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Pointing Fingers

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The Redskins were rumored to be planning a halt to the start of the 2013 Free Agency period, this started a lot of buzz about what the team would do, Was it a bluff? Does “the Danny” have something up his sleeve? With all the talk of the “Logo” and the Redskins name being under attack by those that say it’s offensive. Word leaked the Redskins had something cooking… In the end even the NFLPA wanted in on some of the action. The same NFLPA that could have prevented all of this (and had a stronger collusion case), had there not been a looming election.

The Washington Redskins were hit with a $36 million cap penalty on the eve of the start of the 2012 free agency period, That team in Texas got hit with a $10 million hit and they appear to have moved on. The Redskins on the other hand, haven’t really said anything. A few years ago I wrote about the Redskins not working within the NFL’s Salary Cap, simply because they could move the number however they want.

After all the changes since those articles, you still here about “Cash over Cap” and “ back loaded deals”. Fortunately for Redskins Nation, it not how Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan do business. That was the Vinny C. way of doing things. We knew Haynesworthlessness was gonna get paid, we knew giving Adam Arch, Brandon Lloyd, and ARE damn near identical contracts that totally overpaid the trio, we knew Zorn would be fired when he had know idea he should be looking for a landing spot.

As fans of the greatest team on the planet, that has had nothing but bad luck since JKC was the owner, we’ve suffered for so long we’ve gotten to the point that we’ll justify anything that is pro B&G. The truth is the Redskins were warned not to dump money into the uncapped year, but that’s what they are said to have done. A few teams dump money into the uncapped year. NONE of them were punished, three teams moved “cap” money into the uncapped year, ALL of them were punished, the Saints punishment was not sharing in “Mara’s loot”, and that team to the west of them that plays in the NFC east lost five million in cap space for two years. No wonder the only people wanting to stand with the Redskins are the people that put them where they are.

The biggest dumping not penalized was the Peppers’ contract with the Bears, it’s everyone that follows this tomfoolery bases for why the Washington Redskins shouldn’t have been punished. Before we move on let me state the Bears weren’t punished because… they did what they were told not to do, to the letter. They gave Peppers $6 million in signing bonus to be spread out over the length of the contract (just like all teams do), but the dropped twenty million into base salary that year. In a capped year that would have been a base of $6 mil;lion (or less) and signing bonus of $20 million (or a yearly cap hit of five million plus). The Washington Redskins, the Saints and that team in Texas, didn’t spend any money.

All three teams took upcoming (or payments now due) and converted them into signing bonuses, these restructured deals paid the players cash but it wasn’t new money… and each deal include player buy out options. They knew what they were doing and got caught. If somebody needs to be the fall guy all fingers would point at the Vice President of Football Administration Eric Schaffer.

Eric Schaffer the defacto contract man… the number cruncher… the capolgist. Now you should understand why no one s pointing the finger at him.

Vinny told him to pay these guys stupid money while the Four Letter Network was reporting the Redskins cap was so bad they’ed be lucky to field 22 rookies… he did it. Vinny said “throw the fat boy a $100 million deal, but we need to keep Hall regardless what he wants” Eric did it and moved on. When the Mike and Bruce show came to town, Schaffer did what he has done for the six or seven years (name a coach that has lasted six year). They told him to clean up the mess Vinny made as we gut this roster and rebuild on the run. Eric Schaffer said ‘”I can do that”. Then he did it. And here we are.

The Redskins didn’t break the stated rules however while staying within the stated rules they exploited the hell out of what the rules were meant to prevent. Eric Schaffer did what the team asked him to do and it pissed some of them off. So they attacked him where he lives (player contracts and the salary)

This is not where they (whoever they are) want to fight. Schaffer has been through at least four regimes working for a owner that fires more people that Donald Trump, and has been getting a paycheck from “the Danny” for more than a decade. Case in point would be last free agency eve, for the first twenty-four hours it was a $36 million dollar hit, after the weekend past he got word it would be split over two years. In between he signed Pierre Garcon,, Josh Morgan, and were linked to other big name free agent targets. They did all this after retaining the players the wanted to keep. I’m not sure if Schaffer was told to do it or he if he was flipping off the Commish in his own way, but Adam Carriker’s was one of the first contracts negotiated after the start of the 2012 league year and was structured in the identical manner as the two re-structured contracts they were punished for during “Capgate”.

Personally I think it was a “flip off” and Eric hasn’t looked back.

Really he does what he’s told to do… that’s why he gets paid the big bucks. Granted he should have been paid more when he followed the orders of a idiot, actually he should have been paid even more for cleaning up the idiots mess.

With just over 24 hours before the tree agency market opens the Washington Redskins are reportedly $3 to $4 million over the cap, won’t be major plsyers in the market and don’t have the cap space to retain their own free agents, are just about finish re-signing the RFAs talking to their URFAs and the agents of players that can fill needs on the roster.

The Washington Redskins are “over the cap” yet they have re-signed Paulsen, Young, Kory L., Rob Jackson and Nick Sundberg, with more to come before free agency starts.

As far as this cap penalty goes I say until someone explains to Eric Schaffer that he can’t take the rules literally, they can’t expect the Redskins to be truly hindered by cap penalties… and until that time no one can point the finger at Mr. Schaffer.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Bernie Marshall

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News, Notes, and Quotes

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Rex Grossman has thrown for over 300 yards in three of the four games he has started for the Washington Redskins before taking over the Redskins starting job and running his close friend, Kyle Shanahan’s offensive scheme Grossman’s only other 300 plus yards passing game happened when he threw for 339 yards against the Buccaneers in December 2006.

Outside linebacker Brian Orakpo sprained his right ankle early in Sunday’s season opener against the New York Giants, but returned to play most of the rest of the game. Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that he is hoping to have both starting strong safety LaRon Landry and outside linebacker Brian Orakpo on the field this week when his team hosts the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Landry missed most of the last week of practice with a strained hamstring, but did some jogging prior to Sunday’s season opener.

On a punt return, he lined up for a short kick several yards in front of Brandon Banks. The two had a miscommunication that resulted in Paul’s catching the kick, trying – and failing – to hand it to Banks and being tackled for no gain. That describes rookie Niles Paul’s NFL debut, here’s how he explained it…. “It was definitely an in-between kick,” Paul said. “I started backing up, didn’t hear Banks coming and didn’t hear the call. They wanted us to field the ball, so I had to make sure I did that.”

Quarterback Rex Grossman will face the same young Cardinals secondary this Sunday that allowed Cam Newton to throw two touchdown passes to Steve Smith, for 77 yards and for 26 yards, and find tight end Greg Olsen for a 43-yard pickup on the way to an NFL record (422 passing yards) for a rookie in his first game.

Stephen Bowen and Adam Carriker both tallied fourth-quarter sacks, as the Redskins’ defensive-front tallied a total of four sacks in week one. The 2010 Redskins’ defensive line generated a total of nine sacks in 16 games.

Six of Washington’s twelve picks from April’s draft made their NFL debuts in the opener: Kerrigan (first round), running back Roy Helu (fourth), safety DeJon Gomes and receiver Niles Paul (both fifth) and cornerback Brandyn Thompson and nose tackle Chris Neild (both seventh).

Tight End Chris Cooley set the Redskins’ record for career catches by a tight end, passing the late Jerry Smith. Cooley now has 423, while Fred Davis had a career-high 105 yards on five catches.

Safety Reed Doughty took blame for the 68-yard catch and run that set up New York’s first touchdown…. “I had him man-to-man in deep coverage,” Doughty said. “I have the dig [route], I have the up [route] and he ran the dig and up. There’s no reason for me to jump that route.”

Wide Receiver Anthony Armstrong’s six yard touchdown Sunday gave him three touchdowns in three games against the Giants.

Seventh round draft pick NT Chris Neild only had three sacks in his college career had two on Sunday in his first game as a pro.

In four years as a defensive end at Purdue Ryan Kerrigan never scored a touchdown, but in his NFL debut at outside linebacker he scored on an interception return after batting down a pass

Pro-Bowl outside linebacker Brian Orakpo recorded his first career blocked field goal

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Bernie Marshall

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Victory Monday

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There was never in the past where the players have said, No, we are going to come in and work; we are not going to take the day off,’” said tight end Chris Cooley. The Washington Redskins’ 28-14 season-opening victory over the New York Giants was all the team needed to enjoy what is known as ‘Victory Monday’. The Redskins almost all ways got the Monday after a win off under Gibbs and Zorn, last year Mike Shanahan routinely gave the players a day off after a win and had planned on doing so today. According to reports
MLB London Fletcher spoke up when Shanahan was asked about victory Monday and said ‘Nah, we need to work,’”. The Redskins defensive co-captain had spoken and on Monday the team got back to work.

As the Redskins study film today, they will try to find ways to improve their techniques and execution, and they’ll have more time to do so. Cooley says he sees the benefit of getting together as a group on a Monday instead of a Wednesday, “Getting together to watch the film and evaluate how we played and talk about what we can do better as a team, we don’t have to rush through it, we’re going to watch it anyway and if we came in Wednesday, it would become a little hectic.”

The Redskins will have a few things to work on, like:

1. The offensive line looked good during the pre-season but with Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck missing on Sunday the allowed four sacks and the QB was hit another six or seven times, one resulted in a Rex Grossman fumble.

2. The ground game totaled 74 yards on 26 carries or a 2.8-yard average. Running back Tim Hightower carried the ball 25 times and his longest run was 22 yards.

3. The Redskins didn’t give up many big plays, but the Eli Manning and the Giants connected on passes of 68 and 41 yards.

4. Graham Gano went 10 for 10 this pre-season and followed that up by missing his only attempt of the game a 39 yard field goal pushing the kick wide right.

5. Shanahan said he wasn’t planning on a “Victory Monday”. He said he was impressed with players wanting to report, but felt the same as London Fletcher that it was too early in the season for a day off.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Bernie Marshall

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Injury Update Redskins vs Giants

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The lack of off-season training activities were said to be a reason for teams to worry about Training Camp injuries. I’m not sure if the New York Giants were worried about injuries or not, but they were one of the hardest hit teams by the injury bug this off-season. Cornerbacks Terrell Thomas, Bruce Johnson, Brian Witherspoon, 2011 second-round draft pick defensive tackle Marvin Austin, linebackers Jonathan Goff and Clint Sintim are all out for the year due to injuries. Cornerback Prince Amukamara, the team’s 2011 first-round pick, also remains out indefinitely with a broken foot. Defensive end Osi Umenyiora will be out for at least another week or two as he comes back from arthroscopic knee surgery and now Justin Tuck is concerned about the lingering pain in his neck and sounding uncertain about his status for Sunday’s game. On the other hand the Washington Redskins come out of the pre-season with very few major injuries. Redskins’ rookie defensive lineman Jarvis Jenkins suffered a torn right ACL in the third preseason game. Jenkins had the surgery Friday, and has already started rehabilitating his knee. Jenkins said that he has been told to expect a recovery time of four to six months. Strong safety LaRon Landry said he won’t play in Sunday’s opener vs. the New York Giants after suffering a setback with his hamstring. According to media eports he blamed himself rather than the training staff, these reports differ from what Landry wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. Those post were later deleted. Landry is the only injury question make for now that the Redskins have to deal with. Rookie defensive lineman Jarvis Jenkins said the surgery to repair his torn right ACL was a success and that no additional damage was found, Jarvis will miss all of the 2011 season.

Tight end Travis Beckum (hamstrings) was limited in practice on Friday and defensive end Justin Tuck took part in practice for the first time in two weeks on Friday, both are listed as questionable for Sunday’s game

Tight end Chris Cooley (knee), return man Brandon Banks (knee), free safety Oshiomogho Atogwe (hamstring), receiver Donte Stallworth (shoulder) and running back Ryan Torain (hand) were limited in practice this week and each are listed as questionable for Sunday’s game

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Bernie Marshall

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HogWire 2011- Week One:

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The Washington Redskins (0-0) will host their Division rivals the New York Giants (0-0) on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks this Sunday at FedEx Field, kickoff is at 4:15 PM., to starts the Redskins 2011 regular season. The Redskins and Giants are just like the other 30 NFL teams and are coming off a unusual off-season with, an overloaded free agency market with a limited timeframe to sign them, and no OTAs or Mini Camps, due to the NFL lockout. The New York Giants finished the 2011 pre-season with a 2-2 records, beating the Bears 41-13 and the Patriots 18-17 and lost to the Panthers 20-10 and the Jets 17-3. The Redskins defeated the Steelers 16-3, the Colts 16-3 and the Buccaneers 29-24, and they lost to the Ravens 34-31.

The Redskins and New York Giants have played each other more than they have played any other team, with the Giants leading the series 92-62-4 and have won the last six meetings.

Redskins Rolling with Rex

Rex Grossman who has always been considered nothing more than a career backup, but Grossman was the first QB added to the roster when Mike Shanahan took over the Washington Redskins last off-season. Rex was under contract before the Redskins traded two draft picks for a 33 year old, six-time Pro Bowler and before Doug Dutch (a cornerback that is no longer in the league) for a guy with only seven NFL starts in four years. Donovan McNabb became the starter the day the trade was made and John Beck was reportedly handed the job by the media during the lockout because the press had nothing better to report from Redskins Park. McNabb was benched before the 2010 season ended and replaced by Grossman, Rex held on to the starting job by beating out John Beck during the shorten off-season. In Washington’s final 2010 regular season game Rex Grossman completed 26-of-44 passes for 336 yards and two touchdowns, in a losing effort against the Giants 17-14.

The Redskins Continue to Rebuild

Just over half of the 53 players that were on the Washington Redskins opening day roster last season, made it on to this year’s roster including eight of eleven 2011 draft picks. The other three rookies made through waivers and added to the team’s practice squad. Coach Shanahan has replaced aging veterans on the decline, with younger players with potential to grow with the team. The average age of starting units in the 2010 opener was 30.7 years old and the average age of the projected starting unit for Sunday’s game is 27.8 years old. Last season the Redskins had eight players on the roster 33 years old or older; this year they only have three. In his second year as head coach and with the help of GM Bruce Allen the Redskins resigned many of their own free agents including Santana Moss (WR), Jammal Brown (T), H.B. Blades (LB), Phillip Buchanon (CB), Rex Grossman (QB), Kedric Golston (DT), Reed Doughty (S), and Rocky McIntosh (LB). They signed free agents that will fit the schemes they started installing last season like Oshiomogho Atogwe (FS), Josh Wilson (CB), Chris Chester (G), Sav Rocca (P), Stephen Bowen (DE), Barry Cofield (DT), Sean Locklear (T), Keyaron Fox (LB) and Donte’ Stallworth (WR). They also make a couple of trade to get players they feel will help the team. They traded Vonnie Holiday and a 2012 draft pick for Tim Hightower who will be the opening day starting running back; they also picked up a starting wide receiver in Jabar Gaffney by trading Jeremy Jarmon. The Redskins will have eight new starters on the offensive side of the ball, and six on the defensive side. And the will also have a new punter.

The Redskins finally addressed their line issues, by signing Barry Cofield to play in the middle and Stephen Bowen at right end, the Redskins should be able to stop the run better than they did last year when they ranked 26th in NFL in Jim Haslett’s 3-4 defense. On the other side of the ball, the Redskins hope to have Tim Hightower running behind an offensive line that has been upgraded with Chris Chester and Will Montgomery to fit Mike Shanahan’s zone-blocking scheme, which was ranked 30th last season.

Week One Preview


 Rex Grossman will be the 11th quarterback to start an opener for the Redskins over the last 18 years. Grossman said: “To be the starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins is a huge thing,” Grossman said. “I fully understand it. It’s my goal to take it and run with it. It’s a very exciting time for me and I feel great about it.”

 Strong safety LaRon Landry, who missed the final seven games of last season with an injured left Achilles, said that he won’t play in Sunday’s opener against the Giants after aggravating the right hamstring that sidelined him throughout preseason. “As of now, yeah it looks like I’m going to miss it,” said Landry, explaining that the hamstring acted up after he ran Saturday and Monday.

 Second-round draft choice Jarvis Jenkins, who suffered a season-ending torn ACL in the Aug. 25 preseason game at Baltimore, was in the locker room on crutches on Wednesday. “There wasn’t no tissue damage or muscle damage, it was just the ACL, so it’s gonna be a long process (four to six months), but I’ll be all right,” said Jenkins, who had surgery six days earlier. “I started (rehab) the day after the surgery so I’m full-speed ahead now.”

 LBs London Fletcher and Rocky McIntosh will start their fifth straight openers for the Redskins, the most by anyone on Washington’s defense. WR Santana Moss will be the only player to start Washington’s last seven openers.

 OLB Ryan Kerrigan will become Washington’s fourth straight first-round draft pick to start an opener following Landry (2007), OLB Brian Orakpo (2009) and OT Trent Williams (2010). The Redskins didn’t have first-round selections in 2006 or 2008.


Pos. Redskins
WR 89 Santana Moss
LT 71 Trent Williams
LG 78 Kory Lichtensteiger
C 63 Will Montgomery
RG 66 Chris Chester
RT 77 Jammal Brown
TE 47 Chris Cooley
WR 10 Jabar Gaffney
QB 8 Rex Grossman
FB 36 Darrel Young
RB 25 Tim Hightower


Pos. Redskins
DE 94 Adam Carriker
NT/DE 96 Barry Cofield
DE/DT 72 Stephen Bowen
LB/DE 91 Ryan Kerrigan
LB 59 London Fletcher
LB 52 Rocky McIntosh
LB 98 Brian Orakpo
CB 23 DeAngelo Hall
CB 26 Josh Wilson
SS 37 Reed Doughty
FS 20 Oshiomogho Atogwe


Pos. Redskins
P 6 Sav Rocca
K 4 Graham Gano
H 6 Sav Rocca
LS 57 Nick Sundberg
KOR 16 Brandon Banks
PR 16 Brandon Banks

New York Giants Injuries

Justin Tuck
DE Prob Sun – Neck Tuck missed practice on Thursday due to a sore neck but is considered probable to play Sunday against the Redskins.
Lawrence Tynes
K Prob Sun – Quadricep Tynes is nursing a quadriceps injury but is expected to play in Sunday’s season opener against the Redskins.
Ramses Barden
WR Out indefinitely – Ankle Barden has been placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list while recovering from an ankle injury. He will miss at least the first six weeks of the season.
Adam Koets
T Out indefinitely – Knee Koets has been placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list while recovering from a knee injury. He will miss at least the first six weeks of the season.
Osi Umenyiora
DE Out Sun – Knee Umenyiora is recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery and will not play in their season opener against the Redskins on Sunday.
Prince Amukamara
CB Oct – Foot Amukamara fractured the fifth metatarsal in his left foot. He’s expected to have surgery and may be sidelined for up to two months.

Chris Cooley
TE Ques Sun – Knee Cooley is suffering from a knee injury and remains questionable for Sunday’s game against the Giants.
Ryan Torain
RB Early Oct – Wrist Torain received wrist surgery that will sideline him up to 7-10 weeks.
LaRon Landry
S Out Sun – Knee andry is suffering from hamstring and Achilles’ injuries and has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Giants.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Bernie Marshall

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Redskins make Minor Roster Moves

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If Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb doesn’t play in the final two games and coach Mike Shanahan has said he won’t, he’ll finish his 12th season in the league with 3,377 passing yards, 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. It marks the first season of his career that McNabb has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns and his 77.1 passer rating is his worst since his rookie season. While McNabb served as the backup to Grossman last week, this week he’ll be relegated to the Redskins’ No. 3 quarterback spot. John Beck will be the team’s first option if Grossman goes down. McNabb said the timing of the benching on Thursday night, less than 72 hours before kickoff, felt “somewhat disrespectful,” he said his relationship with Shanahan has not suffered permanent damage. When asked if he wants to be traded or released, McNabb says, “No, I want to be here. I really do. …I don’t believe in starting something and not finishing.”

Roster Moves:

— Defensive end Phillip Daniels got his first start of the season on Sunday, before he aggravated an abdomen injury he suffered a week earlier against Tampa Bay. The Redskins did not know whether Daniels would require surgery or not but he will be placed on the season-ending injured reserve and will miss the final two games.

— Nose tackle Maake Kemoateu was placed on season-ending injured reserve Wednesday with a shoulder injury. Kemoeatu said he’ll meet with a doctor next Monday to determine whether he has a muscle tear and to decide whether he needs surgery. Coming off an Achilles injury that kept him out all of 2009, Kemoeatu started the Redskins first 13 games at NT and says he “definitely” plans to play football next season.

— The Redskins activated LB Rob Jackson from the practice squad to take the open roster space created by the Phillip Daniels injury. Jackson is a former defensive end who was selected in the 7th round of the 2008 NFL Draft is too small to play DE in a 3-4 so he, has been moved to outside linebacker. Jackson wears number 50 and turned 25 last month. The Redskins also released offensive lineman Jacob Bender from the practice squad and replaced him with tackle Xavier Fulton, who was a fifth-round draft pick by Tampa Bay in 2009. Defensive lineman Rashaad Duncan, who has spent time on the rosters of the Buccaneers and the Buffalo Bills over the last two seasons, he will take Rob Jackson’s spot on the practice squad.

— The Redskins have brought back defensive lineman Darrion Scott to take Kemoeatu’s place on the 53-man roster. Scott, who is listed at 6-foot-3 and 310 pounds, was with the Redskins in training camp. He was with the Vikings from 2004-07 and spent last season playing for Jim Haslett with the UFL’s Florida Tuskers.
Quotes and Notes:

— Linebacker Brian Orakpo who leads the Redskins’ defense with 8.5 sacks suffered hamstring and groin injuries in Sunday’s game. Coaches won’t know his status until Wednesday when the team returns to practice.

— Washington Redskins quarterback John Beck will be the primary backup for starter Rex Grossman during the Redskins’ final two games, and Donovan McNabb will be the third-string quarterback or inactive the against the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Giants.

— Head coach Mike Shanahan said he was pleased with how quarterback Rex Grossman managed the pace of the game and the rhythm he established on offense. His knowledge of the offense was evident in the passing game. “Rex is very familiar with the terminology of the offense which gives him the ability to throw things out there a little bit quicker than other quarterbacks would,” Shanahan said.

— Quarterback Rex Grossman threw only three passes that traveled more than 21 yards on Sunday, he completed a 47-yarder to wide receiver Anthony Armstrong, he was 3-of-4 for 32 yards on passes that went 6-10 yards, he was 5-of-6 for 110 yards on passes in the 16-20 yard range, Seven completions came at or behind the line of scrimmage and another nine catches came in the 1-5-yard range of the line. The Redskins had 148 post-catch yards. “He got it to us and it was our job to do the rest,” WR Santana Moss said, whose first three receptions were caught behind the line.

— Cornerback Kevin Barnes was forced into action when safety Reed Doughty departed in the first half with a head injiury. Kareem Moore was the only remaining healthy safety on the roster, forcing Barnes’ move from cornerback. “They told me to be ready to play at safety,” he said. “I didn’t know what happened to Reed but I made sure I made all my tackles and did all I could. … In the off-season, I took a lot of pride in learning the defense so I felt comfortable out there.”

— Safety LaRon Landry may not be headed to his first Pro Bowl in 2010. Becauce he was placed on season-ending injured reserve last week, his name won’t appear on the ballots circulated this week to coaches and players. According to the most recent numbers Landry had 174,625 votes well ahead of Arizona’s Adrian Wilson, with 91,192 votes, but without any support from coaches or his fellow players, Landry will more than likely be left off the NFC squad.

— Washington’s defense allowed over 400 yards for the fifth time this year during Sunday’s 33-30 loss, raising its average to 397.6 yards. Only two NFL teams since 1983 have surrendered more yards per game during the course of a full season. While switching to a 3-4 defensive front to increase team turnovers the unit recorded 19 takeaways during the first eight games, winning four of them, but it has recorded only five during the last six games, five of which were losses.

— Safety Macho Harris, who hasn’t played since being signed last month, or cornerback Kevin Barnes might have to start Sunday at strong safety if, Reed Doughty, can’t return in time from the concussion he suffered in Sunday’s game. 

— The Redskins’ newly acquired punter Sam Paulescu struggled in Sunday’s 33-30 loss, he punted four times and posted a overall average of 39.5 and a net average of 26.0, he had a poorly kicked 30-yard punt in the second quarter.

— Last week the Redskins couldn’t practice on their natural grass fields because, the fields were frozen on Wednesday, and they were covered with snow on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They practiced on it’s old Astroturf field on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, but on Thursday, with it snowing, the Redskins had to practice on the basketball court of a nearby gym. Inclement weather has forced the Redskins to practice off-site and or miss full-contact reps four times this season. During the offseason the Redskins will have heat coils installed beneath the turf of one of the practice fields, and also will have a practice bubble built. Washington is one of ten NFL teams without an indoor practice facility.   Shanahan didn’t give a timetable on Monday for new digs. He says the heated field is the first priority. 

— Safety Reed Doughty said he may have suffered the concussion on the first play of the game. He continued to play but he “didn’t feel right” as the game progressed. “It just got worse, so I came out, I wasn’t knocked out or anything like that, but at the same time we want to be cautious, I have a chance to come back this week, but we’ll just take it day by day.” Doughty said.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Bernie Marshall

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Evaluating the QB

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The Washington Redskins and head coach Mike Shanahan went into week 15 with what is being billed as “evaluation mode”. It happened the same week the Redskins were scheduled to play their biggest divisional rivals (if you as any Redskins fan) at “Jerry’s World”.  David Buehler made a 39-yard field goal with 50 seconds left to drop the Redskins to 5-9. It was a game that Mike Shanahan wanted to use to evaluate players that he needed to look at, at the end of a lost season.

Quarterback Rex Grossman started his first game since November 9, 2008 and completed 25 of 43 passes for 322 yards while throwing four touchdowns and half as many picks, and had the Redskins moving in and out of the huddle at a much quicker pace than that has been seen from the team at any time that Donovan McNabb has run Kyle Shananhan’s scheme.

At some point after the half time break something hit Shanahan, I’m not sure which Shanahan was hit or it may have been both of them. Whatever it was it made them understand what is suppose to happen when the Washington Redskins play “that team in Texas”. Defensive Coordinator Jim Hasllet continued his evaluation by giving backups Jeremy Jarmon, Kevin Barnes and Perry Riley got major playing time, Barnes even played strong safety when Reed Doughty was injured although that’s not his position. Hasslet’s unit kept the Redsakins close as best they could by only giving up field goals after drives that reached the Redskins’ 20, two and three yard lines, on two other drives that reached the Redskins one and eighteen yard lines the defensive gave up no points at all.

Shanahan couldn’t reinsert McNabb into the Redskins plans but he knew he had to play to win the game. It didn’t matter the score was 27- 7, he had playmakers at his disposal and he decided to evaluate guys like Terance Austin, Roydell Williams and Anthony Armstrong some other time. When WR Santana Moss caught that 10 yard slant to close the gap to 27-14, the coach felt like he might be on the right track. Once he heard the “Cooooley” chants after the TE made his first catch of the game he knew he had to play for today and not for what he might have next year. On the Redskins next possession Moss caught a 5 yard TD followed by a Chris Cooley catch for a two point conversion, Shanahan had the team within one score. After the defense forced a three and out, Cooley caught his first touchdown since the first Philly game. FB Mike Sellers catch on the two point conversion tied the game at 30.

In the end Rex Grossman had 50 seconds to move the Redskins from their own 20 yard line into range to give kicker Graham Gano a chance to answer Buehler’s 39 yarder. Grossman moved the offense to the Redskins 47 before throwing a interception to Terrance Newman to end the comeback.

 It appears that Mike Shanahan’s nationally criticized decision to bench Donovan McNabb isn’t as insane as most of the football minds thought. After the Redskins scored 30 points for the first time since Week 14 last season, the fans seem to be willing to give both Shanahans at least another week or two. Three days after he replaced McNabb as the Redskins starting quarterback, Grossman matched his career best, throwing four touchdowns in a game. Grossman was sacked five times, he fumbled once and threw two interceptions as the Redskins dropped another game after scoring 20 points or more (0 – 5), and moved Washington into the top ten of the next NFL draft.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Bernie Marshall

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One Year Later

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Bruce Allen has been at the helm of the Washington Redskins for one full year, as of today, but what has he accomplished in the last 365 days. With the team’s one point lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week the team will post another non-winning season although they have recorded one more victory (5) with three games to go than they did after all of last season (4). Other statistical changes include a offense that is producing around 338 yards per game, and averaging 18.3 points per game compared to 312 yards per game, and averaging 16.6 points per game in 2009. The defense took a step back in some areas and improved in others with the switch in schemes, While the team as produced 24 takeaways this year compared to only 17 in 2009, the unit is giving up on average 75 more yards per game than it did last year and 23.8 point per game compared to 21 in 2009.

In 2009 the Redskins were reportedly the oldest team in the NFL when the season started, today there are five teams that have rosters that will be older than the Redskins roster when games are played this weekend. The Redskins currently have 25 players that were not on the 53-man roster last year, and 20 of them are under the average age of last year’s roster. In the ten years before Allen took over the Redskins drafted a total of eight offensive linemen, Allen selected three in his first draft.

Getting younger as been a goal of the new regime from the start, prior to the start of free agency the Redskins trimmed their roster by releasing ten players, seven of the 10 were 30 years of age or older. Today London Fletcher, Mike Sellers, Donovan McNabb, Casey Rabach, Maake Kemoeatu, and Santana Moss are the only Redskins starters over the age of 30 and fifteen other teams have more than 6 starters over 30. Washington and five other teams have a total of fourteen players 30 years of age or older on the current roster, four teams have more than that, the league average is eleven.

Prior to the 2010 season the Redskins would enter the off-season over the salary cap for the next season or bumping up against it every year. For the last decade they have dealt with this by taking current player’s base salaries (2 or 3 year’s worth) and converting it into a “signing bonuses” for “extending” their contracts, which lowered the salary cap number for the current year. The “new money” was then used for a yearly spending spree also known as Free Agency. Under Bruce Allen the practice of big name free agent signings ended. With 2010 being a un-capped year Allen reworked a couple of current contracts, but they were bad contracts.

The Redskins renegotiated the contracts of defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and cornerback DeAngelo Hall moving this year’s cap total from $141.6 million to just about  $170 million. Another way to look at it is, they used the lack of a CBA to trim almost $30 million off of future caps. With no CBA in place for 2011 there is no idea what the salary cap will be set at next year, but there is not doubt it won’t drop below the $128.4 million limit of 2009. In 2009 the Redskins cap total going into the off-season was $119 million ($9.4 million in cap space), today Bruce Allen only has $96.9 million on the salary cap for 2011 ($31.5 million in cap space).


Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Bernie Marshall

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Not Playing to Win

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Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan decided not to go for the win after his Redskins had pulled to within a point of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Santana Moss’ 6-yard touchdown catch with nine seconds left in the game. The Redskins first year coach gave his hand picked place kicker the opportunity to send the game into overtime. After going 1 of 3 on field goal attempts on this rainy Sunday afternoon Gano who leads the league in missed field goals, was given a reprieve when Shananhan’s hand picked long snapper Nick Sundberg’s high snap went through holder Hunter Smith’s hands. The bad snap stopped the Washington Redskinsfrom tying the game, giving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a 17-16 victory 

The Redskins appeared to be playing not to win this game from the start. The offense made three trips into the redzone before coming away with points when QB Donovan McNabb hit rookie tight end Logan Paulsen for his first NFL touchdown catch on fourth and goal from the one. On their next drive the Redskins went from first and ten at their own 40 to first and goal at the Buccaneers five in just two plays, a 19 yard run by Ryan Torain and a screen pass to Keiland Williams that went 36 yards. With a minute and 50 seconds left in the half Williams picked up three yards and the Redskins called a time out. On the next play Williams was held to no gain and the clock ran down from 1:05 to :20 before the team called time out. With no timeouts left on third and two everyone at FedEx Field knew a pass play was coming but for those that weren’t sure, McNabb was flagged for delay of game making it 3rd and 7, of course the pass attempt failed and the Redskins settled for a FG.

There is no mystery as to where the blame goes for this lost, with KR Brandon Banks not being kicked to for the second week in a row the rest of the special teams made sure they left their mark on this game. Redskins linebacker Chris Wilson fumbled away a squib kickoff to start the second half after kicker Graham Gano had hit the left upright from 34 yards out in the first quarter, and then pulled a kick wide left from 24 yards in the second quarter.  Nick Sundberg’s and Hunter Smith’s contributions have been noted.

Running back Ryan Torain carried the ball 10 times on his return from a four game absents due to hamstring injuries, he gained 121 yards and that was in the first quarter. Torain totaled 158 yards on 18 attempts by half time, which is the the highest first-half rushing total in the NFL since Tampa Bay’s linebacker Ronde Barber’s twin brother did it against the Redskins five years ago. For some odd reason Torain only had 15 yards on five carries in the second half, but early in the first half Torain made effective cutbacks to gain yardage and gave the fans a glimpse of how coach Mike Shanahan’s zone blocking scheme should look. Why the Redskins chose not to return to Torain and the ground game in the second half is a mystery. Torain’s disappearance in the second have is almost as baffling as benching your starting quarterback during the last two minutes of the contest with the game on the line. It like Shanahan is playing not to win, but for draft position. Did he pull back the reins on Torain to avoid a repeat of what happened to Clinton Portis.

Speaking of disappearances, why hasn’t safety LaRon Landry and cornerback Carlos Rogers been placed on the injured reserve list. Landry has been inactive due to an Achilles’ tendon injury, has not played since the week ten loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Rogers has been inactive just as much as Landry battling a hamstring injury and returned to the playing field during the week 12 game against the Minnesota Vikings but only played long enough to injury the other hamstring. Neither player has practice in the last few weeks and it may be time to free up those roster spots. If the Redskins aren’t going to play to win than they should be playing for next year. Both players have done enough to secure spots on the roster next year and moving them to IR would allow the team to add potential 2011 contributors to the roster now.

The Washington Redskins went into the 2010 bye week at .500 after posting a 4-12 2009 season, there was a good chance the team could have been 5-3 going into the bye if not for the QB benching that still hasn’t been explained. Maybe head coach Mike Shanahan had seen enough at some point of the Detroit Lions game, because things sure have gotten weird since then. The new regime had the Redskins on course for a potential post season appearance at the mid-way point of the season only to be blown out by two division rivals by a combined score of 90 – 35, and couldn’t prevent a 40 year old quarterback with a bad ankle from picking up 10 yards on a third and eight with the game on the line. Now the Redskins are 5-8 and right in the thick of the race for a top ten draft pick. The coach may or may not be happy with his current QB but before the Redskins went into their tailspin, general manager Bruce Allen signed McNabb to a five year extension that reads like a series of five, one year deals. With so many potential franchise quarterbacks possibly available in the next draft and teams like the Arizona Cardinals with Derek Anderson and Max Hall, and the Minnesota Vikings with Tarvaris Jackson being headed by coaches that prefer a experienced QB there might be a market for Donovan McNabb and his contract. Other teams that might be looking for a quarterback of McNabb’s caliber includes the Carolina Panthers with Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen, the San Francisco 49er’s with Alex and Troy Smith, the Oakland Raiders with Bruce Gradkowski, Kyle Boller, and J.T. O’Sullivan and Jason Campbell, the Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, and the Cincinnati Bengals

A few more losses and the Redskins could be looking at a top five pick which would allow them to keep McNabb and draft their QB of the future. If Shanahan is truly playing not to win, he was doing a pretty good job of hiding it among all of the other turmoil coming out of Ashburn Virginia, but with Albert Haynesworth banned from that location the cat is coming out the bag.

Notes and Quotes:

— “I’ve been held all season, I don’t understand it. I keep saying, I’ve got to keep fighting through it, keep fighting, but I mean, when you’re getting held like this, it’s ridiculous. They’ve got back judges there for a reason, and for them to tell me that he wasn’t looking at the play, he was looking downfield? We’ve got downfield judges for that. He’s the backfield judge, referee. That’s exactly what he told me. It’s very frustrating because that was a huge play that could have turned the game around if I make that play, and I was right there. For someone to hold me around the neck, it’s not fair to the team. It’s not fair to our defense that has been working so hard.” — Linebacker Brian Orakpo on the non-holding call

— “He wasn’t held, he was mugged.” — Head Coach Mike Shanahan on the Orakpo play

— Donovan McNabb threw for 228 yards, two touchdowns and a 109.8 passer rating after reports that he split time with Rex Grossman this week, he has now thrown a touchdown in 12 straight games, the longest such streak by a Washington QB since Joe Theismann did it in 1984.

— “People are going to call for Graham’s head. They’re going to say it was a high snap. They’re going to blame me for dropping it, I’m a 12-year vet and I have to catch the ball and get it down. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining; it doesn’t matter where the snap is. If anybody needs to lose their job, it’s me, certainly not one of those guys. I certainly accept blame and hope I receive the blame.” — Punter Hunter Smith commenting on the botched game-tying PAT attempt.

— WR Santana Moss had seven catches for 82 yards, he now has 420 career catches with the Redskins and past Ricky Sanders (414) for fifth place in franchise history and is one catch shy of Jerry Smith’s 421 receptions and fourth place on the list. Moss also moved pass Sanders for fifth place in franchise history with 5911 career receiving yards with the Redskins, his 6 yard touchdown catch with nine seconds to play was his 50th career touchdown reception.

— “When you are going through it year after year, it just builds up man, It hurts. I don’t have words for it. I just feel we work too hard to come out here and be mediocre on Sundays. Yeah we (were) in a game, but that ain’t what we play for. … It’s … years of losing. It’s just week in and week out. You work and it’s your job to come out here and play this game of football. Somebody gotta win and somebody gotta lose. But when (you’re) just losing, and you know you had a chance to win — I’m not talking about the last play — I’m talking about throughout the game, throughout the years, throughout the weeks, throughout this year. When you are losing and you don’t have no say-so as to why … it hurts, I’m just getting tired of it. I put too much in it and it means too much.” — Wide Receiver Santana Moss after the Redskins 17-16 loss to Tampa Bay

— Nose tackle Anthony Bryant was active for the third time this season because of the suspension of DL Albert Haynesworth, and said he played more snaps on Sunday than he had since the preseason. The fourth-year player registered one tackle playing in the middle of the line, he said he had about 20 reps

— “We blocked them and we ran very far… All 11 guys really came together today and everybody bought into the system. It paid huge dividends for us.” — Center Casey Rabach on the difference in the run game on Sunday

— “We didn’t make the plays we needed to. We didn’t get off the field when we needed to. I didn’t catch the pick I would have probably took to the house. Gave up a deep ball. There’s plays that’s out there that’s routine plays that we normally make that we didn’t make. It’s execution. Sometimes it feels like you’re cursed a little bit, but that’s definitely not the case. The football gods ain’t cursing us right now. We’re just not executing some plays that’s supposed to be routine. I got a little lazy on a deep ball. Thought it was the smoke route. …I kind of coasted. Receiver ran right past me.” — Cornerback DeAngelo Hall on his performance against the Buccaneers

— “They started the clock early. They communication between me and Kyle [Shanahan] is cut off at 15 [seconds]. We all thought they would at least push the clock up. They started the clock early. We just took a timeout so you obviously can’t go back-to-back with timeouts.” — Quarterback Donovan McNabb on the delay of game at the 2-yard line before halftime

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Bernie Marshall

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Redskins (5-7) vs. Buccaneers (7-5) Preview

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The Washington Redskins (5-7) will host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) on Sunday at FedEx Field, kickoff is at 1 PM. And starts the final quarter of General Manager Bruce Allen and Head Coach Mike Shanahan’s first season at the helm of the Washington Redskins football operations. At 5-7, the Redskins are not going to the playoffs unless they run the table and a whole bunch of other things happen. The Redskins are coming off a 31-7  mistake filled lost to the division rivals New York Giants, running the table isn’t likely to happen and all those other things won’t really matter. The Buccaneers are still in the playoff hunt but have only beat teams with losing records, while losing to winning teams like the Atlanta Falcons whom they lost to 28-24 in a divisional battle at Raymond James Stadium. The Redskins and Buccaneers have played 16 times in regular season since Tampa Bay joined the league in 1976. The series is tied at 8-8. The teams also have an even record of 1-1 in the postseason.

The Week in Review:

– On Tuesday the Redskins suspended defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth without pay for the final four games of the season, citing conduct detrimental to the team, Haynesworth was notified of the decision Tuesday morning at Redskins Park by General Manager Bruce Allen because Haynesworth refuses to speak with Coach Mike Shanahan. “Despite the club’s numerous attempts to persuade Albert Haynesworth to abide by the terms of his contract, he has repeatedly refused to cooperate with our coaching staff in a variety of ways over an extended period of time,” Shanahan said in a written statement.

– Timmy Brown, Jason Mitchell, Eric Rivera and Charles Wardlow trial was postponed again on Tuesday, this time until March 14. the four face first-degree murder and armed burglary charges in the fatal shooting of former Redskins safety Sean Taylor back in November 2007. The fifth member of the group, Venjah Hunte has pleaded guilty and is expected to testify against the others

– The Redskins placed Albert Haynesworth on the suspended list on Tuesday, but did not fill the open spot on the 53-man roster. Asked Friday what he intends to do, Shanahan said he’ll “probably” add someone before Sunday’s game. Shanahan has made several Saturday call-ups this season and likes to wait until the last minute.

– Macho Harris took most of the practice reps at free safety on Wednesday and Thursday but Shanahan said he also expects safety Kareem Moore to be ready Sunday.

Quotes and Notes:

– “Everything else is status quo, We’re going to use a number of different combinations on third down. That’s really all he played.” —- Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett on playing the final for games without suspended defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth 

— Quarterback Donovan McNabb is on pace for 4,199 passing yards this season, which would be the first 4,000-yard passing season of his career and set a new Redskins’ single-season record, currently at 4,109 passing yards set by Jay Schroeder in 1986. McNabb is sixth in the NFL with 3,149 passing yards with four games to play, he has an NFL-best eight pass completions of 50 yards or longer and the second-highest total in the league for completions of 40 yards or longer with eleven.

— The Washington Redskins owner said he fully supported Coach Mike Shanahan’s decision to suspend the two-time all-pro player for the final four games for conduct detrimental to the club, actually the owner repeatedly said Shanahan “speaks for all of us.”

– Wide receiver Santana Moss has a team high 64 receptions this year and 413 career catches with the Redskins, to move past Ricky Sanders for fifth place in franchise history he needs two receptions. Jerry Smith finished his career with 421 receptions and leads Sanders by six catches for fourth place. Moss only needs 26 receiving yards to move past Sanders for fifth place in franchise history. Sanders finished with 5,854 career receiving yards.

– “It’s one thing to be ignorant, but to be two-faced, too, that’s kind of bad, I don’t deserve that. … I work hard. I do all the things I need to do. You don’t stay around this league 15 years and you suck. It’s sad that he would target me like that. I never said anything about anybody’s play on the field. All I said was, ‘Play for your teammates.’ “I guess he’s trying to get his ratings up. .. I’ll meet with him in person. I don’t shy away from anybody, and we’ll go from there. He knows where I’m at. Let’s talk. It’s funny how guys get behind microphones and they get real powerful. I respect the guys that paved the way for me, but don’t go out there and bash me because I’m trying to help this team be better.” —- Defensive end Phillip Daniels response to former Redskins KR and current radio host Brian Mitchell’s comments on 106.7 the fan.

— “After this week, we won’t have to answer questions about Albert, whether he’s here or whether he’s not, You get tired of answering questions about it. I’ve been talking about it since March and now it’s Week 14 and we’re still talking about it. Having to answer questions about it that takes away from preparation.” —- Outside linebacker Lorenzo Alexander discussing the Albert Haynesworth suspension

Comparing Team Leaders:

The Buccaneers are lead by QB Josh Freeman with 2,442 passing yards and a QB rating of 86.4, he has 16 touchdowns and 6 interceptions compared to Redskins’ QB Donovan McNabb who has 3,149
yards passing and a QB rating of 75.2, he has 12 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

The Buccaneers leading rusher is RB LeGarrette Blount averaging 4.5 yards per carry with 599 yards on 134 carries and 5 touchdown compared to Redskins RB Keiland Williams who is averaging 4.0 yards per carry with 299 yards on 57 carries and 3 touchdowns.

WR Mike Williams is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers top pass catcher averaging 15.2 yards per catch with 50 receptions and 7690yards, he has 7 touchdowns. WR Santana Moss is the leading receiver for the Redskins averaging 12.5 yards per catch with 64 receptions for 802 yards, he has 3 touchdowns.

The Buccaneers defensive leader in tackles is Barrett Ruud with 87 combined tackles. Stylez White is the team leader in sacks with 4.5 and Aqib Talib has a team high 6 interceptions.

The Redskins defensive leaders are London Fletcher with 102 combined tackles. Brian Orakpo
is the team leader in sacks with 8.5 and Deangelo Hall has 6 interceptions to lead the Redskins.

Complete Tale of the Tapes:

Total Offense: Washington is ranked 20th with 333.2 yards per game and Tampa Bay ranks 23rd with 319.8 ypg.

Rushing Offense: Washington is ranked 28th with 89.3 yards per game and Tampa Bay ranks 11th with 119.2 ypg.

Passing Offense: Washington is ranked 9th with 243.8 yards per game and Tampa Bay ranks 24th with 200.7 ypg.

Total Defense: Washington is ranked 31st giving up 397.3 yards per game and Tampa Bay ranks 15th with 334.3 ypg.

Rushing Defense: Washington is ranked 28th giving up 137.0 yards per game and Tampa Bay ranks 26th with 128.5 ypg.

Passing Defense: Washington is ranked 29th giving up 260.3 yards per game and Tampa Bay ranks 7th with 205.8 ypg.

Injury Report:

DL Kedric Golston (Elbow/Groin) is Questionable
Golston had limited participation in practice this week, although he participated fully on Friday he is still listed as questionable.

C Casey Rabach (Knee) is Questionable
Rabach had limited participation in practice this week, although he participated fully on Friday he is still listed as questionable.

S LaRon Landry (Achilles) is Questionable
Landry has missed the past three weeks  and has had limited participation in practice this week, and is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game.

T Trent Williams (Shoulder) is Questionable
Williams had limited participation in practice this week, although he participated fully on Friday he is still listed as questionable.

CB Carlos Rogers  (Hamstrings) is Questionable
Rogers has missed the past two weeks with hamstring injuries and has had limited participation in practice this week, he is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game.

LB Lorenzo Alexander (Hamstring) is Questionable
Alexander had limited participation in practice this week, although he participated fully on Friday he is still listed as questionable.

WR Brandon Banks (Knee) is Questionable
Banks had limited participation in practice this week, and is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game.

OL Derrick Dockery (Knee) is Questionable
Dockery is dealing with a knee injury that has sidelined him for the last two weeks.  He fully participated in practice this week but is listed as questionable

QB Donovan McNabb (Hamstring) is Probable
McNabb had limited participation in practice on Wednesday but fully participated in practice on Thursday and Friday he is listed as probable for Sunday’s game. McNabb has appeared on the injury report with since October, but has played in every game

LB Brian Orakpo (Ankle) is Probable
Orakpo had limited participation in practice on Wednesday and Thursday but fully participated in practice on Friday

RB Ryan Torain (Hamstring) is Probable
Torain has missed the past two weeks with a hamstring injury but is expected to play in Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers, after returning to practice this week

Injured Reserves:

The following players are out for the remainder of the 2010 season:

WR Malcolm Kelly (Hamstring) 
Kelly was placed on the injured reserve list on August 31st after pulling his left hamstring. He did not take part in the 2010 preseason activities. 

WR Mike Furrey (Concussion) 
Furrey was placed on the injured reserve list August 21st because of a concussion. Furrey has a history of concussion problems and that could force the veteran to consider retirement. 

OL Mike Williams (Non-Football Injury) 
Williams was placed on the reserve/non-football injury list August 10th after doctors found blood clots near his heart. 

LB Robert Henson (Knee) 
Henson was placed on the injured reserve list September 8th after he was released and the went unclaimed off waivers. 

OL Clint Oldenburg (Ankle) 
Oldenburg was placed on the injured reserve list September 8th after he was released and the went unclaimed off waivers. 

P Josh Bidwell (Hip) 
Bidwell was placed on the injured reserve list October 7th after he re-injured the same hip that kept him out of  the NFL in 2009 

S Chris Horton (Ankle) 
Horton was placed on the injured reserve list for the second year in a row on November 8th after re-injuring his ankle 

S Anderson Russell (Knee) 
Russell will miss the remainder of the season after being placed on the injured reserve November 23rd because of a knee injury suffered in his first game as a member of the Washington Redskins. 

RB Chad Simpson (Foot) 
Simpson will miss the remainder of the season after being placed on injured reserve on November 23rd with a broken metacarpal in his foot suffered during pre-game warmups in week 11. 

RB Clinton Portis (Abdominal) 
Portis tore an abdominal muscle against Tennessee in his first game back after missing five with a torn groin, and he’ll be placed on injured reserve for the second time in as many seasons. 

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Bernie Marshall

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