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PSA: Blogs vs Articles And A Walk Down Memory Lane

Way back when I began the site and we started writing about the Redskins in 2002, there was no such thing as ‘blogs’. We were just a few rabid fans that were sick of reading the rigamarole of everyday media, and in a new world of technology, thought it might be of interest to other fans to give our very lay, ‘non-educated’ viewpoint of all things Redskins. I remember people telling me that I was crazy to think that anybody would care what your average Joe said about the Redskins. Over time, we developed a following, almost a cult following of sorts, and I think people realized that we were actually a group of pretty educated fans, and that we had some fairly intelligent and informed things to say – and with nobody pulling our purse strings. Read the rest of this entry »

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Washington Capitals Blogs section

THN’s new Washington Capitals Blogs section is now open for business! We will have several bloggers contributing regularly with both Capitals news and quotes, and tidbits from the AHL affiliate Hershey Bears.

Stay tuned!

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Hello Redskin Fans!

Welcome to THN’s new WordPress setup for blogging about the Washington Redskins and Redskin fans!

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