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A Quick Note To Simeon Varlamov

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Dear Varly,

Feel free to remove the Hershey Bears logo from half of your goalie mask.

For a 20-year-old rookie to have a .5 goals against average after his first two Stanly Cup play-off starts is phenomenal. I can’t imagine any circumstance under which you should ever leave the big league team again.

Your size, athleticism and power in front of the net — and the roucous New York crowd — really made itself known last night at MSG, and to play the way you in did in that spot and in that environment is a testament to what you bring to the table as a top-flight netminder in the NHL.

The crazy thing is that you will get better as you gain more experience. Your perceived over-aggressive style of play that you make up for now with speed and strength will likely get more controlled as you make your way through your career, but this season, with a spotlight on this post-season, has shown that you are ready to begin that journey.

I am a big Brent Johnson fan. I like that he came here as a starter and assumed the role of back-up behind Olie even though his numbers were comparable, and fit right in. I will always be grateful for the way he played when called upon, and the leadership he provided in the locker room, but I fear Varly’s coming out party may just mark the end of your time in the Nation’s Capital, unless you sign with Ottawa.

Sure Simeon, your production over the next few games might drop off and the Caps may lose this series, but I think you have shown you are ready for a shot, and if I ran the team, this would mark the beginning of the time when the Washington Capitals are your team.

Good luck on Wednesday, keep up the good work. Oh, and if you accidentily knock Sean Avery on his tail a few times, we won’t be mad.  I’ll give you a quick English lesson. Sean Avery = иДиот.

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news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

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2 Responses to “A Quick Note To Simeon Varlamov”

  1. I agree with you totally Scott.

    I’m also a big Brent Johnson fan (especially since as long as he’s still on the team, my #1 jersey is still relevant!).

    Varly’s play has to signal the end of the line for one of the Caps net-minders, and unfortunately out-of-sight is often out-of-mind.

    Did you see his eyes behind the mask last night? He looked intense! You would figure that a guy, in only his second playoff game, with a three goal lead would be either relaxed, or wide-eyed nervous. He looked focused like a veteran and now joins the likes of Patrick Roy as one of only four goaltenders to get a playoff shutout before the age of 21!

    Someone buy that man a beer (he’s not old enough to buy one himself)!

  2. Yes, Scott, you right. This kid has great future and should be the caps golie for long, long time since now. Even he did this costly mistake during yesterday game he is very solid. His puck control behind the net is hm…questinable, but he is still 21! Way to go, Simeon.
    I have got some pictures from this series which can be find here:
    By the way, to your frontpage – the Semin’s nikname is “Sema” [‘SIOMA].
    Alex ‘Nikale’

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