups in recent memory. Predictably the Patriots make yet another appearance at the show after rolling through the AFC playoff bracket, albeit with a few close calls. Meanwhile in the NFC, Nick Foles picked up the pieces after the Eagles starting QB Carson Wentz goes down, and Foles has people thinking twice about his potential as a starter, or Super Bowl champion for that matter.

While most of the action will be on the field, the game isn’t the only thing this Sunday to look forward to. Special prop betting options have become a staple of Super Bowl Sunday for years now, with the list of wagers increasing annually. Some sites offering up hundreds all on their own, check Betting sites for various prop bets on Super Bowl 52. While most of the public will be banking on the Patriots to come through as favorites, let’s take a gander at some other things worth betting on.

Pink’s national anthem performance is one of the primary focuses of many entertainment props on the menu this weekend. Length of the song is a popular option, with the over/under set at two minutes, favoring the over. This is for good reason, four of the last five performances have gone longer than 2 minutes because who wants to rush through their time to shine. How about predicting her hair color? Maybe you have in in with her stylist and can parlay that into a few extra greenbacks.

Interestingly Pink is only the 2nd favorite with white/blonde taking the lead on the prop odds board. Finally, one of the more interesting bets can be made on whether or not Pink says the word “Eagles” at any point before, during or after her rendition. Interesting why? Glad you asked. Pink, as it turns out, is a massive eagles fan and might want to flash her colors. BTW green hair pays out a hefty 5/1.

Anthem betting is perhaps secondly only to halftime betting when it comes to prop options. With Justin TImberlake’s much anticipated performance, there is much to predict here. Shoe color you ask? Oh we got that. White is favored with yellow bringing up the rear as the wild card with long odds. Might he wear a hat? Sunglasses perhaps? This is really starting to sound like a game of guess who, but with money involved. Predictably the most conversational of these options will be who joins JT on stage as a special guest? Favored choices include T.I. & Jay-Z, while longshots bring ‘NSYNC and Janet Jackson into the fold. It’s slightly surprising that Jackson is predicted to have no chance in hell of making a tongue in cheek appearance, so much for the NFL having a light side. It seems inevitable that JT will be covering a Prince song at some point but don’t bank on Purple Rain. Prince killed it so hard at Super Bowl XLI that even Timberlake wouldn’t stand a chance of pulling it off, hell it was even raining for god’s sake!

Be sure to check out your favorite betting resource for even more prop bets being offered up. With choices in the thousands, it would be hard to not find something worth dropping a dime on. Whatever you decide to wager on this Super Bowl Sunday it’s best to keep one important thing in mind. Buy three times the amount of food & alcohol you need for your Super Bowl party and be sure to invest in a good sturdy plunger.

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Super Bowl Quiz – Which Team Should You Be Cheering For?

The Super Bowl is obviously a massive occasion for most football lovers – even if the Redskins aren’t playing. So here’s a cool little quiz to help you see who you should be cheering for, and betting online at Paddy Power to win. Complete the quiz below and find out who your best option is.

If the script does not offer the quiz above, then you can click here to take the quiz.

And if the quiz doesn’t predict that you should be cheering for the New England Patriots, then it’s either broken, or you should trade in your burgundy and gold for some green.


Redskins Looking For Redemption Sunday Against The Cardinals

There isn’t a playoff position on the line for the Redskins; nor for the Cardinals. For all intents and purposes, this is a meaningless NFL football game. Bookmakers still have the Redskins betting odds this week as four point favorites, but it remains to be seen if the “home field” advantage will amount to much.

To be accurate, the Cardinals do technically have a mathematical chance of making the playoffs, but Venus has to align with Mars, while the Sun eclipses both. Arizona are 6-7 and while there are still scenarios that can be laid out that see them make the playoffs, they aren’t likely to happen. They are two full games back, with four to go, and there are six teams ahead of them vying for those last two Wild Card berths. Not going to happen.

The Redskins are already out and this week started to shut some things down. Jordan Reed was finally put on the injured reserve after six consecutive weeks on the inactive list. Conventional wisdom says that he will still be a Redskin in 2018, but that remains to be seen. As incredibly talented a player as the tight end obviously is, he spends as much time on the inactive list or injured reserve, as he does on the field. Read the rest of this entry »

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Redskins Face Chargers With Mostly Pride To Play For

The Washington Redskins and the Los Angeles Chargers are two teams going in opposite directions. Washington have lost five of their last seven and have seen their playoff chances dwindle down to a mere small mathematical possibility. The Chargers on the other hand, have won six of their last eight, and are very much in the playoff picture. As such, the Redskins betting odds for his week have them just shy of a touchdown road dogs.

Despite there only being a game between the two teams in overall record, the 6-6 Chargers still very much have something left to play for. They come into the matchup as the 7th seed, just one game (and slot) out of the playoffs. They sit behind the 7-5 Jaguars and Ravens, who hold the 5th and 6th seeds respectively, and more importantly, the two AFC Wild Card positions. However, the Chargers are also tied with the Chiefs atop the division with the Chiefs holding the tiebreaker (and 4th seed) currently – so not only is a Wild Card still a possibility, but so is winning the AFC West. Read the rest of this entry »

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Humiliating Loss To Cowboys Puts An End to the Redskins Playoff Hopes

It was supposed to be an epic battle between two teams fighting for a playoff berth – it ended up being one team fighting for that chance. The Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys squared off on Thursday Night, and a nationwide audience watched the Redskins get spanked 38-14 at AT&T Stadium. The loss dropped the Redskins to 5-7, ended their Wild Card hopes, and left nothing to play for, but pride.

Given their last performance, that might be daunting. The Redskins were sloppy on both sides of the ball, and while some of it can be attributed to the NFL leading amount of injuries they have, some of it was just sloppy. Visit these betting sites to see how the Redskins odds this weekend are affected by their sloppy play against Dallas. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wallpaper Wednesday: Vintage John Riggins

There isn’t really a sure fire way to wipe the bad taste out of your mouth from a humiliating 38-14 loss to the Dallas Cowboys – especially when it puts the nail in the playoff hunt coffin.

Seemed appropriate to celebrate the past glory with nothing left to play for this year, but pride.

So today’s wallpaper is “The Diesel” John Riggins. One of the most colorful characters to ever don the burgundy and gold, and one of the best football players too.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Throwback Thursday: Kilmer Ends Vikings Undefeated Season

It was on this day – November 30th – in 1975, that Billy Kilmer led the Washington Redskins to a 31-30 upset victory over Fran Tarkenton’s Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings came into the matchup with a 10-0 record, but George Allen had his 7-3 Redskins ready for battle. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wallpaper Wednesday: Greg Manusky

Thought I would break out of the Wallpaper Wednesday mould and do something different – and recognize a coach instead of a player. Well in this case, a coach who is a former player – Greg Manusky. The Redskins defensive coordinator took over the reigns from Joe Barry in the offseason, after serving as the outside linebackers coach the year before.

The Redskins defense has had an up and down season – how much of that is on Manusky is open to individual interpretation.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Samaje Perine Emerging to Keep Redskins in Playoff Hunt

FedEx Stadium Washington Redskins” by Kevin Coles (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Washington Redskins are keeping their playoff hopes alive as we enter the final few weeks of the regular season. They have a current record of 5-6, and they still have work to do but they are sticking in there, and showing encouraging fighting qualities, despite the odds being against them.

The Redskins have been hit hard by injuries at the running back position recently, with Rob Kelley going on injury reserve and then emerging star Chris Thompson suffering a horrific break of his fibula and ending up in the same place. The departure of these two has left a huge hole in the Redskins backfield, and that has put more pressure on quarterback Kirk Cousins to throw the ball. However, he has started getting some help in the form of a rookie, Samaje Perine. Read the rest of this entry »

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Redskins Need Win Against The Cowboys To Stay in the Playoff Hunt

The mere mention of playoffs may have many of you imagining the infamous clip of Jim Mora scornfully mocking the press with, “What’s that? Ah – Playoffs? Don’t talk about – playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game!” After all, Mora’s Colts were 4-6 at the time and not in that dissimilar a position to the (5-6) Washington Redskins; or their opponents, the (5-6) Dallas Cowboys for that matter. Regardless of the improbability, that is still the scenario for the two beleaguered teams as they head into this week’s Thursday Night matchup. In the Redskins odds for the next game, bookmakers have Washington favored ever so slightly. A win for either team will keep them mathematically in line for a Wild Card spot, while a loss would all but drive the final nail into the coffin.

That kind of make-or-break situation will only add to the already tense rivalry between the two teams. Two disenchanted franchises that come into the game… disappointed. Read the rest of this entry »

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