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  • Remember This Pete?


    It was over 20 years ago, so many football fans may not remember Pete Carroll’s controversial “gesture” way back in 1992. Carroll was the defensive coordinator for the Jets at the time, and they were playing the Miami Dolphins in the second last game of the season. Dolphins kicker Pete Stoyanovich inexplicably missed an extra point with just a couple of minutes left in the game, and Carroll made the infamous choke gesture in response. It was senseless. It was classless.

    The Dolphins went on to win the game anyway, and Carroll later apologized for his classlessness, but obviously that wasn’t enough of a sacrifice for the football gods. They wanted more.

    And extracted it yesterday at the most inopportune of times for Carroll.

    Karma’s a bitch huh Pete?

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    Great Super Bowl

    As much as I hated the entire week leading up to the Super Bowl, the game itself was absolutely fantastic. It was… what the Super Bowl is supposed to be. A closely contested battle between what were quite obviously the league’s two best teams.

    Let’s face it, the Seahawks blew it. There isn’t a coach / player / team alive that wouldn’t take the scenario that Seattle had. Down by just 4 points – less than a minute to go – but with the ball on the one yard line and with the game’s absolute best power back in your backfield. Marshawn Lynch can gain a yard on nearly any play, he is #BeastMode for a reason. That reason. The guy can run with 8 NFL players on his back. His leg drive is incredible.

    So how on earth do you call a pass? Read the rest of this entry »

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    Super… Hype 49

    The pageantry from the NFL this week has been incredible. From Deflate-Gate to reporters clad in barrels, the hype machine during the Super Bowl lead-up has been absolutely feverish. Actually, pretty much nauseating to most of their genuine fans I would imagine, certainly to me.


    What do you think? Has the NFL spent so much time, energy and money using the Super Bowl to attract a “new viewer” that they have completely forgotten and ignored their existing fanbase?

    Follow me on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet


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    Joe Barry New Defensive Coordinator

    The Redskins ended their search for a defensive coordinator Tuesday, and hired Joe Barry.

    Barry was the linebackers coach for the San Diego Chargers, and was considered an early favorite for the job, until a flirtation with Vic Fangio this past weekend. Fangio signed with the Bears this morning.

    Barry inherits a defense that was just 29th in the league in points allowed. It has holes. Its secondary, is tertiary at best. He has a heck of a job in front of him. The chargers employed a 3-4, so it looks like the Redskins might continue to be stuck with it too.

    He has the unfortunate distinction of having been the defensive coordinator for the only 0-16 defense in history – the 2008 Detroit Lions. They allowed 517 points.



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    Fangio To Bears

    Vic Fangio is taking the job with the Bears, and not the Redskins.

    Ironically, Jason LaCanfora tweeted the news:

    I say ironic, because JLC was also the one who tweeted that Fangio would be taking the Skins job last night (as I blogged this morning).

    For what it’s worth, the source being JLC was the impetus behind me making my blog title this morning a question, and behind citing Chris Russell’s differing opinion (tweet).

    JLC was clueless when he was in D.C. – a change of employers hasn’t improved his ability to “report” much. Rumors and innuendo are quite typically the extent of the “fact finding skills” of Mr. LaCanfora. #devoidOfTalent

    Make sure you put him in your timeline and guess along with all of the NFL’s daily transactions!!


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    Fangio And Donatell?

    According to a tweet from Jason LaCanfora yesterday, the Redskins are close to adding Vic Fangio and Ed Donatell to their 2015 coaching staff.

    According to JLC, a known harbinger of Redskins truth and justice, the move is expected to happen some time this morning.

    However, according to the Redskins’ Chris Russell:

    So you’re officially up-to-date on what might happen this morning.

    Fangio met with the Redskins owner Dan Snyder and coach Jay Gruden on the weekend, but reportedly left without receiving a contract offer. He also met with the Chicago Bears.



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    By now I am sure you have heard about the “deflate-gate” scandal that is buzzing through the news wires this morning. The New England Patriots are being investigated for using deflated footballs in the rain, in their dismantling of the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

    The only balls that got deflated were Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts’.

    It was FORTY-FIVE-TO-SEVEN. Hello?

    But surely enough, out come the Monday Morning soapbox stances from anyone with an opinion.

    Ahem… here’s mine. ;-) Read the rest of this entry »

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    Redskins Logo Re-Design A La Disney

    Being an NFL fan, a Redskins fan, AND a proud daddy, I couldn’t help but take interest this week in a blog about someone who had re-designed the entire battery of NFL team logos in a Disney theme – especially given the constant news vitriol, and the controversy surrounding the Redskins, the use of their name, and of course of their logo.

    The blog highlights a guy by the name of Mark Avery Kenny, who quite creatively just posted an entire series of NFL logos on his Instagram account. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Some losses hurt more than others. There isn’t really a formula for what makes these games different than the rest, just an even more empty feeling when they do happen. Such was the case for the Redskins 27-7 loss to the Buccaneers on Sunday. It hurt. A lot.

    Was it because the loss was at home, and our home fan base had to endure that debacle?

    Maybe partly, but Redskins fans have grown accustomed to Fed Ex Field not seeing a lot of victories. I always find it tough to watch my peers boo the product on the field though, but I understand their chagrin. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Game Day Notes: Redskins vs Vikings

    Here are some game day notes for today’s game between Washington and Minnesota:

    RGIII returns.

    John Keim and Britt McHenry break down what it means to the Redskins. Incidentally, this is the third time that Griffin is returning from an injury layoff, and he is 0-2 in the other two returns. Read the rest of this entry »

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