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  • Hog Blog with Adam Carriker – Week 11

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    Last week’s game was obviously an embarrassment and not a very good performance on our part. The Eagles outplayed us on both offense and defense decisively. On Monday night they were clearly the better team. I really don’t know what else to say about that except to apologize to our fans. I can promise you this — we are a much better team than what we showed on Monday and we can play with and beat the Eagles. We showed that earlier in the year when we knocked Vick out of the game and proceeded to beat them up in Philadelphia. Obviously the last game was a much different story, but my point is we are much better than that and as bad as that game was, we are good enough to beat quality opponents.

    Like I said in one of my earlier blogs, the NFL season is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Imagine yourself when you’re running. At the beginning you feel fresh and good. The longer you run, the more tired you get, then all of a sudden you get your second wind. Maybe you stub your toe on the curb but as you keep running you hit every green light, then by the end you can see the finish line. You look back on your run (or marathon in my example) and you think about what it took to get to that point — the ups and downs, the struggles and sudden bursts of energy you got. An NFL season is very similar to this. It is not a sprint that ends quickly if you win a few games or have a losing streak. There are many ups and downs. That is why there has only been one undefeated team in the history of the NFL. Every week presents a new challenge, and everyone is so evenly matched and equally talented that it’s tough to get an edge on every opponent you play. If you think about it, there are usually one or two undefeated teams every year in college football. Last year at the end of the regular season there were six undefeated teams. But in the history of the NFL there has only been one undefeated team. That just shows you how tough it is in the NFL. I told my wife that even though this is technically a short week because we played on Monday, it’s going to be a really long week until we finally get to play again on Sunday. We will get back on the winning track and we are a much better team than we displayed in our last game.

    I just ask that our fans remain loyal and believe in our team, because we do. From what I understand Jamie Dukes went on a rant on their show earlier this week ripping our team and a lot of fans agreed with him. I understand Phillip Daniels responded to his rant and stood up for our team and a lot of fans agreed with him. From what I have been told, most fans supported Daniels, and I really appreciate that. We need our fans to remain supportive and behind us and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

    The last thing I wanted to talk about is there are a lot of people doubting the 3-4 defense. I understand Washington was very good in the 4-3 before and I respect that. There are good teams that play the 4-3 and the 3-4. They are both good schemes. But if I were to ask you to list the top defense in the NFL, which ones would immediately come to mind? I immediately think of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Baltimore Ravens, the New York Giants and the New York Jets. There are other good defenses out there, but those were the first to pop into my mind. Three of those four teams are 3-4 defenses. Year after year those are among the top defenses in the league and most of them run the 3-4. Kansas City and Denver just switched to the 3-4 last year, Seattle moved to a 3-4 this year. I don’t know the numbers but I would guess half the teams in the NFL run the 3-4. A lot of college teams are moving to the 3-4 like Alabama, Georgia, Texas A&M and others. If you think about it, colleges should be less likely to run the 3-4 because they have to recruit kids to run the 3-4. I don’t know many defensive ends in high school who would rather play a 3-4 scheme than a 4-3 scheme. Not because the 4-3 is per say better, but because they will have a lot better stats in the 4-3 vs. the 3-4. So even though it’s tougher to recruit for the 3-4 scheme, college teams are moving to it anyways because they believe in it.

    The bottom line is I believe in the 3-4. It has been proven to be a great defense. Just ask the Patriots and Steelers who have each won multiple Super Bowls in recent years using a 3-4 defense. In our case, this is our first year running the 3-4 and there are going to be growing pains. Nobody said it would be easy or there wouldn’t be bumps in the road. But the 3-4 over the past decade or more has statistically been the best defense in the NFL. I believe, given time, we can be a great defense. This year we have definitely given up more yards than in the past, but we have also caused a lot more turnovers. When we get to the point where we don’t give up many yards and cause a lot of turnovers then we will be that great defense, and like I said before, I definitely believe we will get there.

    Once again I acknowledge our embarrassment and apologize to our fans for what happened Monday. I ask for your continued support and backing, and I definitely believe we are a good team that will only get better and better. Thank you.

    “I found out that if you are going to win games, you had better be ready to adapt.” – Author Unknown

    Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Adam Carriker

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    Eagles @ Redskins – Monday Night Football

    news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

    The Washington Redskins will face their divisional rivals the Philadelphia Eagles this Monday, at FedEx Field. Kick-off for the ESPN Monday Night Football game is scheduled for 8:30 P.M. The game will be televised to a national audience and will be the second year in a row the Redskins host the Eagles on Monday Night Football. This will be the second game in a home-and-home series that dates back to 1936. The Washington Redskins are coming off a bye week, while the Philadelphia Eagles are fresh off a 26-24 victory over the Indianapolis Colts led by QB Michael Vick who was returning from a month long injury suffered in Philadelphia’s last meeting against the Redskins.

    When the NFL’s 2010 schedule was released the week four match up between the Washington Redskins at the Philadelphia Eagles it was billed as McNabb’s return to the city that booed him on draft day then traded him within the division eleven years later. It was to be McNabb versus his replacement Kevin Kolb, but by kickoff Kolb had lost the starting job to Mike Vick, whose acquisition McNabb had lobbied for. In the end, Vick only threw seven passes before being knocked out of the game with chest and ribs injuries and . McNabb was just 8-of-19 for 125 yards, a touchdown and an interception. Kolb was the top performing quarterback as he completed 22-of-35 passes for 201 yards, one touchdown and one interception, but quarterback play had little to do with the outcome. The Eagles couldn’t stop the almost non-existent ground game and Washington gained 169 yards on 35 carries in a 17-12 win. 

    Donovan McNabb versus the Shanahans:

    After quarterback Donovan McNabb was benched in the closing minutes of the last game before the bye week, the Redskins dominated the national news during their time off. Corneback DeAngelo Hall said: “Everywhere I was, that’s all I saw was stuff about Donovan, I don’t think the bye week gave it a chance to go anywhere instead of just sitting there and letting it fester.” Coach Mike Shanahan’s stated reasons for sitting McNabb   (knowledge of the 2 minute offense and “cardiovascular endurance.”), was questioned on every pre-game show that aired although the Washington Redskins did not have a scheduled game. Coach Shanahan was still answering questions related to the McNabb benching eight days later because of “leaks” that report McNabb and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan aren’t getting along and that the play book has been trimmed down to accommodate McNabb’s difficulties in learning it.

    With McNabb saying he’d like to put his benching behind him and that there’s no lingering bad feelings between him and the organization, hasn’t much really changed after a week off.

    — Last week coach Shanahan said a series of hamstring injuries had slowed McNabb and was part of the reason that led to benching McNabb, this week he says the quarterback is still not one hundred percent. Donovan McNabb gave few details when asked about his hamstrings on Thursday, saying: “I’m good. I’m good. Thanks for asking.”

    — The hamstrings lead us back to the two-minute drill issue, is McNabb’s hamstrings healthy enough to perform at the pace required to run the two-minute drill? McNabb says he has no problems with the two-minute offense and stated “We have a tempo at practice in which it’s like the two-minute drill, we’re in and out of the huddle, We’re all accustomed to it, we ran it through the off season. … It’s nothing spectacular or new to it.” Not practicing the two-minute drill was also a part of the reason that led to Rex Grossman’s appearance in the final minutes of the Redskins last game yet it appears they still have not practiced the drill. Said Shanahan: We just haven’t had time to run it. This week gives us an extra day and we’ll hopefully work on that Saturday.” When asked if McNabb would be his guy in a two-minute drill Monday night he was vague, saying “It all depends on how he feels. If he’s full speed, ready to go and I feel we can do it, he’ll get some reps Saturday. I don’t want to overdue it in a two-minute [practice] situation. I’m not going to take the chance of injury to put him through that.”

    Quotes and Notes:

    – The Redskins finished the game against the Detroit Lions with Keiland Williams as the only healthy running back, after Ryan Torain  suffered a hamstring injury and couldn’t continue. With a week off the Redskins running back situation remained unclear, Torain returned to practice this week, along with Clinton Portis (who has been out since October 3rd with a groin injury) and they both felt they could be ready to go on Monday night. Portis experienced some soreness after is first full workout and the team has limited his participation, Torain, who has been starting in place of Portis, has also been limited in practice. Other than rookie Keiland Williams, return specialist Chad Simpson and newly signed James Davis took reps in practice. Simpson and Davis have a combined total of zero carries this season. Davis is on the practice squad and turned down an offer to join the Carolina Panthers’ 53-man roster this week and may be elevated to the active roster before Monday’s gamesmanship

    – RT Jammal Brown played his best game of the season against Detroit, according to coach Mike Shanahan. Stephon Heyer started the game, but Brown rotated in. “Sometimes when guys go on second team in stead of first team, all of a sudden they get better in a hurry, He played much better. I don’t know what loosened him up, but whatever happened he played at a much higher level.” Shanahan said.

    – If return specialist Brandon Banks is out of Monday night’s game following knee surgery during the bye week (Coach Mike Shanahan would not rule out Banks) the Redskins must find replacements both on kickoff and punt returns. Chad Simpson, who handled kickoffs for the Indianapolis Colts last year is the obvious replacement on kick offs and Phillip Buchanon began the season as the Redskins’ punt returner should be the choice on punts, but lately decisions making at Redskins Park hasn’t lead to obvious choices. When discussing the possibilities of the return duties for Monday night, Shanahan brought up wide receiver Anthony Armstrong name. Armstrong has been among the group of Redskins who have fielded punts in practice and while he was at West Texas A&M, he returned kickoffs.

    – “Four and four, it ain’t the best spot, but it’s a good spot for us, We’ve got new schemes on offense and defense. Who would’ve even figured that we’d beat some of the teams that we beat. I know nobody figured that we’d lose to some of the teams that we lost to (St. Louis and Detroit), but we’re .500. We’d rather be 5-3 or 6-2, but it’s a good spot for us.” ….. Defensive end Phillip Daniels on the Redskins 4-4 start

    – Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett says the switch to a 3-4 alignment as the base defense for the first time in franchise history has been overblown although the Redskins defense has allowed the second-most total yards and passing yards in the league. He said: “You’re never going to be happy with the numbers because they got blown out of the water early because of the teams we were playing, I don’t know if you could ever recover from that. We’re getting turnovers (tied for second in the league with 19). We’re getting off the field on third down (second in the league), trying to keep the points off as much as we can (16th in the league). The big thing is that if we continue not to give up big plays and keep getting turnovers, then we’ll be pretty good.”

    –  In Washington’s four wins, neither team scored more than 17 points, in the Redskins’ four losses, the winning team has scored 27 or more points.

    – Donovan McNabb had this to say about the ongoing controversy: I like to handle my business behind closed doors. I don’t go through the media and vent or react to certain situations. That’s not truly professional. My professional manner is to talk to you man to man and try to find out what the problem is. You find out the problem, you come up with a solution, and you move on. I think for a lot of guys it’s a hard deal to manage because they want to vent. But what, really, do you get out of the deal before it becomes an ongoing battle of he said, she said. That’s just not how I go about business. Shanahan had this to say: “I think Donovan’s done a good job this week getting ready to play. There have been a lot of distractions. We’ve fought through it as a group and we’re ready to go on. Sometimes you make decisions that you feel are in the best interest of your team, you’re not always right. Sometimes you go with your gut. But the bottom line is that you make it and you go on and hopefully we’ll play our best football here in the second half of the season.

    – “When you have sacks, there are so many factors other than the offensive line, A lot of the sacks are because the guys miss a block and the quarterback can’t do anything about it. A lot of sacks are because it is a bad play call and nobody is open and there is nowhere to go with the ball. A lot of sacks are because it was a good play call and the receiver couldn’t beat the coverage. A lot of sacks are because the quarterback held onto it too long trying to make a play, which he does, and then got sacked. When you have a lot of sacks, it means your offense isn’t doing as good as they need to.” ….. Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan saying his offensive line isn’t solely to blame for all the sacks the team is giving up

    – QB Donovan McNabb has been sacked 23 times this season, right guard Derrick Dockery has been inactive for the last four games. Seventeen of the Redskins 23 sacks were allowed over the last four games.

    – Tackle Jammal Brown is nursing a bad hip and his back up Stephon Heyer has a sore ankle, if they can’t play Monday night Artis Hicks would move from right guard to right tackle, and Will Montgomery will start at right guard.

    Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Bernie Marshall

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    Hog Blog with Adam Carriker – Week 8

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    As usual last weekend’s game was crazy. I feel like I write that every week on the blog but it’s true yet again. The Bears were leading the NFC North division coming into the game. They had played and beaten some very good teams, such as the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and an underrated Detroit Lions team. I believe there were nine total turnovers in the game. It seemed like every time we turned around there was either a fumble or interception.

    Speaking of interceptions, how about DeAngelo Hall?! He picked off Jay Cutler four times in the second half, tying an NFL record for most interception in one game by a single player. One of the interceptions he caught with one hand and took all the way back for a touchdown. That play was even bigger because it looked like the Bears were going to get points on their drive. To be honest, I have never seen a performance like that before by a defensive back in a game. I wonder if Jay Cutler completed more passes to any single receiver on his team than he did to DeAngelo?

    It was a lot of fun to play at Solider Field. Jeremy Jarmon told me before the game that he was especially excited to play there. I didn’t think their crowd was as loud as FedEx Field, though. The Detroit Lions are a very good team. To be honest, I don’t understand how they only have one win. They have a good offensive line, a great receiver in Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford will be back for this weekend’s game. To top it off, they are coming fresh off their bye week so you know they will have their engines even more revved up than normal. In fact, from what I understand we are the underdogs in the game. It’s going to be a great challenge for us and I think we can get the win and head into our bye week on a high note. Speaking of our bye week, I will not be doing a blog next week because I’m going to be relaxing on our few days off.

    To me this year has been a crazy year in the NFL. A lot of the teams that people expected to do really good have struggled and some teams, such as ourselves, that people didn’t expect much from, have played well. I think it just shows the equality and competitive nature of our profession. There really isn’t a whole lot that separates the teams from each other. Every team is talented and every team has good players. To me, the difference is in the little things: who practices better, watches more film, works harder in the weight room and so on. Everybody in the NFL is big, fast and strong. I think it just goes to show how little room for error there is and how every yard and every inch is vitally important. I also think people severely underestimated us at the beginning of the year because we are a lot better than people think.

    I love it when the teams that are overlooked come up and surprise people and I also like it when teams that have high expectations, whether they are deserved or not, are upset. Right now we are right in the thick of the playoff hunt. There is a lot of season left and I think it’s going to be very fun and very interesting to watch the end of this season as it plays out. I would love to surprise the people who didn’t expect anything from us.

    I should also mention that I love playing in front of our fans at home games. The fans here are some of the most enthusiastic and football-crazy people I have ever seen and I love every minute of it. Keep supporting us throughout the year and I promise we will play our hearts out for you!

    “Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’.”

    – Yoda “The Empire Strikes Back”

    Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Adam Carriker

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    Hog Blog with Adam Carriker – Week 7

    news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

    “The Secretaries of Defense”

    We played yet another game that came right down to the wire. We had a great chance to win this game. We just weren’t able to capitalize on it. The Colts are a very good team and obviously have a great quarterback in Peyton Manning. We gave up some yards to them but in the end they scored exactly what their average per game for the season is, which is 27 points per game. We have played a lot of great offenses this year. They just seam to keep coming week after week, bang bang bang. We started off with the Dallas Cowboys who are about as talented a team as there is in the NFL, especially on offense. I don’t care what there record is. We followed that up with the Houston Texans, who were the number one rated pass offense in the NFL last year and entering our game they were the number one rush offense in the NFL. Next we played the Rams, who have the Heisman winner and number one overall draft pick Sam Bradford. After that we took on the hottest player in the NFL going into our game in Michael Vick and the red hot Philadelphia Eagles. We followed that up with one of the best and most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL, in Aaron Rodgers. Last week we took on four-time league MVP and surefire future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. It was fun to play against Peyton. I remember watching him when I was in middle school. He’s like a coach on the field for them. He basically runs their offense.

    Our defense has been tested in just about every way possible. The Cowboys we were able to be held to 7 points. We were able to slow down the on-fire Texans running game. We were able to hold the red-hot Eagles to 12 points and hold a very talented Packer offense to 13 points.

    This year we have a difficult schedule which is loaded with a lot teams who have very good records and will either be in the playoff hunt, in the playoffs or go deep into the playoffs or have a very good chance at the Super Bowl and all of them have very good offenses. We will face the Eagles again, a very good Tennessee Titans offense led by Chris Johnson and Vince Young, followed by Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, and the Vikings, also the New York Giants led by Eli Manning twice, the Cowboys again and a lot of other teams who have great talent. I think our defense has proved it can play well and can be very key in leading our team to victory. Our defense has definitely proved we are very physical. We have knocked a lot of good and talented players out of games, not with dirty play, but with just good, old fashioned physicality.

    I believe our defense has played well up to this point. There are ways in which the defense can and will improve. The longer we do this and get more comfortable with the scheme, the coaches, and the coaches with us within the scheme, the better and better we will be. We have a very challenging schedule and some great offenses we face this year, but I believe it gives us the opportunity show how good we are as a team, a defense and how good we will be.

    “Just bring it!” -The Rock

    Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Adam Carriker

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    Hog Blog with Adam Carriker – Week 6

    news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

    This last week was another close/great win for the Washington Redskins. It seems like every game we play is really close and comes down to the last play of the game. In fact, we have already played two overtime games and four of our five games have in fact been decided on the very last play of the game. From what I understand there were a lot of close games last year that were lost instead of won. The difference between this year’s team and last year’s team so far is the ability to win the close games. It would be nice if we would just go ahead and blow somebody out but as long as we keep winning, I don’t care if every game comes down to the wire.

    This game was a little different in the fact that we fell behind and trailed for most of the game. A lot of our other games we have jumped out to big leads or at least led most of the game. This last game against the Packers we demonstrated a lot of resolve, heart and character. We never gave up and kept fighting right to the end and that’s why were able to be victorious in the end.

    Tomorrow we take on Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in primetime on Sunday Night Football. The Colts obviously can throw the ball all over the yard, play a high pressure attacking defense, and have been very successful over the past decade or so. It’s the type of game that exemplifies why we play this game. This year is a little different for the Colts, however, they have been running the ball a lot and with great success. I can’t wait to face them and I guarantee the Redskins will be up for the challenge.

    A lot of people wonder what a typical schedule or workweek is like for an NFL player. Our workweek actually starts on Wednesday and ends on Sunday. We have a team meeting on Wednesday morning at eight o’clock, which is followed by two hours of watching film and installing the game plan for that week. That ends around ten o’clock. We then have a walk thru at 10:10 a.m. for about forty minutes. Around 10:45 we have brunch and interviews with the media until 11:30. Then special teams meetings go until 12:10. We have a special teams walk thru at 12:30 immediately followed by practice until 2:45. Then we meet from 3:30 until 4:00. Some guys are finished for the day and can go home at this time. Other guys will stay and lift and/or watch extra film. If they are injured, they are required to get treatment for about an hour. Some players will get in the cold talk or do some other method of rejuvenation for the body, which takes from 20-45 minutes.

    Thursday is basically the same schedule. The only difference about Thursday is, if you didn’t lift Wednesday, you are required to lift on Thursdays. So, some guys will lift for about an hour after meetings on Thursdays. Friday we still have the team meeting at 8 a.m., then we watch film and review the game plan until 10 a.m. like normal. Then there is a special teams meeting from 10 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. Walk thru starts at 11 a.m., and then practice is from 11:15 a.m. until 12:45. We are then done for the day. Friday is short because a lot of time on Saturdays we spend a lot of the day traveling and even if it’s a home game, it still takes about an hour to get to the team hotel we stay at on Saturday nights. Also, the game plan is fully in, you’re done with hard practices for the week and it’s really the first time all week you get to relax and take a break as we get ready for the game on Sunday.

    On Saturday, a lot of coaches give their players tests on the upcoming opponent and the game plan for that week. These tests can take an hour or two. Some coaches require players to give a report instead of a test. Saturday can vary depending on whether it’s a home game or an away game. On an away game, we usually have a meeting at 9 a.m. until about 11 a.m. Then we have about a 20-minute walk thru. After that, guys get treatment, eat lunch, a lot of guys really like to get in the cold tank during this time, and we get dressed and get on the plane to wherever it is we are traveling to. Once we arrive to our destination we have some time to relax, go out to eat and enjoy the city for a couple hours before we have night meetings and head to bed to get some rest for the upcoming game.

    On Sunday, our schedule varies as well depending on the time of the game. Typically we get up, eat our pre game meal, head to the stadium about 2-3 hours before game time and get ready to play the game. After the game we will fly back home. Depending on where the game was it could be a short 45-minute flight (like Philadelphia), or an all-night flight like Oakland or San Francisco. Incidentally, I got home sooner from our away game at Philadelphia, then I do our home games. But, an away game like Oakland, if it’s played at night, we will fly all night and get back home around 7 a.m. the next morning. Monday we come in and watch film of the game of the day before, run, lift, get treatment and do anything we can to get our bodies back to feeling good. Tuesday is our one day off every week, unless you’re injured, in which case you still have to come in and get treatment at least once, if not twice. Players will also do a lot of things on their own time like watch extra film, get deep tissue massages, which take about an hour to two hours, work with therapists on their own or whatever they feel may give them an edge. I’m not a quarterback, but from what I understand, they watch an additional 2-3 hours of extra film every day, including Tuesdays.

    “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” – Thomas Jefferson

    Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Adam Carriker

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    Hog Blog with Adam Carriker – Week 5

    news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology

    This last week was a big week. We won a division game against a really good team, the Philadelphia Eagles, which put us into first place in the NFC East. That is a good place to be a quarter of the way through the season. The game was a great contest. We ended up knocking Michael Vick out of the game, which I think a lot of people look at as an advantage for us. I could see how people would say that, but I thought Kevin Kolb came in and played really well. I heard he was criticized after the game. I don’t really see why. I thought he played pretty well. He just plays the game a different way than Vick does. I think people just wanted Vick in there. Anyway, we came away with a well-deserved and hard-fought victory.

    The biggest thing I took away from the game and the thing that made me the happiest was when the Philadelphia fans gave Donovan a standing ovation. He deserved nothing less. I could tell it meant a lot to him. He gave them 11 great years and he never asked to be traded. He is the leader of this team and has been embraced by this community but it was good to see him get the standing ovation.

    On a side note, I was walking behind him when I walked into Redskin Park on Monday. One of our media guys asked him if he would call into a show and talk about the Philly game. Donovan didn’t want to. He just wanted to put it all behind him. He just wanted to move on and focus on the Packers, our next game. He didn’t want to gloat, rub it in, or anything like that. He just wanted to be done with it. I don’t even know if he knew I was behind him, but that’s just and example of the kind of class he has and what a great individual he is.

    Something unusual happened last week. Our practice fields were rained out and flooded, so we couldn’t practice on them. So we took buses to one the Dulles airport hangers, where we had a walk through. There was condensation on the floor, which made them very slippery. So some guys took their shoes and socks off so they wouldn’t slip and fall. I will definitely never forget having a walk through at an airport hanger in our bare feet for a Thursday practice.

    I just wanted to take time in this blog to thank everyone who helped me get to where I’m at in life. First and foremost, I want to thank Jesus, the creator and inventor of all. Thank you for blessing me with a good family, people who love me, food on my table, clothes on my back and roof over my head. Thank you for blessing me with a great job, great kid(s), a great wife, friends, for being part of this great country and for giving me a rare opportunity not only with football, but with so many other aspects of my life. Thank you for all of that and so much more. Basically, thank you for everything because it all came from you.

    I want to thank my wife for supporting me through the highs and lows of not only football, but also life in general. I want to thank her for taking care of everything, so I can focus on playing football and have as little other stress in my life as possible. She literally does everything; cooks, cleans, pays bills and takes care of any and everything you could possibly think of for our family. Thank you for our beautiful baby boy and the next child that is on the way. Thank you for standing by me and for forgiving me when I mess up. You are my rock, the person I lean on when I need support and someone I truly love spending my life with. They say behind every successful man is a strong woman. That saying couldn’t be more true. Thank you. I love you very much!!

    I want to thank my dad for always supporting me and believing in me. When it came to sports, you had my back and supported me in every way you could possibly think of and I appreciate that. You were the one person who always believed in me, even when nobody else did and even when I didn’t. I always thought your expectations were too high for me but looking back on it, you just believed in me. When some people said they believed and supported me, I would wonder if they were telling the truth but with you, there was never any doubt. We haven’t always seen eye-to-eye but I want to thank you for the effort you put into supporting me in sports.

    To my mom, you always wanted the best for me and for me to be happy no matter what it was I was doing. You want to be close to us, support us in any way we need, and have a good lifelong relationship with us. You have supported me in everything throughout my life and I know that you always will. I know you will be there for us in anyway that we need. For your help and support, I thank you, mom.

    To my Grandma and Grandpa Warner, you saved my mom’s life when she probably wouldn’t have otherwise lived. You raised her and supported her the best way you knew how. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t even be here. I wouldn’t have met my beautiful wife and we wouldn’t have our awesome son and future child. My sister and her family also wouldn’t be here. For that, I thank you. Grandpa Warner, I will always miss you and remember our cribbage battles, card games and your great opinions with great fondness.

    To my Grandma and Grandpa Carriker, thank you for opening up your home to me just about every weekend my freshman year of college, a time that was very hard for me. At a time when all I wanted to do was run away and I wasn’t very happy, you drove down to Lincoln every weekend to come get me and we would spend the weekend watching college football and playing cards. You didn’t particularly like me watching football on every TV all day but you let me do it anyways. I wasn’t always the most gracious card player but you enjoyed the games anyways. Thank you for helping me through a rough time in my life. I don’t even know if you understand how much you helped but I will never forget. I hope to see you as soon as a can and I hope you’re doing well.

    I’d also like to thank my sister Keri and her family. You and your husband John always came to my games in college and so far in the NFL no matter how long it took you to get there. I know you watch the games when you’re back in Montana and I know Taylor wasn’t the only one jumping up and down with her pom-poms rooting for me. You helped me out whenever I needed it and I know if I ever needed anything in the future you would always help in anyway you could. Thank you.

    To my sister Gina, I look forward to living near you guys very soon and getting to spend a lot more time with you. I bet all of the fighting over toys we did when you came to visit every summer is where I got my competitive spirit from. I can’t wait to watch our kids grow up together and I look forward to many Saturdays of giving Mark crap while watching Nebraska romp all over Colorado.

    To my brother Darren, we don’t know each other that well and we are very different. But anybody who is willing to come to a football game they obviously have no interest in (I know that because you fell asleep during the game), just to spend time with family and watch his brother play, is someone that I appreciate. Thank you. Also, I did enjoy the day we went to Shakespeare in the Park. If you ever want to go again, just let me know.

    To my brother-in-law and financial advisor Phil, you are much more than that. You are a good friend. You are someone I trust 100% with no reservations and someone who I know supports me 100%, not just in business or as a formal family member but as a true friend. You are my boy and I will always have your back.

    To Joe and Sheila, thank you for helping us anytime we ask or need it. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty. For that, I thank you.

    Kathy and Bryson Bailey, you helped me in ways people don’t even know about. I’ve come a long ways from the kid who used to run around throwing the football up in the air to himself in the back yard. You were my neighbors growing up, but you were also my friends.

    To Jana, who attempted to tutor me through physics our senior year but instead I just got banned from your house by your dad for being a bad influence, thanks for being a good friend and attempting to be my tutor.

    To my coaches throughout the years, Mr. and Mrs. Hull, thank you for exposing me to colleges who otherwise would have never looked at a kid who was on an 0-9 football team his senior year and had a record of 2-36 in four years of high school football. Teams who would have otherwise never heard of me, especially Nebraska, the school you knew was my favorite, and I honestly thought I had a 0% chance of getting into. For treating all of my bumps and bruises, I think you told me I had 13 ice bags on my body after some games. For helping me with my contacts during that game, even when I was really mad at you.

    To Mr. Logsdon, for introducing me to football in the 7th grade when I first started playing. I will never forget our offense. 90 spin, which was a hitch and go, more often than not, a deep pass from me to Troy Mitchell for a touchdown.

    To Coach Blake, even though he is receiving some heat right now, he is a good man and a good friend.

    To coach Coz, who always made fun of me for wearing my back pack and said I looked like a boy scout trying to sell cookies. I hope you do great up in Minnesota.

    Last but certainly not least, thank you to my fans. Thank you for the support so far in my career, through thick and thin, through good times and hard times. Those that are the true fans and never waivered, I want to thank you. To any new fans or fans that have fallen by the wayside, thank you for your support whether it be now in the present or in the past.

    There are other people who have helped and supported me along the way. My agents, school teachers, neighbors, friends, supporters and even more coaches. Thank you very much. Thank you to anyone who ever helped or supported me in any way, shape or form. A person who is successful has to have help from people around them to get where they are. To everyone who helped me along the way, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly appreciate it.

    “Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.” – Author Unknown

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    Hog Blog with Adam Carriker – Week 4

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    Last week’s game was a tough loss. We lost to a team I felt like we should have beat. They are an NFL team so they can’t be overlooked or underestimated. I give them credit; they came out and played well. That’s about as good as I’ve ever seen the Rams look. Part of it might be because we didn’t play as good as we can. Individually I feel like I played well and they didn’t really block me very successfully all day. I went up against their first round pick from a year ago, Jason Smith, the #2 overall selection, and I played very well against him. Obviously, individual success means nothing if the team doesn’t get the W. Hopefully this next week is a different story.

    The big return to Philadelphia.

    Donovan is a great player and a great guy. I truly hope the fans in Philly show him the respect he deserves. I can’t wait to play them. They have a very good offense and the team is on a roll right now. Michael Vick is playing very well. He has incredible speed and I’ve seen him make some incredible throws on film. I think it’s going to be a very fun challenge and a great game to be a part of.

    I have received a few different messages from fans on Facebook who have said that they think I am in a much better system for me personally now, referring to the 3-4. I have had some fans say they think I would be better in the 4-3. I’ve got to be honest, I can be successful in any defense, whether it be the 3-4, 4-3, 1-10 or 9-2, it doesn’t matter. It’s amazing to me, because I’ve played in the 4-3 my whole life. When I was coming out in the draft, it was said that I was quick enough to play outside and strong enough to play inside. Then all of a sudden, I had one of the St. Louis coaches telling me this past offseason I was too slow to play outside and too tall to play inside.

    Let me translate that for you. Basically they didn’t know what they had and they didn’t know how to use me. It’s amazing to me because my rookie year I literally played every position on the d-line, not just throughout the year, but within the series of games. I didn’t know what position I was playing until I saw who ran on the field, then I would figure out what position I was that play and then I’d have about 7 or 8 seconds to figure out what I was supposed to do on that particular play based on the position I was playing that particular play. It didn’t bother me. I actually enjoyed it. I could be left nose, right nose, left 3-tech, right 3-tech, left end or right end. I actually played all those positions in one drive vs. San Francisco.

    It just makes me laugh, because I am very blessed to have the ability to play all the positions on the d-line in any defense you want to put me in. I must admit, it is nice here with the Redskins because they are allowing me to focus on one position and letting me get really good at that one position. While jumping all over the place in St. Louis may have been fun, it never really let me get good at any one thing.

    I was reminded last week that people in St. Louis think I am, or was a bust. I was reminded of the day after I was traded to the Redskins. I had flown out to D.C., met with the coaches here, then flew back to St. Louis. My wife was trying to hide the paper from me. When I found it, I discovered why. A writer named Bryan Burwell there in St. Louis completely ripped me apart in the paper. A man I had run into at the movies a few months before, and he was oh, so polite to my face. I was also told by one of my friends about a guy on the radio named Carriker (not related to me, I don’t know his first name or even if I spelled his last name correctly), who was ripping me, too. I’m sure there were more people than just those two jumping on the bandwagon as well.

    My first two years there I was the starting nose guard, not the starting 3-technique as some people think, and that’s where most of my snaps came from when I wasn’t hopping positions from play-to-play. I was reminded how people complained I didn’t make enough plays. How many plays does a starting nose guard actually get the chance to make? Most people understand that the nose takes on double teams so the linebackers can run around and make plays. I played the nose position very well my first year and a half. Then I heard people say I was injury prone. I discussed that in my blog last week. I look back on it now and I don’t get that either.

    Like I said last week, I took more plays than any other d-lineman on our team my first two years (which I actually think is a big reason for most of my past injuries, just all the excess banging on my body, especially since I take care of my body as well as anybody I know). Then my second year I played with a lot of injuries I shouldn’t have. In retrospect my play suffered because I was hurt. I should have been more selfish and said “I’m going take 2-3 weeks off and get healthy, then I’ll come back and play.” I guaranteed I would have come back and played even better than my rookie year. I was playing better than that prior to the injury. But that would have left us with only two d-tackles (one of whom was a good player but had been in the league 14 years and couldn’t take a bunch of plays every day) in a 4-3 scheme. In my mind that didn’t seem right, so instead of taking a couple weeks off I played. I didn’t start every game because of the injury, but I only missed one actual game. Looking back on it now maybe I should have looked out for myself first. I never understood why we went into the season, to practice and play games with only 3 defensive tackles on the entire roster.

    The only real time I missed for injury was last year when I was put on IR. Like nobody has ever been put on I.R. before or something. I’m going throw something out there. I am not a bust nor was I ever a bust. I played a position a 6’6” tall man should never play (nose guard). I played that position well, played through injuries to help my team when I shouldn’t have, and honestly I feel like I got punished for it and then got put on I.R. I’ve proven I’m a good player when I’m healthy and I’ve proven I’ll go out and play for the good of team even when I’m not healthy. I’ve also proven I can come back from injury quickly and stronger than ever. In my opinion, in my first year and half in St. Louis I did not make the most plays of the defensive linemen being the nose guard but I still think I was the most valuable defensive lineman because I played on every defensive personnel grouping we had and I played every d-line position we had and I played them well, until injuries affected me.

    You’ll have to forgive me. I was reminded of all this last week. It blows my mind how people who don’t know the true story or have all the facts, but just because they have a computer in front of them, can put anything they want down, whether it’s true or not. I’ve read where people have said that I played in the 3-4 at St. Louis, which is not true, and where people have said I played in the 3-4 at Nebraska, which is not true either. I’m pretty sure people can count to 3 vs. 4, and should be able to get that right.

    Now I will be honest, there were times during my career there, especially my second year, when I was pushing through pain and my play definitely could have been better. A lot of guys play with injuries and that should be no excuse. I can always get better and always improve. As a competitor you are always striving to become the best you can possibly be. I accept my portion of the responsibility for what happened in St. Louis. I just felt like I gave a lot for the three years I was there, was not appreciated, and then got kicked in the face on my way out the door.

    My final thought about the Rams is actually a funny one. I talked to Rock Gullickson, the strength coach there for about a year, before I was traded, trying to get him to order heavier dumbbells for the weight room. They only had up to 140 lb dumbbells. I was talking to him forever trying to get him to order heavier ones. Then they finally came. They go all the way up to 180 lbs. When they came in, Rock dubbed it the “Carriker Section.” From the 140’s up to the 180 lb dumbbells. I chuckle when I think about it now, because I seriously doubt if they’re getting any use now. The wasted money they spent on those and the “Carriker Section” are just sitting there unused. Those dumbbells could be there forever. Other people in St. Louis will remember me for various reasons, but I will always laugh and chuckle when I think of the “Carriker Section.” LOL

    I just had to get that off my chest. That being said, St. Louis is now behind me. I have forgiven and moved on. I am very happy and the Rams no longer matter. They are the least of all to me. All that matters now and all I want to talk about is the Redskins. I am in a 3-4 system, which I am definitely good at. I am on a team I love playing for. These are the best teammates I’ve had since being in the NFL. Their wives are also great to my wife and it’s awesome for me to finally have NFL fans who are loud and care about football. I feel like the Redskins and Adam Carriker are a great fit. The past is behind me and a great future lies ahead for the Redskins and myself.

    Colossians 3:13 Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

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    Hog Blog with Adam Carriker – Week 3

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    This week was a tough week. We played real well and got out to a good lead. You have to give the Texans credit. They never quit playing and came back to beat us. Obviously this is very frustrating for us. We definitely felt like we should have won the game. We had many chances to put the game away and were unable to do so. As a result we are 1-1. We could easily be 2-0 or we would easily be 0-2.

    This game is truly a game of inches and close calls. The Al Pacino speech in Any Given Sunday comes to mind. You have to remember what I said last week; the NFL season is a marathon, not a sprint. This week we head to St. Louis, where, if we work hard and earn a victory, we will be 2-1, which isn’t a bad start.

    Like I said, we head to St. Louis this week and play the Rams. They are a team that has lost two very close games. They are 0-2 but they could easily be 1-1 or 2-0 so we definitely cannot underestimate them. Obviously for me this is a homecoming of sorts. I played with the Rams for three years. I met some great people and made some great friends while living there. In fact I have a house for sale if anybody is interested. It’s a great deal, believe me. At this point we are just trying to get rid of it.

    Parts of my time there were good and memorable, parts of it were not. The three years I spent there, we won 6 games and lost 42 games. That is a lot of humble pie. That’s a major reason I was so excited to come to here. The team had just signed Donovan McNabb, hired Coach Shanahan and the future is very bright. Obviously I am very excited to go back and have the chance to play in St. Louis again.

    On a more personal note I would like to say that I am healthy, and I am getting tired of people telling me to stay healthy or wishing me good health. I appreciate the support, but I wish people would quit worrying. The end of my sophomore year in college through my second year in the NFL I played in about 70 games and only missed one. Not to mention that during that time I took more snaps than any d-lineman on my team at Nebraska and at St. Louis. I was in on every defensive package we had and I rarely came off the field, whether it was in practice or in the game.

    It wasn’t until last year that I missed any significant time on the field. I had shoulder surgery the January after my rookie year in the league and they said it would take me six months to come back. I came back in five. Another teammate of mine had the same shoulder surgery four months prior to that and he still wasn’t ready to come back. I came back five months before he did.

    I started my second year in the league with a shoulder that was 85% but I could play with it. The four games into that year I hurt my left ankle severely. I only missed one game because of it. Then a few games later I hurt my other shoulder, so much so that my surgically repaired shoulder became my good shoulder. I had two bad shoulders, a bad ankle and I was basically playing with one good limb but I was still playing. Whether I should have been playing or not is up for debate but I was out there. Then obviously my third year in the league, I was put on IR and had to have my other shoulder repaired. They told me again it would take six months. This time I came back in four.

    After I came back from that surgery, I received the devastating news that I needed ankle surgery, although it was not a major surgery. A lot of people think I took last year off but to the contrary, I spent 2-3 hours a day rehabbing and two hours a day working out. That’s why I can argue right now with Phillip Daniels about who the strongest guy on the team is because I worked out until I was completely exhausted at night.

    My defensive line coach in St. Louis, before I was traded, asked me how my strength was and I said “I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.” He asked me how that was possible since I was coming off a shoulder surgery and an ankle surgery just this past offseason. I said “I guarantee you’ve never seen anybody work as hard as I have to come back.” I’ve proven I can stay healthy for a long time, I’ve proven I can play hurt, and I’ve proven I can come back from injury. I’ve worked my tail off to prevent injuries. That doesn’t mean that a little tweak might not happen here and there. This is football we’re playing. If I do get hurt again, guess what? I will come back once again stronger than ever but I would be surprised if that were to happen. I am no more likely to get hurt than anybody else. I don’t think people realize how often football players get hurt, play with pain or have to have surgery. I can think of a lot of guys who have played games with injuries or missed significant time because they were hurt. What separates players is that some guys work hard to come back and some don’t. This game is what it is. Either you fold or you get stronger.

    “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.” – Romans 12:19

    Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Adam Carriker

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    Hog Blog with Adam Carriker – Week 2

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    What a great start to the season. The stadium was rocking and the crowd was awesome! We knew it was going to be a great challenge, and we also knew it was a big game. First game of the year, Sunday Night football on primetime TV and at home against the Cowboys. They are a good football team with a lot talent. They probably have the biggest offensive line in the NFL. All this added up to a lot of excitement and great anticipation.

    I felt like we waited forever to play the game. I watched college football all day Saturday, and then Sunday I sat around at our hotel watching NFL games all day. I was getting real tired of waiting. I could hardly contain my emotions running around warming up a couple hours before the game. They were playing other NFL games on the big screen while I was warming up. At this point I was fully tired of watching football and couldn’t wait for the game to start. I knew I would be going against Alex Barron, who was a former first-round pick and one of my teammates with the St. Louis Rams. I know him well and was ready to play a great game.

    Finally it was time for introductions and I remember standing in the giant helmet waiting to come out. The atmosphere was electric. By the time the game started I was more than ready to play. The game itself was very close and our defense played well. They did a lot of dinking and dunking, which gave them a few yards, but as a defense that won’t get you beat. We were making them work for every yard they got and didn’t give up the big play, which is what will beat you. The two things that really stood out to me in the game were right before halftime when DeAngelo Hall stripped the ball and returned it for a touchdown. I had already taken two steps to jog towards the locker room for halftime when I heard the crowd get real loud. I looked up and saw D. Hall racing for the end zone. The other big play was at the end of the game when Brian Orakpo drew the holding call from Alex Barron. I think he drew three holding calls throughout the game. In reality, those are just as good as sacks, they might not go in the stat column, but as you know that last holding call was huge in us winning the game.

    I do have to clear the air about one thing. I’m tired of hearing people say we were lucky to win that game. We had many chances to put them away before we actually did, so you could say they were lucky to still be in the game. Then Barron definitely held Orakpo and by rule there is a 10-second runoff. We beat them clearly within the rules of game and therefore clearly won the game and did not need luck.

    All in all the team played well, I played well and we have a great start to this season. It’s a 16-round fight, we won round one and we are now on to round two. The Houston Texans are a very good team and they looked very good against an excellent Colts team. Last year they were number one in the NFL in passing and so far this season they are number one in NFL in rushing. The season is very young but once again we have a great challenge in front of us and I can’t wait to play.

    Just a little update on the friendly weight room rivalry between myself and Phillips Daniels; We were both in the cold tank today at the same time, so we spent the whole 20 minutes arguing about who was stronger. Then we finally decided that in the offseason we were going to have a lifting competition between the two of us. I want to do every lift there is but he just wants to pick and choose certain lifts, which just happen to be the lifts he’s good at. I say why not do every lift? He doesn’t want to do it, because he knows the more lifts we do, the more it favors me. Truth be told, we push each other and I make him better.

    On a more personal note, we just found out my wife is pregnant with our second child. Our first child is a 14-month-old little boy who is full of life and attacks me the moment I walk in the door from work. I love coming home knowing he is going to maul me and throw a huge temper tantrum if I dare put him down and try to eat supper. I’m learning every day just how awesome children are and how much I love being a dad.

    This marathon which is known as an NFL season is off to a good start. It’s important to keep things in perspective. Round one went to the Redskins, round two is right around the corner. As the season goes along, we need to absorb the jabs that are sure to come along, land more punches than we miss, and in the end we will throw the knockout punch.

    Here is a quote I like:

    “Courage is not the absence of fear, but instead, what you do in the face of it.”
    -Author Unknown

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    THN Weekly with Andre Carter – Week 2

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    Redskins and Cowboys fans alike were treated to yet another instant classic in the NFL’s most storied rivalry to open the 2010 season.

    After the Redskins had held a lead all game, fans watched as Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo tossed the game-tying touchdown to receiver Roy Williams, who was wide open in the near corner of the endzone.

    The Cowboys celebrated. Their fans celebrated. But only after the flag of destiny was thrown. Then the realization of a Redskins victory became crystal clear.

    Cowboys tackle Alex Barron, a former first round pick who was acquired from the St. Louis Rams over the summer, had accumulated his third holding penalty (Dallas’ 12th penalty overall) and cost his team the victory by unsuccessfully keeping Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo at bay with an arm wrap.

    Thus the result was Redskins fans rejoicing throughout the nation, basking in the victory over their hated rival and also in the fact that they were on the right end of a call that under normal circumstances would not have gone their way.

    “Wins in the NFL aren’t easy. I will take the victory regardless of the circumstances,” linebacker Andre Carter said.

    In situations such as the final drive of the game and the drives following the Redskins botched field goal attempt, Carter says that they didn’t make the Redskins deter their focus as a team.

    “We held our composure and were optimistic in the game. Negative thoughts create a negative performance. We stuck together and won the game,” he said.

    A last-second home victory against a division rival who many project to be Super Bowl contenders to start the year reinforces the team’s positive mindset going into the second week.

    “Regardless of who you play in the season opener, the first game is always the hardest,” Carter said. “So much adrenaline is pumping and all you want to do is win. We were fortunate to win Sunday night.”

    The adrenaline rush was helped in part by a raucous FedEx Field crowd, who Carter credits with helping the team get to 1-0.

    “The louder the fans, the better. The offensive linemen couldn’t hear the audible checks and Romo had to scream his butt off to make certain calls. Our defense feeds off the crowd. It’s an enjoyable experience.”

    Two of the biggest factors on the field were cornerback DeAngelo Hall and safety LaRon Landry. Hall provided solid pass coverage as well as Washington’s only touchdown to end the first half while Landry was all over the field with his sights set on anyone wearing blue and silver and holding the football, logging a career-high and league-leading 17 tackles.

    “This scheme is a fit for them,” Carter said. “LaRon is a wild man on the field. He’s a heat-seeking missile ready to explode on the field. D-Hall is looking for the ball each time it’s in the air. Both of them are playmakers.”

    Hall gave FedEx Field a jolt of energy when he stripped the ball from Dallas running back Tashard Choice’s hands and returned it 32 yards for a touchdown to end the first half.

    That play was reminiscent of former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington’s interception return against the Carolina Panthers in 2001. That play saved the 2001 season after an 0-5 start and was made on the exact same sideline as well.

    Carter, in the process of tackling Choice when Hall stripped the ball, had one thing on his mind when the play truly developed.

    “Score, score, score!! Take it to the house, homie.”

    That play catapulted the team’s momentum and perhaps aside from the holding penalty at the end of regulation, saved the game.

    Whether someone views this game as being “barely a win” or just brought on by a stroke of luck, an opening victory was necessary to build confidence to face an opponent with just as much offensive firepower as the Cowboys.

    The Houston Texans are coming off of arguably the biggest win in the franchise’s short history, knocking off the AFC South powerhouse Indianapolis Colts at home with a 34-24 trouncing, led by running back Arian Foster’s eye-opening performance.

    Foster may have been nothing more than a secondary fantasy football option coming into last Sunday but after rushing for 231 yards and three touchdowns, he now has the league’s full attention.

    “He is an elusive player with a great motor and [is] a playmaker. [From] watching him on the field, he’s one of those players you can tell is hungry and wants to win,” Carter said.

    One of the most important things to watch this week will be how the defense matches up against a normally pass-happy Houston offense after a predominantly run-oriented performance against the Colts. Texans quarterback Matt Schaub produced an uncharacteristically low 107 passing yards in Week 1 after tossing a league-high 4,770 yards under the tutelage of current Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan last season.

    Having the younger Shanahan leading the Redskins offense certainly helps the team because of his familiarity with Houston’s talent and schemes. His insight will certainly be a key in how the defense performs on Sunday.

    “It’s great to have Kyle on our team. We will have an interesting perspective on the offensive mindset of the Texans. However, Houston knows that so as a defense we need to be prepared for anything,” Carter said.

    Another strange statistic coming out of Houston this past week was Andre Johnson’s uncharacteristic 33-yard performance. One of the biggest playmakers in the league, Johnson led the NFL in receiving yards last season as well.

    Johnson’s most recent showing will certainly not determine how the Redskins scheme for him.

    “If you are a 4-3 defense or a 3-4, Andre Johnson is someone that needs to be taken seriously. If you underestimate him, he can embarrass you,” Carter said.

    Carter also says the defense has to be disciplined and force the Texans to be one dimensional since they will come to FedEx Field with a strong aerial attack and a newly defined running game.

    “[It will require] four quarters of playing a physical defense. Tackling is going to be a big emphasis this game. It’s important that wherever the ball is ran, 11 men on the field need to sprint to the ball. Lord willing we can make them one dimensional and rush the passer,” Carter said.

    Carter believes, much like in any game, the winner will be decided by turnovers.

    “Turnovers are always the factor in every game. The more turnovers on our side of the ball, the better. It creates an opportunity for us to score on defense or place our offense in a position to score.”

    Fan Questions:

    tribeofjudah: AC, up to this point of your career, if you were to retire, would you retire as a Redskin or a Niner?

    AC: Redskins all the way. There is so much history here. I’m honored to be a part of it.

    tribeofjudah: In your opinion, who was/is the best defensive player to come out of Cal?

    AC: The best player to ever come out of Cal would be Hardy Nickerson. 16 years in the league playing at a high level.

    ATX_skins: How much does Orakpo really bench?

    AC: I really don’t know. He’s strong as an ox. Pure Texas bred.

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