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  • Flashback Friday: This Day in 2007

    On this day, October 7th in 2007, the Washington Redskins crushed the Detroit Lions 34-3.

    Jason Campbell was a near perfect 23 of 29 for 248 yards. He threw two touchdown passes for a stellar quarterback rating of 128.3. Antwaan Randle El led all Redskin receivers with 100 yards on 7 receptions.

    Not only did Carlos Rogers actually catch a ball that hit him in the hands, he returned it 61 yards for a touchdown (this was before getting his eyes fixed of course – if you remember, he couldn’t catch a cold).

    Sean Taylor had a 35-yard interception return.

    Check out this clip of Sean gunning off the Lions as the Skins come out of the tunnel for the game and getting jacked up before the game even starts – near the end of the clip. RIP brother – you are certainly missed and never forgotten. Thanks YouTube…

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    Flashback Friday: This Day in 2012

    On this day, September 30th, in 2012, the Washington Redskins scored a come from behind victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Billy Cundiff kicked a 41 yard field goal to give Washington a 24-22 victory, after Robert Griffin III executed a near perfect 2-minute drill with 1:42 to play. He completed 3 straight passes, before taking off on a 15-yard scamper that put Cundiff in range.

    Griffin also ran for a 5-yartd touchdown earlier in the game, and finished the day 26 of 35 for 323 yards.

    The Redskins went on to finish the season 10-6 and won the NFC East.

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    Flashback Friday: This Day in 1962

    On this day, September 23rd, way back in 1962, the Washington Redskins scored a come from behind victory over the Cleveland Browns.

    Bobby Mitchell hauled in a 50 yard pass from Norm Snead in the 4th quarter to eke out a 17-16 win. It was a tough day for Snead who completed only 8 passes and was sacked 4 times. Mitchell caught 3 passes for 94 yards of Snead’s 147.

    The Redskins went on to finish the season 5-7-2.

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    Flashback Friday: This Day in 1937 – Smith and Baugh

    On this day, September 16th waaaaay back in 1937, the Washington Redskins defeated the New York Giants 13-3 at Griffith Stadium.

    This game could quickly and concisely be described as a “Riley Smith” game. After all, the Redskins opened the scoring when Riley Smith kicked a field goal in the first quarter. The Giants tied it at three with their own field goal in the second quarter and it stayed that way until the 4th quarter when Riley Smith intercepted a pass and returned it 58 yards for a touchdown. Which Riley Smith then converted to make the score 10-3 Redskins. Riley Smith added a field goal late in the fourth to make it 13-3 and put the game out of reach.

    Despite the great game by Smith, this game has more historical significance.

    First of all, it was the very first time that the WASHINGTON Redskins beat the New York Giants. While they had beaten the Giants three times before in the franchise’s five year tenure, it was while they were in Boston – once as the Boston Braves (14-6, October 9, 1932) and twice as the Boston Redskins (21-20, October 8, 1933; 14-0, December 6, 1936).

    But most significantly, this game marked the debut of Slingin’ Sammy Baugh – the rookie tailback sensation from Texas Christian University – and the Redskins first round draft pick.

    He played a full sixty minutes, and completed 11 of 16 passes for 115 yards. It wasn’t earth shattering, but it WAS the beginning.

    Redskins Giants Boxscore

    The Redskins finished the season 8-3, and went on to win their first World Championship by beating the Bears 28-21.


    Flashback Friday is a great excuse to slide in this fantastic vintage Sammy Baugh advertisement!

    Follow me on Twitter @TheHogsDotNet

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    Flashback Friday: This Day in 1969

    On this day, September 9th in 1969, the Washington Redskins lost the top pass catcher in the NFL when Bobby Mitchell decided to retire at the age of 34.

    “I couldn’t stand being on the team and being on the bench,” Mitchell offered at a news conference at the time.

    Despite being the top active receiver in the NFL in 1969 with 521 catches (7053 yards), he had been reduced to a reserve role (Washington had a fleet of young receivers), and was already planning on retiring at season’s end.

    When he retired, Mitchell sat behind only Raymond Berry in passes caught, and only Jim Brown in total yardage (14,078).

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    Will The Redskins Repeat As NFC East Champions?

    With a completely irrelevant preseason game now under their belt, it seemed a perfectly “poke the bear” time to ask the question…

    The Washington Redskins shocked a large portion of the NFL world in 2015, rattling off nine victories en route to winning the NFC East. They will look to build upon that performance during the 2016 campaign, and while the NFC East won’t be as easy to run away with, things at least look good on the improvement front. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Important Takeaways From Preseason Game 1

    Here are the important takeways from the Washington Redskins first preseason game of 2016 – a 23-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons.



    It’s preseason, get over it. You can’t draw any concrete conclusions. You think you can. You want to. It’s in your armchair nature to even need to.

    But you can’t.

    Because it’s just a worthless preseason game.

    Having said that, here are some more concrete observations… Read the rest of this entry »

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    Doctson A Gamble, Or A Calculated Risk?

    Armchair quarterbacks may have jumped up and screamed after the Washington Redskins made their first selection of the 2016 NFL Draft, but there’s no doubt in most experts’ minds, that they got the best player available on the board.

    Back in April at the NFL Draft, Washington GM Scot McLoughan wasted no time rolling out his usual draft philosophy of trying to gain more picks and traded down one pick in the first round. The Redskins dealt their number 21 pick to the Houston Texans, who gave up their 22 pick and a 7th round pick for the right to move up one selection.

    Then McLoughan surprised many, and didn’t grab a defensive player, but instead grabbed Josh Doctson. The 6’2″ wide receiver out of TCU was the top receiver on many to most sheets (for future reference, Houston selected wide receiver Will Fuller), and Josho was surely the best player available on the Washington Draft board at the time. But the Redskins do not appear to have much of a need at the position with DeSean Jackson, and Pierre Garcon already comfortably filling the one-two, and Jamison Crowder occupying the slot. So, was this a gamble?

    Personally if I’m going to gamble, I try to take the best odds of winning possible and play online slots at All Jackpots casino; but when it comes to football, I prefer to see my draft gambling done in the later rounds.

    But this wasn’t really a gamble at all, it was a calculated risk. You only see it as a gamble if you differ in drafting philosophies.

    Both DJax and Garcon are only under contract through the 2016 season. Not only that, Doctson immediately provides something that Washington hasn’t had in a long time, a big receiver who can go up and win tough Red Zone catches. He’s two inches taller than Garcon and 4 inches taller than Jackson. The selection also gives options, in that Garcon can offer an almost $8 million cap savings if cut, to a team that only currently has $4 million in space.


    Coming out of TCU, Doctson offers a mature and polished 23-year old player.

    So while a draft day wouldn’t be a draft day without a good, “best player available” vs “best player that fills a need” conversation, that doesn’t make it a gamble. It’s that philosophical difference of opinion that I was referring to. Josh Doctson is not a gamble.

    Just a couple more things for you to think about…

    He broke his wrist in November and still blasted out 14 reps of 225 at the Combine. He’s a tough kid.

    He has a 41 inch vertical. Serious hops. Grab a tape measure and see how high that actually is.

    Of course the reality is, that there doesn’t seem to be any scientific way to determine wether a player’s particular skillset is going to translate or carry through to the pros. If there were, then Doctson would surely possess many-to-most of the attributes that you would want to see at the position. He’s arguably the best receiver in the draft, and that’s a good deal at number 22.

    And that’s a calculated risk, not a gamble.

    Hail to the Redskins.

    Agree? Disagree? Hit me up on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet and let me know what you think.

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    Goodbye Old Friend


    I was saddened to hear of the death of Chief Zee, as I’m sure many of you were. He was an incredible fan. A Super Fan. I didn’t know him personally, but had met him many times and felt as though I did. As I’m sure many of you did.

    There aren’t many Redskins fans that don’t know who Chief Zee is, if they’ve ever been near a Redskins game or event. After all, they probably had their picture taken with him. He was just one of the nicest and most approachable men that you could ever meet, and I never saw him deny a request to anybody. Always with open arms, and a warm and welcoming smile.

    Zema Williams was his proper name, and burgundy and gold blood coarsed through this man’s veins for decades. He was an institution. The headdress wearing and tomahawk waving began way back in 1978 in a Monday Night Football match-up with the rival Dallas Cowboys. He missed very few games since then. Even when Eagles fans broke his leg at the old Veterans Stadium in an altercation in 1983, they couldn’t keep him down – couldn’t even keep him out of the Vet.

    Because he truly was a Super Fan.

    The team issued the following official statement, “The Washington Redskins will always appreciate Zema Williams’ unique passion and dedication to our football team and his fellow Washington Redskins fans.”

    According to multiple sources, Zema Williams went peacefully in his sleep. He was 75-years old.

    Rest in Peace Sir. Your fandom was an inspiration to us all. Thank you for touching our lives.

    All Hail Chief Zee.

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    Happy Father’s Day Redskins Dads!

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Redskins Dads out there!


    Click on the image for the full-sized wallpaper.

    Being a dad is the greatest thing in the world. We hope all the Redskins dads out there in Redskins Nation have a great day, and are celebrated for all the great daddy things they do.

    Hail to all of you!!

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