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Chimera Caps Off Improbable Comeback In Double Overtime

As the second overtime period began on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden, I couldn’t help but believe that the Washington Capitals would find some way to win. After the disastrous second period, I never felt like the Caps were out of it and following the glorious third period, I felt as if momentum was on their side. The only real surprise was the unlikely hero.
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Happy New Years

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone on staff and on the boards at a Happy New Year! Here’s hoping you and yours get everything you need for a happy and successful 2011!

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Chris Cooley – FedEx Office Team-up For Promotion

On December 14 from 10:30AM until noon, Washington Redskins’ All-Pro Tight End Chris Cooley will be at a FedEx Office near you to take part in the FedEx “Pack and Ship” promotion. Fans in attendance will have the opportunity to sign-up for a chance to win 2011 season tickets for the Redskins, win autographed merchandise, and meet #47, as he packs and ships you holiday packages.

Cooley will be at the FedEx Office location at 2020 K Street in Northwest DC, so if you can make it, show your support for Captain Chaos and FedEx Promotions.

If you cannot make, check back here, as will have representatives there to report on the proceedings and bring you an interview with the Pro Bowler.

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Ken Harvey on Daniel Snyder/Haiti

Diageo, the world’s leading purveyor of premium drinks and partner of the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation, pride itself in being a first responder to critical situations throughout the world, as well as right here in the Washington DC area. When the reports came out about the quake in Haiti, they knew they needed to get involved. The question was how. Read the rest of this entry »

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Harvey, Diageo Team to Help Haiti

As everyone has heard by now, the Haitian people are suffering following a devastating earthquake and an almost as equally powerful aftershock. What many may not know is that former Washington Redskins linebacker Ken Harvey was tasked by Diageo to visit the embattled island and offer his support.

Harvey hopped on Redskins One and made his way to Haiti. Once on the island, the devastation was beyond anything he could have imagined.

“I got a chance to be on a helicopter for a minute there and from far away, you see just tons of homes stacked on top of each other, rows of homes on the mountainside, just tons of homes. And then as you got closer, you realized that each one of those homes had been destroyed. Then you start thinking, ‘Man. If each of these homes is destroyed, just to knock down each of them in order to start rebuilding could take months, and it could take years to rebuild.’ You just start thinking of the magnitude of what’s gone on down there, and you’re a little like, ‘Wow. Where’s it even going to start?’”

Of course, as is true with the Redskins-great, he tries to see things in a positive light.

“You have to start somewhere. Even if it’s just starting with one block, and making that one block a symbol of where we’re going to go and where we’re going to be, then that’s what they need to start with to give people hope; so they can see that even though the ground was shaking, they are going to be re-built.”

Ironically enough, Ken got back from Haiti at 5:00 AM on Wednesday morning. Just a few hours later, reports of the powerful aftershock came across the airwaves. Had the trip been delayed a day, or even a few hours, Harvey could have been there. While most people would just be grateful to have gotten out in time, the four-time Pro Bowler had a slightly different perspective.

“In one way you thank God that you weren’t there. On the other hand, you look at all these people and realize that it’s their second time and wonder about the fear that must be going through their hearts and minds”, Harvey stated, adding, “When I was there, people were scared to go in their homes just because they don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m sure they are really frightened now.”

That different perspective stems from something in the first sentence of Harvey’s quote. Ken realizes that he was a great professional football player and that it is this identity that most will always think of first when they hear his name, but it’s as a husband, a father and a man of God that he identifies himself.

When asked if he felt thankful for being put in a position to help in these situations, the Cal Bear stated: “You know what; you probably took the words right out of my mouth. Probably if you’d have said it earlier, you’d have had to explain it to me. As I going down there, I’m thinking, “I’m not a doctor, what can I do? Am I just taking up a space? What am I doing?” and then it hit me. There are people that cure, there are people that build, and there are different people to do different things. Through sports, God allowed me to have a voice to get on these radio stations, TV stations, for you to interview me, and I might be able to reach a whole other audience that may not be thinking about giving. So it would be wrong of me to say no, and I consider it an honor and a privilege. I feel like God selected me or at least allowed me the privilege of doing that.”

In this day and age where players are getting arrested, shooting themselves in the leg in clubs, fighting dogs and “making it rain,” it offers solace to know that there are still players that epitomized greatness on the field, that carry that greatness off the field.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Hurrey

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Vinny Is Outta Here

I was reading a friend’s blog the other day, as she wrote about great gifts to get for a guy, and I thought, “I wonder if you can ask Santa for a new Washington Redskins GM for Christmas.” I sat down with pen and paper and wrote my list for the big guy the very next day. Well, for those non-believers out there, there absolutely is a Santa Claus.

Vinny Cerrato has resigned (no, not re-signed… he quit) today as The Washington Redskins President of Football Operations. Already signed to replace him is Bruce Allen, former Tampa Bay General Manager and son of legendary coach George Allen. Let the speculation begin.

What does this mean for the future of embattled quarterback Jason Campbell, or the current coaching staff? That remains to be seen. All eyes will certainly be trained on Redskins Park to see what comes out of the new football guy.

In addition, Bruce Allen was the GM that brought Jon Gruden to Tampa. This is the same Gruden that the rumor mills listed as the front runner to take over if Jim Zorn was fired, and oh by the way, Gruden will be in town Monday for the game between the Redskins and Giants. Do I want to see Gruden become the new head coach for the ‘Skins? Not really, but that’s a story for another blog. Is the irony of the timing lost on me? Absolutely not.

Regardless of whom the next coach is (and it could be the same as the current coach), a new guy will be making the decision. A change has been needed at the top of this organization since Marty Shottenheimer left town. Granted, as we’ve noted often in these Hog Blogs, the change only matters if Bruce Allen is given all the keys to the car and not just that funky looking one that you are supposed to give to valet parking attendants so they can’t get into the trunk.

In other words, you’ve taken a step in the right direction by bringing in a football person to make the decisions prior to making the decisions for him Mr. Snyder. Now — and with all due respect — BACK OFF!!!

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Hogs Haven Spoof – Hilarious

Check out the latest spoof from our friends at Hogs Haven. Here’s a sneak peak:

Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato star in Rain Man!

Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato star in Rain Man!

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Sun Tzu, Daniel Snyder and Jim Zorn

The following post was written by member, Redskin in Canada. I have in the past, been a Dan Snyder apologist, and RiC and I have had a few spirited debates on this topic, but as I slowly leave the dark side and come into the light, much of what he has been saying over the past few seasons has really started to make sense. Read the rest of this entry »

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BMitch Uncensored Equals Fans Uncensored

Former Redskins great Brian Mitchell will be doing his Monday show a little differently this week. He’s giving us fans a chance to voice our opinions on his show.

Here is the note he posted on our board moments ago:

You know what folks…Today on the show it is going to be….
‘redskin fans uncensored’. Call in an voice your opinions.
I want to hear what you have to say.
712-432-8220 – Show id – 5154. This is your chance to be heard!!!!

I know I plan to do my best to get on with Brian and talk about this team and what it means to me.

See ya there!

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Change for the Sake of Change

The Washington Redskins continue to hit new lows, as the team sets a record by playing the most winless teams to start a season and coming out of it with a 2-4 record. Read the rest of this entry »

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