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Hog Wire: Training Camp Opens!!

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Here is what’s going on in Redskins Nation in the last 24 hours… training camp opened!!

From the mainstream media:

From the Redskins Blogosphere:

On Our Message Boards:

  • Part of the contract. After the $16 M bonus there is $41.5 M to spread over 5 years in the form of salary. That’s about $8.3 M per year in salary as well … on average. Maybe the $24 M guaranteed is the bonus + the first year. I saw it called (Roto) a 6 year deal for $64 M which included the upcoming year.
    Posted by DarthMonk…
    Thread: Kerrigan just got a multi-year DEAL….

  • Bruce on Scot at first presser:
    Posted by DarthMonk…
    Thread: Junior Galette to Skins……….?

  • The same reason you throw drugs away when trying to evade police? guilt Brady knows what he did and he didn’t want
    his pretty boy image tarnished. so he’s been trying to get out of his guilt the entire time this investigation has been going
    Deny, deny, deny. That’s the Lance Armstrong method. He’s gonna wind up getting Pete Rosed if he’s not careful.

    Posted by Deadskins…
    Thread: Around the League • Re: Is Tom Brady a Cheater……..?

  • we all have opinions on what and why as it pertains to Griffin – some of us think that Scott and Jay have a better idea than we do about whether he’s worth investing some time & coaching as opposed to trying to coach up Cousins and McCoy

    Posted by SkinsJock…
    Thread: 2012 Quarterback Class

Hail to the Redskins!

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news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

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