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  • Auld Lang RG3

    It’s New Year’s Eve tonight, and like most Redskins fans, I’ll be partying 2012 out, and bringing in 2013 as a fan of the NFC East Division Champs.

    Normally on this day, it’s traditional to sing Auld Lang Syne; but I thought given the landscape in Washington these days – maybe we should change the words a bit.

    Here you go: Read the rest of this entry »

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    Weisman Back Online

    The Washington Redskins former Editorial Director of Media, Larry Weisman, has a new website!

    Some of us sports fans have been reading Larry’s work for what feels like most of our lives. Larry worked for USA Today for 25+ years, and for this Canadian back then, USA Today was easily the creme de la creme of the football news I could get regularly. So wether an article was about the Redskins or not, I was going to read it. I cut my football teeth in the pages of early 80′s USA Todays. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Recognized! Redskins Hawaii Bound

    The Washington Redskins will have five players at this year’s Pro Bowl – three selections and two alternates.

    Robert Griffin III, Lorenzo Alexander, and Trent Williams all earned their first career Pro Bowl selections. In Griffin’s case, he becomes just the second rookie quarterback to ever be named to the Pro Bowl – Dan Marino was the other.

    London Fletcher and Alfred Morris were also selected as alternates.

    The presence of five Redskins players in Honolulu marks a definite change in national opinion. Griffin’s incredible rookie season, combined with peeling off 6 wins in a row, has put Washington back in the public football eye.

    The Pro Bowl game itself is and still will be garbage and pointless, but it’s great to see the five guys being recognized – every last one of them deserves the honor bestowed on them.


    RG3 Superman Twitcon

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    Five Game Thoughts: Browns

    Somehow a game that started ugly for the Washington Redskins, never really seemed in question for most of the second half, as they steam-rolled over the Cleveland Browns with an impressive 38-21 victory. Here are some quick thoughts on the game:

    1) Kirk Cousins – I tweeted before the game that I wasn’t worried about Kirk getting the start because at the end of the day – I see the same great qualities in Kirk off the field that I see in Robert Griffin III – poise, intelligence, and born leadership. That by no means guaranteed success, but I felt that we have been playing with some real swagger, and that our growing confidence would help Cousins do what he needed to do in my opinion – not make any mistakes. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Five Thoughts: Ravens

    Is it me or are the Washington Redskins actually starting to turn into a resilient football team? I’m not saying that they can overcome all odds or anything – but they proved on Sunday that they could overcome some pretty big ones. When Robert Griffin III went out with a right knee injury in the waning moments of the game, the ‘other rookie quarterback’ came in and polished off the come from behind 31-28 overtime win. Who’d have thunk it?

    Here are five thoughts on the game:

    1) Kirk Cousins – Take a bow son, that was categorically poise under pressure. Not only did he hang in the pocket and pillow a beautiful pass to Pierre Garcon for the touchdown, but he looked like he was going to score on the two-point conversion, by hook or by crook. Sure he didn’t have to do a lot, but he didn’t make any mistakes and he led his team to victory – that’s about as much as you can ask for. From a rookie quarterback tossed into the final minutes of a game, it’s more than you can expect.

    2) Kyle Shanahan – Calling the ‘RG3 Goalline QB Draw’ play on the two-point Kyle? Cheeky. And Brilliant. I didn’t scream at my TV much about calls at all, and our offense bossed a pretty darn good defense for much of the game, so given my willingness to throw mud when he doesn’t call a good game – I have to give credit where it’s due – Kyle called a great game. He actually does so more often than not lately – save for a couple of seemingly brain fart type moments. He has molded this offense into one that defenses are struggling to handle – what else can you ask for? Expect a contract extension soon, because he’s established that he can be deadly with his offense, and with RGIII running it.

    3) Alfred Morris – Continues to be… unstoppable; unfortunately, he also put the ball on the ground again. I hate having to even put that asterisk on an otherwise fantastic performance, but it cost the Redskins 7 points – it certainly bears mentioning. Still, Morris might be the only person that can stop Morris right now, because he continues to run over would-be defenders, and smash out record rookie yardage. He hung 122 yards on a pretty good defense on his 23 carries, and posted his 7th touchdown of his inaugural campaign. It was his third 100-yard rushing game in a row, and his sixth of the season, to bring his total to 1228 yards and a bruising 4.9 yard average. It’s criminal that he’s only¬† the ‘second best rookie’ on this team, but I’m pretty sure that Alfred can handle the slot designation.

    4) Richard Crawford – Enjoy the new digs rookie, you can keep the job! Brandon Banks was de-activated against the Ravens, and my guess is that his days in Washington are done. Crawford peeled off a 64-yard punt return to set up the game winning overtime field goal, and that, and that alone is enough to unseat Banks as it’s more than Banks has done all season. Grant Paulsen summed it up well in a tweet:

    5) Offensive Line – Left to right, top to bottom, this unit continues to be the surprise of the season for me. I can’t write some of the things that I would like to write, because I believe in mojos, and I certainly don’t want to mojo the line right now. Trent Williams is hurt? Ask the guy lined up across from him if he’s playing hurt. Solid leadership. Tyler Polumbus has shaken off a couple of bad outings to put together a couple of much better efforts. Kory Lichtensteiger has come back from injury steadily and productively, and put together a solid season. Will Montgomery has picked up here he left off last season, and continues to be a steadying influence for the entire unit.

    Chris Chester? Him I have a little more to say about… because nobody ever seems to say anything about him. Do you know how great it is when you NEVER hear your guard’s name in a game? Steady going forwards and going backwards, he has been great against the run and pass, and has put together what I think is a season worth mentioning, and he has been exceptionally sound of late. I checked out because they keep excellent offensive line stats if you’re ever looking. Here is what I found:

    LT: Trent Williams – 5 Penalties (3 False Start, 2 Holding) – 4 Sacks Allowed
    LG: Kory Lichtensteiger – 8 Penalties (4 False Start, 3 Holding) – 2.5 Sacks Allowed
    C: Will Montgomery – 2 Penalties (2 False Start, 0 Holding) – 1 Sack Allowed
    RG: Chris Chester – 2 Penalties (2 False Start, 0 Holding) – 1.25 Sacks Allowed
    RT: Tyler Polumbus – 2 Penalties (0 False Start, 0 Holding) – 3.75 Sacks Allowed

    All of the numbers are really good actually, but for me Chester’s stand out most because of his complete lack of press and acknowledgment. Just two false starts on the season, no holding penalties and only 1.25 sacks allowed? That bears mentioning. I hope I keep not hearing Chris’ name for the remainder of the season – I will know that he’s still playing really well.

    It’s hard to put into words what being over .500 feels like so late in the season for this emotional fan. It took a lot of grit and effort for this team to get to this point – you have to believe that they have even more in them. Tough test for them against the Cleveland Browns next – they’re easy to look past, but at 5-3 in their last 8 games, the Redskins better not listen to too much press about their resurgence.

    They still have a mountain of work left to do.

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    Playoffs? Playoffs.

    Any idea how much I relish the very IDEA of getting to write a ‘playoff picture’ for my Washington Redskins? Yet here we are – four weeks to go – and not a lot of math to be done to forge the Redskins path to the playoffs. Let’s take a look:

    NFC East

    Redskins (6-6)
    Division Record: 3-1 in NFC East
    Conference Record: 6-4 in NFC
    Remaining games: Ravens, at Browns, at Eagles, Cowboys

    Giants (7-5)
    Division Record: 2-3 in NFC East
    Conference Record: 6-3 in NFC
    Remaining games: Saints, at Falcons, at Ravens, Eagles

    Cowboys (6-6)
    Division Record: 3-2 in NFC East
    Conference Record: 5-5 in NFC
    Remaining games: at Bengals, Steelers, Saints, at Redskins

    If the Redskins win their remaining four games, then obviously the Cowboys would be eliminated by virtue of the fact that the two teams play each other in the final game of the regular season. The Cowboys have arguably the easiest remaining schedule of the three NFC East teams in contention, so it may just come down to that.

    The Giants still need to lose a game for either Washington or Dallas to have a shot at the NFC East, but they have a very tough remaining slate of games – including against the 11-1 Falcons. The 9-3 Ravens will be a very tough match-up for BOTH the Giants and Redskins.

    The ‘experts’ only seem to concentrate on the Redskins getting into the playoffs via the Wild Card spot, but they actually still have a very legitimate shot at winning the division if they can win their four remaining games.

    Wild card contenders

    Seahawks (7-5)
    Conference Record: 5-4 in NFC
    Remaining games: Cardinals, vs. Bills (in Toronto), 49ers, Rams

    Vikings (6-6)
    Conference Record: 4-5 in NFC
    Remaining games: Bears, at Rams, at Texans, Packers

    Bucs (6-6)
    Conference Record: 3-5 in NFC
    Remaining games: Eagles, at Saints, Rams, at Falcons

    The Seahawks are the front-runners right now, what with having the best record, and having 3 of their 4 remaining games at home where they are 5-0 this year. Even their away game isn’t really an away game as they play Buffalo in Toronto. However, the Seahawks still have to play the 49ers and if they were to lose that game, then they would also slide to 5 conference losses, where the Redskins currently only have four. Since we’re assuming that the Redskins have to win outright to get this done, a 49ers win over the Seahawks would mean a Wild Card spot for the Redskins.

    I won’t even discuss the Vikings and the Bucs, because again, we’re assuming that the Redskins have to win their remaining games. If all three of those teams finished at 10-6, Washington have beat both teams this year and would win the tiebreaker.

    So to sum it up is pretty simple…

    … if the Redskins win their remaining games, and the Seahawks lose to the 49ers, and the Giants lose to the Falcons (or anyone else) – the Redskins are in.

    They may not completely control their own destiny yet, but the stars don’t exactly have to align for it to come to pass.

    Keep your nose down Redskins Nation – four more games – and the next time you take a sniff, it might smell like playoffs.

    Conference Standings

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    Pluck The Cowboys Thanksgiving Style

    Yeah, yeah, yeah – this is a day or six, and probably a couple of dollars short. The cool answer is that it took this long to work out the alcohol consumed during the Redskins thrilling 38-31 victory over the Cowboys last Thursday. The honest one is that I actually just forgot to actually POST the blog after I had written it. (Hey, maybe the alcohol can actually be blamed!)

    I digress, here’s five no-longer-quick-thoughts on the game: Read the rest of this entry »

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    Cowboys Fan Petitions President to Oust Jerry Jones

    Reading’s story on a Dallas Cowboy fan petitioning Barack Obama to get rid of Jerry Jones, is really way more joy than I can handle in the same week that my Redskins smacked up the Cowboys in their own stadium, and on Thanksgiving to boot.

    We, the Citizens of the Great State of Texas, and Dallas Cowboys fans worldwide, have been oppressed by an over controlling, delusional, oppressive dictator for way too long. Request the Executive Branch’s immediate assistance in removal of owner and GM, Jerry Jones. His incompetence and ego have not only been an extreme disappointment for way too long, but moreover, it has caused extreme mental and emotional duress.Read the rest of this entry »

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    Five Quick Thoughts: Eagles

    It was good for the Redskins and for Redskins fans, to get back on the winning side of the ledger this week. Facing a struggling team, and coming off an extra week off, the Redskins were expected to do exactly what they did on Sunday – dismantle the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are some quick thoughts about the game — Read the rest of this entry »

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    Live With DY… Hooters Rockville… 7PM

    Join me tonight for the second edition of Darrel Young’s new show ‘1st & Goal.’ I will be Skype-ing in obviously, but you can catch him live at Hooters in Rockville, Maryland if you’re in the area.

    Be there from 7-9pm as players, fans, and media converge into one show! There will be a live stream from 7:30-8:30pm at as well, for those unable to attend. Join Darrel, @skykersein @mrdcsports @Bmitchliveshow and myself as we talk about the Panthers game and more.

    Follow me on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet and hit me up there if you have any questions.


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