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Pig Pen 4: Cowboys

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Sitting at the tailgate with my friend, Bill (a lowly Cowboys fan), we took a look around us and thought, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” Monday Night Football. Redskins v. Cowboys. Gibbs v. Parcells. Make no mistake about it, there was electricity in the air outside FedEx field prior to the game as the Redskins faithful braved the threatening elements to gather together and celebrate Redskins football.

As expected, there were a lot more Cowboys fans at this game than there were Bucs fans at the Tampa game. Those fans did not escape without the yells, jeers and miscellaneous insults thrown at them from Redskins fans. That’s to be expected. Unlike some fans which will remain nameless (Eagles fans), there were no fights, no threats, no muggings. Just good-natured ribbing of the Cowboys fans.

TheHogs.Net tailgate was there to celebrate this historic occasion. Once again, DEHog, Hailskins666, and myself came out in full force spreading the word about TheHogs.Net and cooking up a storm. In fact, this week provided one of our best menus yet. While I provided the good ol’ “stand by” foods of cheeseburgers, and sausages, HailSkins666 and DEHog stepped it up a notch. Once again, HailSkins brought his infamous chili and bacon for the burgers. (You haven’t tasted anything until you’ve had a bacon-chili cheeseburger with onions and mustard.) DEHog also brought his own version of “surf and turf” this week: crab balls and steak. All in all, the food was outstanding….and the company even better.

We were also visited by the following TheHogs.Net members: Coz, NikiH, Jansenfan, Jackson, and Wysocki. Thanks for coming out, folks! We hope that more and more of you are able to come out for future home games!

This week we also had V.I.P. guests at TheHogs.Net tailgate: Hogette “Howiette”, and ParOlympic medalist Beth Scott. Howiette brought some posters and autographed several for fans that stopped by. (When I went to several tailgates to inform people that we had a real live “Hogette” in our midst, many doubters assumed we had an imposter and didn’t stop by.” Too bad for them, I suppose.) Those who did stop by got to meet a truly special person. Inducted into the Hall of Fans in Canton, OH in 2003, Howiette handed out baseball cards with his picture on them to some lucky folks. On the back of the card, you can read,

“Honored by the NFL, Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Visa as the 2003 Ultimate Redskins Fan in the Visa Hall of Fans in Canton, Ohio. Now in my 7th decade of watching a rooting for the Redskins; from Sammy Baugh (1940’s) to Patrick Ramsey (2000’s). I am a diehard Redskins fan and since 1992 a proud member of the world renown Hogettes. We support the Redskins and Children’s charities, helping raise over $80 million for the ‘Kids’. The Hogettes are truly honored to be a part of the Redskins 12th man.”

It was truly an honor have Howiette and Beth Scott stop by. Beth even allowed Hailskins666 and myself to wear her gold medal!!!

For some great pictures of this week’s tailgate, just click here.

Things will only get better and better at future tailgates so I encourage you to please stop by and see us in the future if you ever are fortunate enough to attend a Redskins home game this year. Look for us in Red Lot #4 at the corner of Arena Drive and Jericho Road.

Until next time, save one of those beers for me!

— JusticeHog

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Fran Farren

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news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

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