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  • Washington Redskins 2019 Live Draft Blog

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    2019 NFL Draft …

    Thursday, April 25: 8:00 p.m. EDT

    NFL Draft, Round 1

    ABC, ESPN, NFL Network and ESPN Deportes |


    THN will be live blogging here for the first round.  We’ll track the picks and the trades so you know what the Redskins options are when they pick, whether they stay at #15, move up, or trade back.


    #1 – Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray – QB – Oklahoma

    Both the Redskins and the Giants are reportedly still in on Josh Rosen via trade.

    2 minutes ago

    The three teams that have spoken to the Cardinals this off-season about Josh Rosen are the Giants, Dolphins and Chargers. But Rosen has been a backup plan at best for all three. Arizona has no issues keeping Rosen; it is prepared to keep him if it doesn’t get a suitable offer.

    #2 – San Francisco 49ers  – Nick Bosa – DE – OSU

    #3 – New York Jets – Quinnen Williams – DL – Alabama

    #4 – Oakland Raiders – Clelin Farrell – DE – Clemson

    #5 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Devin White – LB – LSU

    #6 – New York Giants – Daniel Jones – QB – Duke

    #7 – Jacksonville Jaguars – Josh Allen – DE – Kentucky

    #8 – Detroit Lions – TJ Hockenson – TE – Iowa

    #9 – Buffalo Bills – Ed Oliver – DT – Houston

    #10 – Pittsburgh Steelers (From Denver Broncos) – Devin Bush – LB – Michigan

    #11 – Cincinnati Bengals – Jonah Williams – OT – Alabama

    #12 Green Bay Packers – Rashan Gary – DE – Michigan

    #13 – Miami Dolphins – Christian Wilkins – DT – Clemson

    #14 – Atlanta Falcons – Chris Lindstrom – OL – BC

    #15 – Washington Redskins – ON THE CLOCK – Dwayne Haskins – QB – OSU

    It’s starting to look very much like the Redskins will have their pick of quarterbacks or a number of other positions.

    Adam Schefter reports Dwayne Haskins is on a straight track to Washington.

    1 minute ago

    Could this have gone any better for the Washington Redskins?

    This was the right pick.  The Giants are going to regret reaching for Daniel Jones.  They could have had him much later in the draft.


    As a Giants fan, I have not been this sick since the 02? Wildcard vs San Fran. Seriously, its bad enough you whiff on Haskins but now you’re going to be playing him 2 times every year? Giants fans remember this night because its going to haunt our franchise for the next decade. Fire Gettleman.

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    Friday, April 26: 7:00 p.m. EDT

    NFL Draft, Rounds 2-3 ABC, ESPN/ESPN2, NFL Network and ESPN Deportes |

    Saturday, April 27: Noon EDT

    NFL Draft, Rounds 4-7 ABC, ESPN, NFL Network and ESPN Deportes |

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    Death Of A Brand

    news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

    Few things are as hard to stomach as the slow, deliberate, and seemingly intentional systematic dismantling of what we consider to be the institutions of our lifetimes.  For those reading this blog that institution may ostensibly appear to be the Washington Redskins football club, whose twenty year descent into a level of hell the depths of which even Dante Alighieri couldn’t fathom needs no introduction or recap here.  No, this is about the slow and steady demise of THN.  For those of us fortunate enough to have been around for the duration of the site it is easy to recall a time when the feature of the site was exclusive blog content and training camp photos.  The THN crew would get together for tailgates.  Mark was always coming up with new ways of making the site unique and interesting, from the cartoons to the graphics, including the ones the Redskins “borrowed”, to interviews with former and current players there was always something special about THN.  The forums were more or less an afterthought.


    Seventeen years later everything has changed.  As many know Mark’s personal life circumstances have changed drastically.  Many of the THN staff who helped build it into the site it became moved on.  In 2002, almost no one blogged.  Now everyone has a blog.  Social media has made information available in seconds that used to take hours to compile.  Twitter has caused people to have no attention span for long-form writing.  The internet at large has become one big homage to self.  Everything is one giant “Look at me!”  I don’t care to look at you.  You’re not special.  What I do care about is that everything on THN other than the forums has become stagnant.  The forums are simply a cesspool of half echo chamber and half ad hominem.  And the one prerequisite member who replies to everything, has the last word on everything, and adds nothing to the discussion.  Quite frankly, it’s a small miracle the forums have any activity left, and to be clear, they have very little.


    No one seems to like when this is brought up.  The reactions tend to be of the “who are you to have an opinion?” variety.  Well, I’ll tell you who I am.  I’m a person who hoped to somehow make a small difference in making THN more than just another message board forum with a handful of members.  There are thousands of those, all staying online for more or less no good reason other than to say they’ve been around since X date.  THN deserves a better fate than those sites.  It was first.  It was better.  It’s owner put more into it.  Unfortunately, you can’t make people care.  Granted the Dan Snyder years have made being a fan difficult.  Mark never made being a fan difficult.  Because of what this site has given me over the last seventeen years one guarantee I will make is that if this site is going out it’s not going out with a whimper.  It’s not going out as “just another Redskins site” because it never was just another Redskins site.  It’s The

    news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

    Culture Change Begins At Home

    news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

    I’m not going to bullshit anyone or attempt to blow smoke up anyone’s ass for cheap clicks here.  It’s been damn hard to write about the Washington Redskins this season or at least to write anything positive about the Washington Redskins.  Everything about being a fan of this team sucks monumental ass.  The owner is a self-absorbed douchebag who has no intention of learning from two decades of mistakes and would certainly never do the fanbase the favor of selling the franchise.  He employs the least qualified general manager in the league in Bruce Allen, who gets credit for managing the salary cap better than Vinny Cerrato.  If the best we can do as fans is applaud something better than Vinny Cerrato we deserve to suffer.  And suffer we have done and continue to do at the behest of the most inept organization in all of sports.  This club can’t get anything right even by accident.  A blind squirrel may find an occasional acorn but a blind, deaf, dumb, and willfully ignorant squirrel finds either a subsistence diet or a starvation diet and Redskins fans are finding both every year.


    The simple solution would be for the Redskins owner, Daniel M. Snyder, to admit he’s a great fan but a terrible owner and to sell the franchise as a favor to the history and tradition of excellence he has been unable to carry forth during his tenure.  It’s not a question of wanting to win or to do the right thing.  It’s a case of not knowing what to do and not knowing or caring enough to find out what to do to return the team to a semblance of respectability.  It’s a case of doing whatever the hell he wants, damn the experts, damn the evidence, and damn the torpedoes.  And so here we are, with a team no one wants to manage, coach, or play for on game days.  Did the Redskins even take the field this past Sunday?  Josh Johnson, who hadn’t played a game in five years, put up more points than Mark Sanchez, the team’s first emergency quarterback option.  Signing Mark Sanchez was the team waving the white flag on the season.  Yet another, “Fuck it. We’ll try again next year.”  Evidently the team hasn’t noticed or doesn’t care about the dwindling number of fans.  Jack Kent Cooke must be rolling over in his grave at the thought of a fan hearing his or her own voice echo in an empty home stadium.


    Everything about this organization needs a culture change from top to bottom.  When you never get anything right you’re doing everything wrong.  Since Dan Snyder won’t get the fuck out nothing else may matter in the grand scheme of things but if the intention is to keep any of the existing fanbase or to perhaps (gasp!) regain some of the recently lost fans then the team needs to remove Bruce Allen, whose only contribution to the franchise is cap management.  The team already has Eric Schaffer, the individual who actually manages the cap and who offers far more to football management than does Bruce “I only have this job because my last name is ‘Allen’ by any reasonable measure.  Jay Gruden may or may not be a decent NFL head coach but his time as head coach of the Washington Redskins has come and gone.  He and the team need fresh starts.  The sign of a quality head coach is one who can get his team up for a “meaningless” game.  Gruden can no longer motivate his team for games that still matter.


    Fans are split on how to best effect the culture change of the Washington Redskins organization.  It has a long-standing history and tradition of success and of racism.  It has three Vince Lombardi trophies and three of the worst owners in the history of professional sports.  George Preston Marshall and Edward Bennett Williams couldn’t even sniff league approval to purchase the franchise in the year 2018, in a league very much dominated by old White men with good old boy values.  Those values and a billion dollars will get you where Dan Snyder is: Fuck all nowhere.  People get angry when it is suggested the team sign Colin Kaepernick.  The flag is a bone of contention.  To some Americans it means everything, to others it means nothing.  Neither side will ever convince the other of their position.  But the Redskins have tried waving the flag and giving fans the “land of the free and home of the brave” rhetoric and it is doing nothing to keep them standing at attention or saluting or even bothering to remove their caps.  It’s time to try the Constitution, if Dan Snyder and company can even recall of what the constitution of the franchise consists.


    If liking players personally or agreeing with their personal actions in their personal lives was a requirement of signing teams would be hard-pressed to sign anyone.  We as fans and they as a business need to set aside feelings about what people do outside actual gameplay.  All we need to be concerned with is wins and losses.  All we need to have is hope for a better future than the present.  This franchise has been without hope for a very long time.  Even when we thought the team had a chance of making the playoffs we knew it had no chance of going anywhere once it got there.  Fans are welcome to disagree with that statement, and some will, specifically with the RGIII year, before he got injured.  Realistically, however, we hoped we had a shot at beating Green Bay.  No one expected it to happen.  And that’s the best we’ve been able to muster.  Hope that we could win one playoff game.  At least there was some hope.


    Culture changes like signing Colin Kaepernick don’t signal the ability of an injury-decimated team to right the ship this season.  They don’t signal a belief that a 31 year old “malcontent” is the future of the organization.  What they do signal is an admission of guilt that the team philosophy has failed and that a new philosophy is needed.  You may not like it but the team needs to change everything from the philosophy to the attitude to the culture and that means changing the team name, the stadium location, the fan experience, the management, the coaching staff, the roster, and the concern for who does what during the national anthem.  Make the Washington Redskins organization the land of the free and the home of the brave by freeing it from the chains of stupid people making dumb decisions.  Leave football people free to make football decisions and football players free to do anything they choose outside the field of play.  Make the Redskins organization the home of the brave by signing the bravest player in the last several decades, one who was willing to give up his career for his beliefs.  Good players will want to play for an organization that supports its players rights to be people outside of the job.  It takes a brave organization to sign a brave player.


    I welcome any criticisms, comments, or arguments but unless you have another viable solution to the “Redskins Problem” your speech may fall upon deaf ears.




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    You Will Be Mocked

    news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

    Hope springs eternal.  April 26th, 8:00P.M. EST.  April 27th, 7:00P.M. EST.  April 28th, 12:00P.M. EST.  The words, “With the 13th selection in the 2018 NFL Draft the Washington Redskins select …” have been ringing in our heads for weeks, if not months.  Free agency is ostensibly over and, yet again, the front office failed to fill every need by spending.  Good.  That was and is a failed strategy in the salary cap era.  It is also why the draft is so critical to the attitude of fans.  No matter how poorly the team performed the previous season it is forgotten once the roster turns over.  The discussion is no longer of who did what last season.  Some of the who’s have moved on to other teams.  Some of the who’s have moved from other teams to the Redskins.  The most exciting time of year in the mind of a fan should always be right after the draft when the roster is the best it will be and the possibilities are endless.  No cuts, no injuries, no growing pains, no hyper criticism of preseason performances.  No judgements, no negativity.  We are the 2018 Washington Redskins and we are here to chew bubble gum and kick ass.  Since we’re fresh out of bubble gum …


    The NFL Draft, coincidentally, always takes place within a week of my birthday, which means I personally always hope the Skins will do me a solid by drafting the next perennial all pro at any position.  There’s plenty of time for hindsight later.  While it’s impossible to guess along with the Front Office in terms of how they rank prospects or whether they would elect to fill a need over taking a player not expected to be on the board at #13 it is possible to look at their draft history and make an educated guess.  Certainly there was no expectation Jonathan Allen would be on the board at #17 last season.  He was.  They selected him.  That was undoubtedly based on both his grade being higher than a bottom half 1st round prospect and his filling a position of need.  Who would they have selected had Allen been off the board?  Hard to say.  Let’s hope they weren’t looking at Reuben Foster.  We can be relatively certain Josh Doctson was specifically targeted at #22.  But he also filled a need.  We can be almost positive Brandon Scherff was their highest-ranked player still on the board at #5.  But he also filled a need.  The strategy seems to be drafting the best player available at a position of need.


    This begs a few questions, namely one specifically regarding what happens if either Derwin James  or Minkah Fitzpatrick were still on the board at #13.  James would be a candidate to fill the hybrid role Sua Cravens was supposed to fill.  But the team doesn’t need a safety as much as it needs a NT to help with the run defense.  So, would they elect to choose James over someone like Da’Ron Payne?  Fitzpatrick is strictly a CB at the NFL level.  Does his grade push him past other prospects if he is still available?  To fans it might seem obvious the defense is the area of greatest need.  Maybe the Skins place more value on a top prospect RB like a Derrius Guice.  But do they grade Guice as being that much better a prospect than a Rashaad Penny or a Nick Chubb?


    One thing that hurts every mock draft, and undoubtedly will affect the real one as well, is the lack of a third round selection.  That pick was traded to Kansas City for Alex Smith.  It would be helpful if they could package together some picks and move back up into the 3rd round.  Most of the top DL and RB prospects are gone by the end of the third which means they either necessarily reach on a prospect out of necessity or they miss out on a prospect they had targeted who had no chance of falling to them in the fourth.  The following mock drafts will reflect this problem, because while it’s easy to talk about trading back or trading up it’s a lot harder to find a team willing to trade.  While all mocks are fantasy there is at least some semblance of realism to a mock which involves no trades.


    One other point of contention is that the Redskins rarely discuss prospects or positions they are genuinely discussing behind closed doors.  They rarely sign prospects they have brought in for visits.  In fact, based upon history, we could almost be dismissive of any prospect or position they’ve openly mentioned.  Doug Williams has mentioned QB and RB so many times it seems those are not areas of need. There are those who would argue differently on RB but the offensive line was a shambles last season and the top two backs were injured.  It’s hard to evaluate much of anything under those conditions.  While it’s not out of the question the Redskins would select a RB with the #13 pick it seems unlikely.  They have more backs on the roster than they can keep.  They have positions of need which are unlikely to be filled in free agency.  Maybe Hankins signs and eliminates one need.  Maybe they find a veteran stopgap guard or center after cuts.  There are always linemen looking for jobs.  They would have to value a line prospect considerably to take one over a skill position.  But it is a position of need until it isn’t one.


    After running simulations hundreds of times using a composite draft board and the difficult algorithm, most of the time the choices have been between Vea, Payne, and Guice.  Of the three Payne seems like the choice because he is a three down player who fills a need.  Vea could be a dominant run stopper, definitely a need, but he is graded as a two down player.  Guice is nice but is he that much better than Chubb or Penny, both of whom are likely to be available in the second round?  After Payne the DE prospects fall off a cliff.  Yes, there has been some talk of Settle but if a team needs a DL once Payne is gone Settle could be next.  It seems unlikely he would still be on the board three rounds later.  And this is where the reaching comes in.  If they pass on Payne or Guice in the first, and obviously they have to pass on one since they only have one first round pick, they are pretty much forced to reach on Penny, Chubb, or Settle in the second.  They have got to get that third round pick back.


    Having said that, I’ll be posting several mocks for people to discuss.  I’ll try to explain the strategy behind each one as they are posted.  Some will be strictly BPA.  Others will be strictly need-based.  Here is the first one:

    2018 NFL Mock Draft 1

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    Feeling A Draft

    news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

    Let’s cut the crap.  I’m sick of this team.  If you’re being intellectually honest you’re sick of this team, too.  For much of the last twenty-five seasons the Washington Redskins have been a comedy of errors, which, while technically still a comedy, has left none of us laughing.  I’d like to pen something a bit more positive here about how the 2018 NFL Draft is going to be the one that rights the ship, about how the front office has finally learned from experience, about how Bruce Allen is an asset rather than a liability, about how Daniel Snyder isn’t the devil incarnate (OK, that may be a bridge too far).  All I have to draw on is my experience with this franchise, which tells me that for every one positive there will be two negatives. To be clear, my enthusiasm for this team is long gone.  If it reads that way now you know why.  Nothing about my utter distaste for the systematic dismantling of a one-proud franchise has been left to the imagination.  Having said that, there are a few thing the 2018 Washington Redskins could do to make me place more interest in what they’re doing than in, for example, watching flies fuck.


    The positions at which the Redskins do not need an upgrade can be counted on one hand.  The few free agents in whom they may express an interest will likely be out of their price range.  The 2018 NFL salary cap has been set at $177.2 Million.  This leaves the team with $47.727 million to spend as of now.  This does not include the Alex Smith contract, so the actual number is closer to $27 million.  One plus is the team has only $501k in dead cap.  Immediate impact players like a Bennie Logan or a Dontari Poe would cut heavily into the cap space at $8.0 million or thereabouts per season, so consider that unlikely.  If any needs are addressed in free agency it will be more likely to be someone like T.J. Ward, whose cap figure was only $4.625 million and who fills a position not easily filled in the draft.  If Allen Robinson becomes available the team will undoubtedly look in his direction but any bidding war would probably cause Bruce Allen to fold his hand.  Allen is not exactly known for calling the bluffs of other general managers.  The free agency market is thin on talent and even thinner on young talent.  This means they should be looking at the best player on the board regardless of position.


    Who are the best players?  It’s subjective but it’s not subjective.  If every other team in the league has the same top ten players and you have some player not in most team’s top twenty then you’re probably wrong.  At that level no one is smarter than everyone else.  A lot of it comes down to luck.  Last season, Jonathon Allen was not expected to still be on the board at #17.  There’s a good chance someone considered a top ten prospect will slip to #13 in the 2018 NFL Draft.  There are prospects who will no way in hell be on the board at #13 like Saquon Barkley, Quenton Nelson, Bradley Chubb, and Minkah Fitzpatrick.  Good thing none of them play a position of need.  (Someone out there won’t realize this is sarcasm.)  Before anyone brings it up, the Redskins are not trading the #13 pick back because even Bruce Allen isn’t that stupid.  Right?  They’re certainly not trading up.  The RGIII fiasco has made the front office gun shy on that idea.


    There are three players, who depending upon how the draft shakes out, could be on the Redskins radar  at #13.  If Vita Vea is on the board at #13 you draft him, anyone else on the board be damned.  For a team that insisted on switching to a 3-4 defense they have done jack  shit about filling the most important position in a 3-4 defense.  That needs to change.  I’d talk about the rushing defense here but there wasn’t one.  Along that same line, if Vea is off the board it is likely that either Da’Ron Payne or Tremaine Edwards will be on the board.  With any one of these three prospects the team can’t go wrong.  Vea is an immediate starter.  Payne and Edwards are freakish athletes for their positions.


    I’m sure someone will read this and be thinking the team should address another position first but realistically there is only one top prospect at several positions of need.  By “top prospect” I mean a player considered to be a top ten pick by one or more “experts.”  There is one running back.  There is one free safety.  There is one offensive guard.  There is one linebacker.  There is one wide receiver.  There are one or perhaps two cornerbacks.


    The pundits can talk all they like about how the NFL is passing league but what they don’t talk enough about is how the game is still won in the trenches.  The more opposing teams can be made one-dimensional the easier it is to win games.  The 2017 Washington Redskins were a case-in-point example.  Hopefully, they learn from their own ineptitude.

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    Fouled Up Cousins, Kirk

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    Sometimes, as a fan of the Washington Redskins, one cannot help but be pissed off beyond all words.  The 2015 team led us down the primrose path of high expectations.  The worst fans were predicting this seasons was a .500 record.  The best laid plans of Skins fans had the team winning eleven games this season.  Adding fuel to the fire were situations beyond the team’s control, such as Le’Veon Bell being suspended and Tony Romo suffering another unfortunate injury which kept him out of the week two contest.  A genuinely false sense of security abounded throughout the fan base.  Pittsburgh was going to be a tough game in any case but we were led to believe we actually had a chance of winning the game.  (Insert expletive of your choice here.)

    Dallas was a game for which no excuses can be made.  The Redskins lost to an inferior opponent because they did not and could not make the plays winning teams make consistently.  The team is now looking at a virtually impossible climb to earn a playoff berth and their team statistics say they will win six games or fewer.  While it seems easy to place the blame on the secondary, Bashaud Breeland in particular, the lack of a consistent pass rush and an inability to stop the run make it impossible for the secondary to cover good receivers indefinitely.  Eventually, any receiver will get open.  The Skins had three garbage sacks and very few hurries.  It may not even be legal to knock a quarterback down anymore.  If it is the team had us fooled this week.

    Ultimately, the game rests on the shoulders of the highest paid player in the league this season.  Depending on which fan you ask, Kirk Cousins either missed three touchdowns or four.  Either way, he is posting empty stats like they’re going out of style.  Who throws for 364 yards with only one touchdown?  Who makes that boneheaded throw in the end zone?  What kind of quarterback stares down his receiver in the end zone when the defense has a limited field to cover?

    What kind of jackass head coach abandons an effective running game on a 4th and less than one yard?  The same kind who pisses away all of his timeouts before they are actually needed.

    When I started writing this I had fully intended to make it some kind of reasonable and rational explanation as to why the team is now 0-2 but, quite frankly, I don’t have one and even if I did I’m so pissed off I doubt I could articulate it in any semblance of a cogent fashion.  If this team doesn’t beat the New York Giants like they sexually assaulted their children  I expect everyone to be fired.  Gruden can’t seem to find his ass with both hands, a flashlight, a GPS, and a proctologist.  Ditto, Cousins and the wide open receivers.

    Yes, the defense is a complete mess but we knew going into the season that the front seven was questionable, to say the least.  The plan was, necessarily, to outscore opponents.  Two games into the season the Redskins high-powered offense is averaging a whopping 19.5 points per game.  That’s tied for 20th in the league.  The team can’t win games like that.  The offense had best unfuck itself quickly.  That begins and ends with Kirk Cousins making the plays he should make.

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