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Pig Pen: Opening Day!!

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With the exception of New York, I can’t imagine a better place to open the NFL season on September 11th than in our nation’s capital. As promised, Isaac’s partnered with THN to host this year’s inaugural tailgate party. That wonderful smell coming from the green lot was the smell of filet mignon being cooked up on the Freedom Grill by Isaac’s chef Joe Quade. This was by far the best tailgate meal I’ve enjoyed in 4 years of tailgating at FedEx. (OK maybe not better than my crab cakes!) Thanks again to Isaac’s, we look forward to a great season with you!

We were joined at the tailgate by JP Fair, JansenFan, Jake, Skinchic, 1974 and Mrs.1974 as well as all the Hogettes. We also had many first timers there, sorry if I missed anyone, if you stop by our tailgate party be sure to introduce yourself to the THN crew!! We also made lots of new friends like Robin and Pamela.

The day was made complete with a hard fought win highlighted by a great effort by our defense. As the clock was winding down on our first victory of the season, the crowd reminded me that it was Dallas week, by chanting ‘We Want Dallas”. This year’s Dallas game will hold a special memory for yours truly. I have been invited down to Dallas by the Hogttes to represent THN as an honorary Hogette. It is indded an honor to be asked to do this.

I want to take the time to thanks THN and the Hogettes. I’m not really sure if you know some of the work that these people do. Sunday I had the privilege of accompanying Howiette and HogetteEd as they visited the suites at halftime of the game. Suite after suite they brought smiles to the faces of everyone both young and old. A short halftime trip soon turned into a tour of the suites as word spread that the Hogettes were on the suite level. Waiters starting barking out suite number… 196 want you to come by, there’s a birthday in 236, can you stop by? All were accommodated by Howiette and HogetteEd. Before you ask why are the Hogettes hanging with the FedEx elite? Many of them contribute to the many charities that the Hogettes support. I also want to mention our own Bosshog… he has graciously donated his time and efforts to do the Hoggettes website!! This is no small feat, considering the work he has done and continues to do for our THN community

So again it’s my pleasure to announce that I will be joining Stoney, Howiette and HogetteEd in Dallas. We will be hosted by the Burgundy and Gold Club of Dallas. They are hosting a party for us Sunday Night at the Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar in Plano. We will be doing a Redskins charity auction there Sunday night, with the proceeds going to area children’s hospitals that we are visiting on Monday. Then it’s on to Texas Stadium for a tailgate party and a win by the Redskins!!…Love to meet up with any THN members that we have down in Texas.

-DEHogette (for this week)

For all the information on our tailgating, be sure to visit the Tailgating Section of THN’s website. Be sure to also check in each week and look at the tailgating pictures.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Dan Hines

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news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

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