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For The Redskins, The Axe Man Cometh

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Here is a list of the coaching staff that were let go by the Redskins today:

* Executive Vice President/Head Coach – Mike Shanahan
* Offensive coordinator – Kyle Shanahan
* Special teams – Keith Burns
* Quarterbacks – Matt LaFleur
* Linebackers – Bob Slowik
* Wide receivers – Mike McDaniel
* Advance scout – Larry Coyer
* Offensive quality control – Richmond Flowers
* Defensive assistant – Bobby Slowik

Read Jake Russell’s comprehensive report for full details.

Conspicuous by his absence on the list is defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. How did this even happen? I tweeted my thoughts on the matter:

Of course players chimed in with their well wishes for the coach and how great it was to play for him.

It’s all very sad.

For the fan base.

… that has to endure countless more empty promises, a nearly complete re-building, and has experienced about as much success as the Betamax – and poignantly, that’s about when they last had the swagger of success too.

All we have is each other at this point #RedskinsNation. Hail.

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news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

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