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  • Relative Quarterback Ratings: Honolulu Hughes to Jason Campbell

    While trying to distract myself from the fact that a Gus Frerotte vs. Norv Turner Super Bowl is still a possibility, I took a look at Sammy Baugh’s statistics. I was surprised to see his rookie season quarterback rating: 50.5, an incredibly low number by today’s standards. Even Heath Shuler (sorry, Congressman Heath Shuler) never posted a mark that low when he wore the burgundy and gold. Yet Baugh’s 1937 campaign was not only good enough to guide the Redskins to their first NFL Championship, but it was also good enough to lead the league in quarterback rating. 71 years ago, the league average quarterback rating was just 34.4.

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    THN Retro Wallpapers – Ken Houston


    New to THN this year, we will be periodically releasing “retro” wallpapers of some of the Greatest Redskins.  This week, we are proud to introduce the Ken Houston Wallpaper.  It is also available in a widescreen version.


    Ken Houston Wallpaper

    Ken Houston Wallpaper


    Check out all of the Redskin Wallpapers available in the Fun Zone

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    Picking Up the Torch

    Writes THN member welch, our local history buff:

    “Just have to come back to the only online Redskins home to smile some more.

    One game is not a season, as we all said last week, but it sure helps when that game is a win!.

    Hail to the Redskins. Remember Gene Brito every time a DE makes a play. I wish Sammy Baugh was in good health, but at least Sonny saw the pass to Moss.

    Slingin Sammy, The Little General, Sonny, Billy, Joe T, Doug, the Rypper: I hope we’ve seen the torch picked up.

    Flaherty, Lombardi, Old George, Jack, Joe: one game, yes, but maybe, just maybe we’ve seen another torch picked up.

    Trying to tone down my enthusiasm, but this is way different than a win by Spurrier. That offense was not fit for the NFL. Richie Petibon, our great defensive coordinator, stopped every Spurrier-like offense in 1991: call it Red Gun, Silver Streak, Run & Shot, Floopdie Whoop or Mouse Davis’s Genius plan, but Petibon and the Redskins proved that it wouldn’t work.

    Before the NFC championship game, reporters asked Petibon, “Coach, the Lions scored 45 points on the Cowboys last week. How can you possibly stop them?”

    Petibon just said, “Oh, I don’t know, but we probably won’t try what the Cowboys did”. Just for the pleasure of remembering, and explaining to those too young to remember the Gibbs teams, Sir Charles Mann sprinted through the Lion’s right tackle, waved at Barry Sanders, and knocked QB Erik Kramer a few feet in the air…and knocked the ball about five yards away. Redskins recovered, scored on the next play, and the game was over.

    Fun to remember.

    That’s why we knew that Spurrier’s coaching in the NFL would be no more effective than Spurrier’s quarterbacking. (As Casey Stengel said, you can look it up.)

    At the very least, thngs look better with a win than with two losses.

    What happened to that “NFL executive” who told the Post that Campbell could only play QB for a Coryell/Gibbs/Saunders offense?”

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    Q&A With Larry Brown

    We here at were lucky enough to have #43 Larry Brown stop by and answer the questions posted by our members. Here are the questions and answers… Read the rest of this entry »

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