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Live With DY… Hooters Rockville… 7PM

Join me tonight for the second edition of Darrel Young’s new show ‘1st & Goal.’ I will be Skype-ing in obviously, but you can catch him live at Hooters in Rockville, Maryland if you’re in the area.

Be there from 7-9pm as players, fans, and media converge into one show! There will be a live stream from 7:30-8:30pm at as well, for those unable to attend. Join Darrel, @skykersein @mrdcsports @Bmitchliveshow and myself as we talk about the Panthers game and more.

Follow me on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet and hit me up there if you have any questions.


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New Redskins Show For Redskins Nation

Next week a brand new show will be starting up for Redskins Nation – one that promises to be a ton of fun. Some of you may remember that last year I was a regular on Brian Mitchell’s ‘Tailgate Show’ – a show that featured us regular Joe Redskins fans talking with Redskins players, and of course with Brian.

Brian has his thumb in a lot of pies this season, so the show’s producer Matt DeNapoli wanted to come up with something equally cool for Redskins fans, and that would allow Brian to still participate when available.

After jumping through some hoops, it is now official – they will be doing a new show called ‘1st and Goal’ with the Redskins starting fullback Darrel Young! Read the rest of this entry »

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