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Richard Sherman Parody

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It was really sad to see the Seattle Seahawks bow out of the playoffs yesterday, and by sad, I mean poetic. I’m sure I’m not the only Redskin fan in #RedskinsNation who like Trent Williams, wants to smack Richard Sherman in his mealy little mouth; so it was a little bit sweet to watch Roddy White blow past him like he wasn’t even there for a touchdown.

White immediately got in Sherman’s face and the two started yacking. Do you think White might have asked Sherman, “U Mad Bro?”

Sherman offered up a golfer’s clap for White, which I thought was again poetic, given that Sherman can play as much golf as he wants, starting from right about… now.


Enjoy the offseason Richard.


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news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

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5 Responses to “Richard Sherman Parody”

  1. I doubt even a golf course would allow someone dressed THAT ugly on it..still pretty funny 🙂

  2. Fair point Gordon, thanks for posting. 😀

  3. Poor dick… (left lower case for emphasis… )

  4. Hahaha… he is a little Dicky isn’t he?

  5. Ernest Mulligan
    on January 15th, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    It would have been more poetic if it had been Shanahan that hit him instead of Williams! Can’t stand that cheater! Richard Sherman is a scrub!

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