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Hog Wire: Redskins News for April 30, 2015

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Here is what’s going on in Redskins Nation… NFL Draft Day Edition!!

From the mainstream media:

From the Redskins Blogosphere:

On Our Message Boards:

  • The draft is tonight. What indication would they have at this point that Griffin is making progress? He hasn’t stepped on the field with the team in months.
    Posted by riggofan…
    Thread: Drafting a QB?

  • Countertrey wrote:
    riggofan wrote:SkinsJock wrote:the closer it gets the more interesting it becomes …
    Browns are now reportedly offering the Titans both of their first round picks
    BOTH the Browns and the Titans say this is NOT true
    True or not, you can be sure the Titans leaked that to drive up the potential trade value! TRUE DAT – and these ‘games’ are being played at all levels to try and influence teams at the top to make a ‘mistake’ …

    Posted by SkinsJock…
    Thread: Browns reportedly willing to move up.

  • … edskins-gm
    Posted by EA7649…
    Thread: Draft value over need. We heard it…Still questions?

Hail to the Redskins!

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news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

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