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  • Wallpaper Wednesday: Greg Manusky

    Thought I would break out of the Wallpaper Wednesday mould and do something different – and recognize a coach instead of a player. Well in this case, a coach who is a former player – Greg Manusky. The Redskins defensive coordinator took over the reigns from Joe Barry in the offseason, after serving as the outside linebackers coach the year before.

    The Redskins defense has had an up and down season – how much of that is on Manusky is open to individual interpretation.

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    Samaje Perine Emerging to Keep Redskins in Playoff Hunt

    FedEx Stadium Washington Redskins” by Kevin Coles (CC BY-SA 2.0)

    The Washington Redskins are keeping their playoff hopes alive as we enter the final few weeks of the regular season. They have a current record of 5-6, and they still have work to do but they are sticking in there, and showing encouraging fighting qualities, despite the odds being against them.

    The Redskins have been hit hard by injuries at the running back position recently, with Rob Kelley going on injury reserve and then emerging star Chris Thompson suffering a horrific break of his fibula and ending up in the same place. The departure of these two has left a huge hole in the Redskins backfield, and that has put more pressure on quarterback Kirk Cousins to throw the ball. However, he has started getting some help in the form of a rookie, Samaje Perine. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Redskins Need Win Against The Cowboys To Stay in the Playoff Hunt

    The mere mention of playoffs may have many of you imagining the infamous clip of Jim Mora scornfully mocking the press with, “What’s that? Ah – Playoffs? Don’t talk about – playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game!” After all, Mora’s Colts were 4-6 at the time and not in that dissimilar a position to the (5-6) Washington Redskins; or their opponents, the (5-6) Dallas Cowboys for that matter. Regardless of the improbability, that is still the scenario for the two beleaguered teams as they head into this week’s Thursday Night matchup. In the Redskins odds for the next game, bookmakers have Washington favored ever so slightly. A win for either team will keep them mathematically in line for a Wild Card spot, while a loss would all but drive the final nail into the coffin.

    That kind of make-or-break situation will only add to the already tense rivalry between the two teams. Two disenchanted franchises that come into the game… disappointed. Read the rest of this entry »

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    The Loser Papers – 2017 – Edition V

    Ahh the sour stench of bitter defeat wafts in from the New Jersey dumpster fire also known as the Football Giants. Who’s to blame? Certainly not Sheli Manning. Let’s see what The New York Post has to say on the matter: Read the rest of this entry »

    Redskins Try to Turn It Around Against the Giants on Turkey Day

    It’s been a tough couple of weeks for both the Washington Redskins and the Redskins faithful. After an improbable road victory over the Seahawks had injected life into the 2017 season, devastating defeats at the hands of the Saints and Vikings has put Washington on the outside looking in. Nevertheless, the Redskins odds for the next game, still have them as home favorites, and by a decent margin.

    Washington fans across America will get to feast on whatever pumpkin pie they can still fit into their overstuffed-button-popping-post-turkey-tummies, while watching Washington host their first ever Thanksgiving Day game, in an NFC East matchup with the New York Giants.

    Before last week, it would have been very easy to look past or through the 2017 New York Giants. They have been dismal. But not only did they squeeze out a tough 12-9 victory just this past weekend, but they did so against the Kansas City Chiefs – a team that beat the Redskins 29-20 earlier this year. Read the rest of this entry »

    A Look Back at Super Bowl XXVI and the Greatest Season in Hogs History

    It was 25 years ago when one of the greatest NFL teams of all time held up the Vince Lombardi trophy after defeating the Buffalo Bills 37-24. It was also the Skins’ third Championship in 10 years. This was the first, however, that was over a full 16-game schedule, with the other two Championships won after strike-shortened seasons.

    The team ranked first in offense during the regular season, and also had the second-ranked defense. Outscoring opponents by 332 points through the regular season and post-season combined, the Redskins didn’t trail once after the regular season had ended. Incredible.

    Joe Gibbs Washington by Keith Allison (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

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    Throwback Thursday: On This Day in Redskins History – 1947

    On this day in Redskins history in 1947, Slingin’ Sammy Baugh led the Washington Redskins to a stunning 45-21 dismantling of the Chicago Cardinals.

    It was 70 years ago, but Baugh was posting modern numbers in the game he was revolutionizing. He completed 25 of his 33 passes for 355 yards, with an incredible 6 of those passes for touchdowns. That would be an impressive statline for any quarterback on any Sunday, let alone in 1947.

    Redskins Dick Poillion had an impressive and interesting scoreline that day too. He put up 15 points on the strength of one touchdown pass, one field goal, and six PATs.

    Paul McKee led all Redskin receivers with 7 receptions for 103 yards, including touchdown receptions of 4 and 28 yards, while Hugh Taylor (34 yards), Sal Rosato (16 yards) and George Wilde (9 yards) all had a touchdown reception each.

    The win came at Griffith Stadium with 35,362 in attendance.

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    Wallpaper Wednesday: Chris Thompson – Breakout Performer

    It was heartbreaking to see Chris Thompson carted off the field this weekend. He has become such a valuable weapon for this struggling offense, and he has already overcome a multitude of significant sports injuries.

    But when the dust settles from a ridiculously tough loss to the Saints, Redskins fans that seem to have a propensity for disagreeing – would all agree that losing Thompson, and in such a grandiose fashion, was probably the most bitter taste left in their mouth.

    Thompson had an incredible 10 games for the Redskins in 2017 – so incredible in fact, that the opposition’s game plan had become to simply come in and shut down the elusive scat back. And while more teams were scheming for him, they were still having trouble shutting him down.

    Thompson led the Redskins in BOTH rushing (64 carries, 294 yards) and receiving (39 receptions, 510 yards) – an incredible feat, and testament to how tough the running back has been to bring down after a catch.

    His play defines the word “breakout” and was the inspiration for this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday.

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    Washington Redskins Face Crucial Period in Weeks Ahead

    After eleven weeks of NFL football, what’s left to play for in the NFC East as one of the league’s most competitive conferences edges towards a conclusion – and what do the Washington Redskins have to do?

    Currently third in the NFC East, the Redskins are 4-6, just behind the 5-5 Dallas Cowboys. With a margin so tight, a single weekend of NFL action could change the standings completely. The only problem is that the Philadelphia Eagles are running away with it, with a 9-1 record, and are standing amongst the contenders to go all the way to the Super Bowl. So the Redskins and the Cowboys are “battling” for second place, and on an outside chance, a Wild Card berth. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Wallpaper Wednesday: Joe Jacoby Vintage Edition

    As I sat around trying to decide who I was going to make the subject of this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday, I found myself slightly uninspired. The only player that I thought earned the stripe on Sunday was DJ Swearinger, and he’s already been the subject of a Wallpaper Wednesday AND included in the Flight Marshalls wallpaper just last week.

    So I dipped into the well and pulled out my favorite all-time Redskin – Mr. Joe Jacoby. Not only the greatest lineman to ever don the burgundy and gold – not only one of the greatest undrafted lineman to ever play – but the greatest offensive lineman not in the Hall of Fame. Disgraceful. And grounds for any Redskins fan to boycott Canton if they believe in the sanctity of the process.

    He was on all three Redskins Super Bowl teams. He made four Pro Bowls. He was first team All Pro twice. The Pro Football Hall of Fame itself, even named him to the 2nd team all 1980s team. But still not in the Hall.

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