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  • Flashback Friday: This Day in 2012

    On this day, September 30th, in 2012, the Washington Redskins scored a come from behind victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Billy Cundiff kicked a 41 yard field goal to give Washington a 24-22 victory, after Robert Griffin III executed a near perfect 2-minute drill with 1:42 to play. He completed 3 straight passes, before taking off on a 15-yard scamper that put Cundiff in range.

    Griffin also ran for a 5-yartd touchdown earlier in the game, and finished the day 26 of 35 for 323 yards.

    The Redskins went on to finish the season 10-6 and won the NFC East.

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    The Loser Papers – 2016 – Edition I

    Better late than never, and better out of New Jersey than almost anywhere else. What is this, you ask? Why, it’s The Loser Papers, of course! This is where you come to read the other side of the story. There’s no love for the Redskins on these pages. Here you find out how the other team woulda, shoulda, coulda, if only… And you get it straight from the hometown newspapers of the most bitter losers. Today, you’ll hear from such famous crybaby’s as Sheli Womanning and Ol’ BJ. Anyhoo, let’s get right to the fun. Our first two stories come from the pages of The New York Post:

    Eli Manning blinks last as Giants can’t beat Josh Norman

    After all the flags and gaffes and mishaps and blocked punts and fake punts and turnovers and momentum swings and Odell Beckham Jr. going at Josh Norman and an overwrought Beckham on the sideline taking a swing at a kicking net, after all those Redskins field goals, one after another, the Giants had the ball, time to work with and Eli Manning in the huddle, needing to drive his team for a potential game-winning field goal and a wonderful start to the season.

    There was 1:51 remaining, the Giants owned two timeouts and this wild and crazy affair was in the hands Manning, usually the coolest customer on the field.

    “I said, ‘We’re going to win this game 30-29, we’re gonna win,’’ guard Justin Pugh said. “But we didn’t.’’

    No, they didn’t. Manning hit Victor Cruz for 18 yards to get the Giants to their 39-yard line, but with 1:02, left Manning’s next pass was the last he got to throw. He looked short and over the middle for Shane Vereen but rookie safety Su’a Cravens stepped in front of the target and came away with a lunging interception. It was a fitting way for the Giants to absorb Sunday’s 29-27 loss at MetLife Stadium, as they were a mistake-prone and self-destructive outfit for much of the sun-splashed afternoon.

    “Bad decision by me,’’ Manning said. “Should’ve gone onto my next progression. Guy made a good play and it was unfortunate.’’

    Just like that, the Giants (2-1) failed to bury the Redskins (1-2) in an early-season showdown that brought out the worst in Ben McAdoo’s team as he was hit with his first head-coaching loss amid three more turnovers and an array of mistakes and penalties.

    Eli ManningPhoto: Charles Wenzelberg

    “Yeah, it’s disappointing,’’ McAdoo said. “Absolutely. We need to be better than that, and we are better than that. We’re going to address it this week and we’re going to fix it.’’

    The much-ballyhooed Beckham-Norman battle royal started slowly, heated up early in the fourth quarter and really was about to percolate when it fizzled, as center Weston Richburg was called for his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty — he blocked Norman on Beckham’s 24-yard catch-and-run and then apparently mouthed off — leading to a shocking ejection, the first-ever in the NFL under the so-called Beckham Rule. At the time, the Redskins were leading 26-24 and a Giants drive reached the Washington 15 before Manning looked into the end zone for tight end Will Tye, who gave up on the play and the pass was intercepted by cornerback Quinton Dunbar.

    Undeterred, the Giants should have been in business when rookie Romeo Okwara stormed in to block Tress Way’s punt that would have put them inside the Redskins’ 20-yard line. That block was nullified when rookie safety Andrew Adams, making his NFL debut, was called for a mindless roughing penalty. The Giants, after getting the ball on their own 30 on the second post, put a drive together and Josh Brown’s 30-yard field goal put them ahead 27-26 midway through the fourth quarter.

    It was that type of game, in which the Giants canceled out much of what they did right with something so wrong. A roughing the passer penalty on Olivier Vernon helped the ’Skins grind away on the ground with Matt Jones to set up Dustin Hopkins for his fifth field goal for a 29-27 Redskins lead. A comeback was not to be after a three-turnover, 11-penalty performance.

    “We got them on the ropes a few times and all the sudden we’re going backwards,’’ Manning said. “We got to play smarter football. We can’t afford to do that.’’

    This was a wasteful outing for the Giants, who led 14-3 in the second quarter and appeared poised to take control — until they lost their poise.

    “I feel like we should have won that game,’’ Pugh said. “If they weren’t playing for the Redskins, they probably feel like they should have lost that game, too. We hurt ourselves with turnovers, penalties, everything you can do to lose a game today we did.’’

    Beckham ended with seven catches for 121 yards, with Norman on him most of the way. Beckham said he was warned by the officials before the game that his first indiscretion would prompt an immediate ejection, a harsh response to last year’s altercations with Norman.

    “There was no, ‘You get a warning,’ ’’ Beckham said. “There was not any of that. You just have to be on your best behavior. Unfortunately, that’s what it’s come to. It’s not really football anymore as much as it is all the other things that play into it.’’

    Beckham was called for one penalty — offensive pass interference on a pick play on a pass to Sterling Shepard on the final, fateful series. Norman was called for an unnecessary roughness penalty for hitting Shepard early in the fourth quarter.

    Norman got the last laugh.

    “It’s a big, I don’t want to say [a] step back,’’ linebacker Jonathan Casillas said, “but this is a hurting we got to overcome.’’


    Giants’ kicked-out center accuses ref of targeting him

    Weston Richburg didn’t pass the buck, but he didn’t exactly own his ejection, either.

    The Giants center, the first player to get tossed under the NFL’s new double unsportsmanlike conduct rule, admitted, “I let my team down,” but also took a shot at umpire Undrey Walsh, saying, “The guy that threw [the flag] was after me.”

    While backup Brett Jones performed well in place of Richburg, his fourth-quarter disqualification certainly didn’t help the Giants in their disappointing 29-27 loss to the Redskins at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. The new rule was implemented after Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Panthers cornerback Josh Norman, now with the Redskins, combined for five personal fouls in an ugly matchup last season.

    “They were probably trying to cut down on things seeing what happened last year with that matchup,” the 25-year-old Richburg said. “But it’s on me. I can’t control how many flags they want to throw. I’ve got to be a leader and be in there for my team.”

    Richburg said he apologized to his teammates after the defeat, and they didn’t seem too upset with him, as long as it doesn’t happen again.

    “Weston knows we need him out there,” left guard Justin Pugh said. “He’s our center, one of the best centers in the NFL, we need him on the field. He’s gonna learn from it. He’s a young guy, that fine’s gonna come in and I know he won’t have that happen again.”

    It was unclear what he was called for on the play in question, a 24-yard pass play to Beckham in which Richburg was down field and shoved Norman from behind. Richburg said there was no trash-talking with Norman involved, and said he wasn’t given a reason for the penalty.

    “We didn’t have a very lengthy conversation about it,” Richburg said.

    As for what he felt about it, Richburg said, “I can’t say anything about the call.”

    His ejection hurt, but so did the penalty. The Giants would’ve had the ball at the Redskins 5-yard-line, trailing 26-24 with 14:03 remaining. Instead, the ball got moved back to the 20, and Eli Manning threw an interception two players later.

    “I let my teammates down,” Richburg said. “I have to be a presence in there and be a leader and I let my team down.”

    Without directly doing so, Richburg was at least implicating Walsh for making what he felt was an unnecessary call because of their dialogue during the game. It sounded like a contentious back and forth.

    “I deal with him a lot because he is the umpire and spots the ball, so I am talking to him about calls and what not,” Richburg said. “But like I said, I just have to be that consistent presence for my team and today I made a mistake and let it pull me out of the game.”


    And more fun from The New York Daily News:

    WATCH: Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. throws fit, fights with kicking net and cries

    Sunday, September 25, 2016, 4:29 PM

    It was only a matter of time before things heated up between Washington and the Giants. And you can bet Odell Beckham Jr. was right in the middle of it Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

    The madness started with a wild sequence in the fourth quarter that featured a helmet-to-helmet hit from Washington cornerback Josh Norman — Beckham’s nemesis — and a subsequent ejection for Weston Richburg after the Giants center earned his second unsportsmanlike penalty. Eli Manning then threw an interception in the end zone, and Beckham wasn’t pleased.

    Odell Beckham looks on in the fourth quarter game against Washington on Sunday. 

    Odell Beckham looks on in the fourth quarter game against Washington on Sunday.

    (Al Bello / Getty Images)

    The star Giants wide receiver walked to the sideline and swung his helmet against the kicking net.

    The apparatus fell over and the metal beam drilled Beckham in the head.

    Odell Beckham takes his frustration out on an innocent net.

    Odell Beckham takes his frustration out on an innocent net.

    (Barely In Bounds Vine)

    Later, cameras caught Beckham with tears in his eyes on the sideline and Manning trying to calm him down.

    Football is emotional, but this is a whole different level.


    And, finally, from The New York Times:

    ‘Desperate’ Redskins Take Risks and Beat Giants

    The Redskins’ Su’a Cravens was tackled by the Giants’ Shane Vereen after making an interception that essentially ended the game. Credit Bill Kostroun/Associated Press

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Odell Beckham Jr.’s bushy platinum curls posed a stark contrast to the deep red scratch still glimmering above the corner of his right eye socket Sunday evening, as he stood in the Giants’ locker room minutes after a hard-fought defeat.

    The evidence was all there, written on his face: a bloody mark that could come to symbolize the bitter fight for an N.F.C. East division title this season.

    It was hard to know whether the scratch had been made by a Washington Redskins defender or Beckham himself, when, in a fit of fourth-quarter rage, he swung his helmet at a kicking net and the crossbar collapsed and hit him in the face. In either case, the Giants (2-1) could not hide the physical and emotional toll from a 29-27 defeat they will surely come to rue.

    “They did a good job clawing, scratching, fighting,” Beckham said, “doing anything they need to do to get the win.”

    With opportunities to bury the Redskins (1-2) in the division, the Giants, at home on a crisp and sun-kissed afternoon, committed 11 penalties and three turnovers and failed to summon enough out of their revamped defense to stop Washington’s continuous offensive pressure.

    “It’s like a trap game,” Robinson told them. “This team is desperate.”

    But even staked to a 21-9 lead in the second quarter and clicking on offense for the first time all season, the Giants’ defense could not stem Washington’s attack. Two plays, both deep passes to DeSean Jackson, and — bang, bang — it was 21-16. The Redskins were not going down without a fight.

    The officials had anticipated a spirited, chippy game. They tried to set a no-nonsense tone early. The Giants were called for five penalties in the first half, the Redskins four. But in the second half, the Giants seemed unable to bend to the officials’ tight calling of the game.

    “Just too many self-inflicted mistakes that put us in bad positions,” quarterback Eli Manning said.

    The biggest was the unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty on center Weston Richburg after he appeared to have words with the Redskins’ Josh Norman early in the fourth quarter. Because it was his second such penalty of the game, Richburg was ejected.

    “I let my teammates down,” Richburg said.

    With the loss of Richburg, the team’s offense sputtered. Manning was intercepted at the goal line two plays later by Quinton Dunbar, who made the catch with one hand.

    The heightened tensions were largely a response to the well-documented animus between Norman, a cornerback, and Beckham, who was suspended for a game last December after sparring with Norman, then with the Carolina Panthers.

    On Sunday, Beckham said, the officials approached him before the game and gave him a stern warning: Any funny business, whatever the prompting, and he would be looking at a swift ejection.

    “No warning, none of that,” Beckham said. “Unfortunately, that’s what we’ve come to.”

    Beckham said he did not know if Norman had been similarly admonished. It seemed doubtful, especially when Beckham pretended to leap for a pass in the end zone early in the first quarter and Norman caught him in the air and carried him for several yards before dropping him to the turf. An official, standing right there, never threw a flag.

    “It was kind of like, ‘Wow, geez, what am I doing?’” Norman said. “But at the same time, I appreciate the officials. They really did a good job of controlling the game.”

    It was Beckham who ultimately lost his composure on the sideline. After Dunbar’s interception ruined a good Giants scoring chance, Beckham raged by the bench, cursing and yelling and, eventually, whacking himself with the kicking net. When asked how he had received the scratch on his face, Beckham said he did not know.

    “It’s an emotional game,” Giants Coach Ben McAdoo said. “We had a talk with him at one point, and I think on the field, he handled himself well.”

    The Redskins, though more disciplined, played like a team willing to do anything to avoid falling into an 0-3 hole.

    They took risks, most notably on fourth and 12 late in the third quarter when the punter, Tress Way, lobbed a pass instead of a kick and connected with Dunbar down the sideline for a 31-yard gain.

    That play, which ultimately yielded a field goal, represented how Washington’s offense kept coming at the Giants, refusing to allow any sense of security. After trailing by as much as 12, the Redskins took a lead, 23-21, five minutes into the third quarter when Jamison Crowder took a screen pass on third down and ran it 55 yards for a touchdown.

    Field goals led to four more lead exchanges before the Giants found themselves down by two with 1 minute 51 seconds left and an opportunity to win. With two timeouts remaining, there was optimism in the Giants’ huddle.

    “We’d been moving the ball well,” Manning said. “Felt we were in good shape.”

    But on first and 10 from the Giants’ 39, Manning tried to find Shane Vereen cutting under the deep Redskins’ coverage, and safety Su’a Cravens made a spectacular diving interception to effectively end the game.

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    A Sigh of Relief

    A collective sigh went out across Washington.  A win came when we needed it the most, and it’s hard to not be in good spirits with the end result. After a week of sulking and dreariness from a loss to the Cowboys, a win against the Giants is the kind of pick me up that you need.

    It would have been easy for spirits to crumble given how the game took an early 3-14 swing against us. After such a strong 3 out and by the defense on the opening drive, we gave up such a crucial turnover on a botched punt. REGARDLESS of Dunbar getting blocked into the ball, if Crowder fields the punt there is no issue. In the end, that play by both Crowder and Dunbar would set up the perfect redemption story that they had yesterday with their special teams and third down efforts being the keys to victory. They spoke for the team by picking themselves back up. We would bounce back, show resiliency, and when we truly were hanging off the edge of the cliff in an 0-3 start to the season, the Redskins picked themselves back up. It was a tough win and a reason to hold our heads high.

    There were some rough plays and rough drives in the first half.  Our defense had a terrible time stopping Running Backs and we kept giving away 3rd & longs.  There were some moments where we almost flashed brilliance with Norman dropping a near interception and Crowder on a 51-yard punt return to reset field position, but ultimately we would be staring at the wrong side of a 9 – 21 score. Again, it would have been easy to crumble, but we didn’t. Chris Baker started yelling at Joe Barry, DeSean kept pressing Gruden. Players were hungry, we still had fight in us. Immediately we charge down the field on two strikes to DeSean and right the reeling ship. WE’RE STILL IN THIS GAME! we seethed. Our defense kept the pushing with Will Blackmon ripping the ball the out of the Giants hands. While we would close the half by misusing timeouts in the final seconds or taking a bad sack, tthe game was still within reach and spirits were strong.

    Lichtensteiger got hurt on the first drive and it would be the beginning of what would become a test of our offensive line depth with Lauvao joining him on the side line. One of the best personnel decisions on the offensive line was getting Ty Nsekhe out at LT and moving Trent Williams inside to guard. It was a great move that eventually won the day with our running game. Crowder breaking free on his screen for the touchdown is due to Trent Williams being the man blocking out in space. Him in the guard swing/tackle position is what’s best for the team given that we have a monster like Ty sitting on the bench otherwise. That’s not to say that Williams isn’t the best LT on our team, he’s the best LT in the NFL. It’s precisely because he’s so athletic and a guy like Ty is so trained/built to be a LT that you need to move Trent inside to keep our best players on the field, especially given that Long was our backup guard/center and we’re out both a guard and a center.

    Did I mention we can’t stop Running Backs and 3rd & long is our Achilles heel? Cause in the second half it was more of the same of that as the Giants went down the field. Our defense made an admirable stand, almost forcing an Eli Manning fumble, and Bruton Jr. lost a maddening challenge that would have kept a 23-21 lead that instead slipped to 23-24.

    Side Note: lip reading Jay Gruden’s clear, irate, and filthy side line language after challenges is my new favorite pastime.

    The trick play on special teams was a gambit at the right time. It was too late in the game to being giving the ball back with a defense that has had issues stopping the Giants from scoring and points and time were scarce. Gruden made a gutsy call and Dunbar made a phenomenal catch on a surprisingly spiraled ball from our punter. I’d like to think the Tress Way had practiced that throw ad nauseam waiting for that exact moment to show the world that there truly is no better punter or pure passer in the NFL. Seriously, both of our kickers were outstanding yesterday. Dustin Hopkins putting all but one of his kickoffs though the end zone and every single one of his field goals (5) was through the uprights… It’s been a while since it was safe to trust our special teams and they did so much to comeback from an early error.

    Like many of our trips to the redzone this season, we couldn’t capitalize with a touchdown after a great play that set us up in good territory. We did get back the lead thought with 26-24 and we went into a tightly contested 4th quarter. It would have been easy to lose our cool, it would have been easy to crumble. But there was fight in this team, they would not squander a chance to lead. We did see signs of slipping on the other side of the field. It culminated in the FIRST ejection due to two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Odell Beckham Jr made some deep gashes in yards but the Giants couldn’t help themselves and had a line man taunt after a hit to the back on Norman. The Giants continued to drive down the field on OBJ when a man by the name of Dunbar (heard of him yet?) made a one handed interception within our own 5-yard line to safe guard the lead and shake off the Giants assault. It boiled over with OBJ having a tantrum against a net on the sideline. Soon afterward an unnecessary hit on the other side of the field by a player you’ve never heard of before (and probably won’t again seeing as the Giants added him to the active roster the day before the game) saved us from a blocked punt and ensured that their offense would be denied the opportunity to rally for a little while longer.

    Shout out to Sean McVay for remembering to stick with the ground game. He ran the ball more times yesterday (30) than he had all season (29). It’s amazing how much better play action is when the threat of a ground game is real. It also leaves defenses so tired that you can end games strong by eating 6+ minutes of clock on a running back’s shoulders. So keep it up and watch the formula that worked last season start working again for you this season. On Sunday it left the Giants with a little more than a minute to spare. The Giants we trying to march to field goal range. That’s when the wonderful new addition to our defense Sua Cravens stepped up and came down with an Eli Manning interception when we needed a big play the most. An excellent end to an exciting game.

    Cleveland is a stronger team than their record suggests. They’ve had some bad breaks with their kicker but otherwise they’re playing good football and we are not a good enough team to overlook anybody. Beating teams that you’re favored +9 by Vegas is something that good teams do. Victory this past Sunday doesn’t mean we’ve proven anything yet, but it does mean that we can start to believe this team can play like the 9-7 Division Champs they were last year. Next week is an opportunity to reaffirm those beliefs.




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    Game Day: Sunday, September 25th, 2016 – Washington Redskins @ New York Giants – 1:00PM EST


    FOX | NFL RedZone
    Sirius XM Radio
    Game Pass
    Mobile Applications
    Tickets | NFL Shop

    Kickoff Temperature: 54 degrees, 5mph winds.

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    Tale Of The Tape & Keys To Victory: September 25th, 2016 – Washington Redskins @ New York Giants



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    Keys To Victory

    Score more than 19 points.  The offense is due for a big game and it needs to happen here and now.

    Rush the ball more than 25% of the plays, the current percentage of running plays in the first two games.

    Limit the Giants passing offense.  Make the running game beat you.

    Stop the stupid penalties.






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    Flashback Friday: This Day in 1962

    On this day, September 23rd, way back in 1962, the Washington Redskins scored a come from behind victory over the Cleveland Browns.

    Bobby Mitchell hauled in a 50 yard pass from Norm Snead in the 4th quarter to eke out a 17-16 win. It was a tough day for Snead who completed only 8 passes and was sacked 4 times. Mitchell caught 3 passes for 94 yards of Snead’s 147.

    The Redskins went on to finish the season 5-7-2.

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    With The First Games Underway Who Is Already Looking In Shape?

    American football fans around the world are happy again now the 2016 NFL season is underway and, just like that, the first two games have flown by. There’s still a long way to go, with 14 games remaining but our predictions for the NFL season have the following five teams doing well.

    Washington Redskins
    Many teams were caught off guard by the Redskins, as they won the 2015 NFC East title. That may be bad news for Washington going forward as now the opposition will be extra vigilant when they come head to head. Sadly the Redskins haven’t got off to the best of starts this season after two home losses to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys with scores of 16-38 and 23-27 respectively. That makes the next game, away at the New York Giants, a crucial game so early in the season. However, there is still a long way to go and many experts expect the NFC East to be wide open this season. So despite two early losses, the Redskins are still in the hunt.

    Dallas Cowboys
    No other team in the NFL could have such a yo-yo like season ahead of them with so much depending on the fitness of their starting quarterback Tony Romo. The richest sports team in the world could have a decent season if Romo is healthy, or a dreadful one if he doesn’t. The first two games have represented that with a narrow opening day loss to the Giants, 19-20, followed by a win over the Redskins.

    New England Patriots
    Tom Brady, star quarterback for the Patriots, has now served two of his four game suspension and all things considered they haven’t done too badly without him. They currently stand as the top of the AFC East with a 2-0 record after beating the Arizona Cardinals by 23-21 and the Miami Dolphins by 31-24. With 15 games left to go there is still a large element of uncertainty along the way but New England will be hoping that things can get even better once Brady is available for selection again.

    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Also unbeaten at this early stage of the season with wins over the aforementioned Redskins and the Cincinnati Bengals at 24-16, with many considering the Steelers to have the best offense in the league, they’ll be reassured that they have done their job so far in earning the wins. However, Pittsburgh may be concerned about their defence which could see them drop potential wins if they are outscored at the back. If their defence can remain focused there’s no reason that that Steelers can’t go on a run and challenge for a potential Super Bowl place.

    Seattle Seahawks
    Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Michael Bennett, Bobby Wagner, Jimmy Graham and Kam Chancellor form a core of players that need to be at their absolute best this season if the Seahawks are to live up to high expectations this season. Early results have been mixed so far with a 12-10 win over the Dolphins followed by a 3-9 loss at the Los Angeles Rams. With a number of players in the prime of their careers they can be legitimate Super Bowl contenders if they focus.

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    Fouled Up Cousins, Kirk


    Sometimes, as a fan of the Washington Redskins, one cannot help but be pissed off beyond all words.  The 2015 team led us down the primrose path of high expectations.  The worst fans were predicting this seasons was a .500 record.  The best laid plans of Skins fans had the team winning eleven games this season.  Adding fuel to the fire were situations beyond the team’s control, such as Le’Veon Bell being suspended and Tony Romo suffering another unfortunate injury which kept him out of the week two contest.  A genuinely false sense of security abounded throughout the fan base.  Pittsburgh was going to be a tough game in any case but we were led to believe we actually had a chance of winning the game.  (Insert expletive of your choice here.)

    Dallas was a game for which no excuses can be made.  The Redskins lost to an inferior opponent because they did not and could not make the plays winning teams make consistently.  The team is now looking at a virtually impossible climb to earn a playoff berth and their team statistics say they will win six games or fewer.  While it seems easy to place the blame on the secondary, Bashaud Breeland in particular, the lack of a consistent pass rush and an inability to stop the run make it impossible for the secondary to cover good receivers indefinitely.  Eventually, any receiver will get open.  The Skins had three garbage sacks and very few hurries.  It may not even be legal to knock a quarterback down anymore.  If it is the team had us fooled this week.

    Ultimately, the game rests on the shoulders of the highest paid player in the league this season.  Depending on which fan you ask, Kirk Cousins either missed three touchdowns or four.  Either way, he is posting empty stats like they’re going out of style.  Who throws for 364 yards with only one touchdown?  Who makes that boneheaded throw in the end zone?  What kind of quarterback stares down his receiver in the end zone when the defense has a limited field to cover?

    What kind of jackass head coach abandons an effective running game on a 4th and less than one yard?  The same kind who pisses away all of his timeouts before they are actually needed.

    When I started writing this I had fully intended to make it some kind of reasonable and rational explanation as to why the team is now 0-2 but, quite frankly, I don’t have one and even if I did I’m so pissed off I doubt I could articulate it in any semblance of a cogent fashion.  If this team doesn’t beat the New York Giants like they sexually assaulted their children  I expect everyone to be fired.  Gruden can’t seem to find his ass with both hands, a flashlight, a GPS, and a proctologist.  Ditto, Cousins and the wide open receivers.

    Yes, the defense is a complete mess but we knew going into the season that the front seven was questionable, to say the least.  The plan was, necessarily, to outscore opponents.  Two games into the season the Redskins high-powered offense is averaging a whopping 19.5 points per game.  That’s tied for 20th in the league.  The team can’t win games like that.  The offense had best unfuck itself quickly.  That begins and ends with Kirk Cousins making the plays he should make.

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    Game Day: September 18th, 2016, 1:00PM EST – Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins



    Weather: 85 degrees @ kickoff.  6mph winds.  50% chance of rain.
    TV: FOX
    Radio: Sirius
    Online: GamePass
    Tickets: Available

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    Keys To Victory – September 18th, 2016 – Dallas Cowboys

    Keys To Victory

    Keys To Victory

    Let’s be honest.  The 2016 Washington Redskins opened the season like a six win team.  Maybe.  55 yards rushing.  No passing touchdowns and two interceptions with that group of receivers some were calling the best in the league.  Nine penalties.  30% 3rd down conversion rate.  Zero for two on 4th down conversion attempts.  Minus 5 minutes in time of possession.

    This week’s opponent, the Dallas Cowboys, opened the season with a division game against the New York Giants.  With a rookie quarterback and a rookie running back against a revamped Giants defensive line some were calling the best in the league, Dallas ran for 100+ yards, threw for 200+ yards with no interceptions, did not allow a sack, did not turn the ball over, committed six penalties, converted 10 of 17 third down attempts, well over 50%, and were plus 13 minutes in time of possession.

    To say that Dallas outperformed Washington in week one is a gross understatement.  Yes, Pittsburgh is probably a tougher opponent than New York but a team can only win the games it plays.  Fortunately for the Redskins, or perhaps unfortunately as the Giants are considered the primary competition for the division title, Dallas lost their opener.  The difference is they were in theirs with a chance to win right up until the end.  The Redskins were in no such position.

    First Downs 23 18
    Rush-Yds-TDs 30-147-2 12-55-1
    Cmp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 27-37-300-3-1 30-43-329-0-2
    Sacked-Yards 1-10 0-0
    Net Pass Yards 290 329
    Total Yards 437 384
    Fumbles-Lost 2-0 1-0
    Turnovers 1 2
    Penalties-Yards 4-81 9-55
    Third Down Conv. 9-14 3-10
    Fourth Down Conv. 2-2 0-2
    Time of Possession 33:18 26:42
    First Downs 18 24
    Rush-Yds-TDs 24-113-0 30-101-1
    Cmp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 19-28-207-3-1 25-45-227-0-0
    Sacked-Yards 2-4 0-0
    Net Pass Yards 203 227
    Total Yards 316 328
    Fumbles-Lost 1-0 0-0
    Turnovers 1 0
    Penalties-Yards 4-40 6-50
    Third Down Conv. 5-10 10-17
    Fourth Down Conv. 0-0 0-0
    Time of Possession 23:17 36:43


    Keys to victory, you ask?  Don’t play like the dog’s unwashed bollocks.  Everything has to be markedly better this week.  If Jones can’t find openings on his first few carries, either give him more carries than the seven he got last week or get Robert Kelley in the game.  If Cousins can’t get the ball to the midget patrol in the end zone, get the taller receivers and tight ends in the game and get Josh Doctson in the game.  What the hell did you draft him for if you’re not going to use him in those situations?  Scoring 16 points with this offense is a steaming pile of horse dung.  It’s absolutely inexcusable, regardless of the opponent.  If the team can’t post at least 24 points offensively they will lose more games than they will win.  That falls on $20MM man Kirk Cousins.  You gambled on yourself.  You’re no longer playing with house money, Sporto.

    Defensively, the Redskins obviously have to stop the run more often than never.  Part of that blame can be given to the offense that couldn’t keep the defense off the field but even so, stop someone before they get into the secondary.  Also, Deangelo Hall seems to be confused as to where he should be.  He’s a step late virtually every play.  I realize he’s learning the position on the fly but he’d better learn it quickly.  Dez Bryant had a bad week last week and he’s undoubtedly looking to make up for it this week.  Complicating issues, Sua Cravens reportedly has a hip flexor and may not play this week.  Expect Duke Ihenacho to be active.  Also, expect Jason Witten to have a field day with someone less mobile than Cravens shadowing him.

    If I were to pull some numbers out of thin air, I would venture the following would result in a Redskins victory:

    250+ yards passing with 0 interceptions.  300+ is a reasonable expectation against a weak Dallas secondary.

    100+ yards rushing.  That’s almost double last week’s output.

    Control time of possession.  Keep the defense fresh.

    Allow under 100 yards rushing.

    Cover Jason Witten on 3rd downs.

    Be error free on special teams.



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