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Cruel Rumors, Wishful Thinking, and Joe Gibbs

The rumors are rampant today. Redskins fans are running around fan sites like giddy little girls.
Desperate fans, latching onto even the most remote omen of hope…

Someone said the magic words…

Joe Gibbs.

Now, I have no idea where these rumors come from… it seems to have sprung from a piece by Mike Florio

It’s been further fueled by the opinion of super GM Bobby Beathard that (per Jason Reid) “he believes Joe Gibbs, the Hall of Fame coach who had two stints in Washington, would make a fine team president if owner Daniel M. Snyder wanted to bring him back in such a capacity.”

Unfortunately, be it from a Florio contact, the machinations of a rogue blogger, or a sophisticated propaganda effort of the Danny’s evil minions… people, please… 3 words…


OK, that’s 2 words, but close enough. Joe Gibbs is not coming back. This is but another cruel hoax, set loose to burden the beleaguered and downtrodden Redskin Nation.

Never mind that he is, perhaps, the only sound football mind that has ever been able to tame the rash, fantasy league mind of Dan Snyder…

Never mind that he is probably the only person in America with the credibility to almost instantly restore the organizational credibility of the management structure of the team…

Never mind that he has repeatedly demonstrated remarkable executive talent in an incredibly complex and competitive sport that not only required business management skills, but also the ability to manufacture sponsorship money out of thin air…

Never mind that this is a man who has won multiple world championships in 3 sports…

Never mind that he would be the perfect CEO for the Washington Redskins…

He’s not coming back. Just forget it. NO WAY.

I’m sure that in hours, maybe days, the man will put this to rest…

Joe Gibbs…

But… just in case… I’m going to cross my fingers. I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for desperate rumors, right now.

‘scuse me… gotta go wish on a falling star…

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One Response to “Cruel Rumors, Wishful Thinking, and Joe Gibbs”

  1. I hope it does not happen. I admire and respect Joe Gibbs far too much to witness the unnecessary risk that his reputation could suffer. I know that he has made a commitment elsewhere to NASCAR and family. I hope he stays there.

    Enough of Dan Snyder using the credibility of Joe Gibbs to create one for himself when we all know that he has nne.

    Just say no, Joe.


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