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  • A Little Unexpected Competition Never Hurts.

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    Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine

    As if things weren’t bad enough, there are now competitors in the NFC East for the counseling services that our Redskins have been offering to the downtrodden of the league. Fortunately, most can’t meet the level of services offered by the Redskins. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Flashback: September 2005

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    We have a lot of content here at and as we have been putting it out for so long – sometimes things get lost. We thought that it might be fun to re-visit some things every now and again during the dog days of the offseason. 

    We can look back at some of our old articles, or old message board posts, or podcasts, or maybe even back to one of our Cartoons.

    So we’re going to look back to Game 2 of the 2005 Season, when we were facing our arch-rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. This cartoon was put together by BringThePain, Scott Hurrey, Scott Peek, and myself. 


    Cowboys Cartoon

    Cowboys Cartoon



    To check out the cartoon, visit How Dallas Fans Became Ugly, and enjoy!!

    Check out all of the cartoons at

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    Redskins Make More Practice Squad Moves

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    The Dallas Cowboys signed linebacker Steve Octavien off of the Redskins practice squad onto their active roster.

    To replace Octavien, the Redskins signed linebacker Brandon Archer to the practice squad.

    Archer is in his second season. He entered the league with the Indianpolis Colts as an undrafted free agent our of Kansas State.

    Octavien is the fourth member of the Redskins practice squad to be signed to another team’s active roster this season.

    For all updated roster moves, please visit our Redskins <a href=””>Transactions</a> and <a href=””>Roster</a> pages.

    For more on the practice squad moves, please check out:

    <a href=”“>Redskins Insider Blog at</a>

    <a href=”“></a>

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    Early Play-Off Look For Redskins

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    Its definitely too early to really make play-off predictions, but Steve Wyche did so any way. There’s no real surprise information here. Obviously, he has the Giants, Panthers and Cardinals as locks, since all three of these teams are the class of their division, at least as it presently looks in the standings. He also lists Tampa Bay as being “In good standing.” Again, no surprise. They are 7-3 and playing pretty good football. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Vote The Redskins Ticket Surprisingly Effective

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    For anyone living in a cave in the DC area, or those who aren’t quite as lucky to live close the their favorite team, the Washington Redskins have been putting on a rather subtle campaign to put as many of the Burgundy and Gold in the Pro Bowl this year as possible.  Let’s just say that, at least as far as the fan voting is concerned, its working.

    As of November 18, the Redskins boasted four of the top ten overall vote getters. Clinton Portis is second behind only Drew Brees with more than 450,000 votes. Following Portis, Chris Cooley, Santana Moss and Jason Campbell are fifth, sixth and ninth respectively. Now let’s break down the individual positions for the NFC squad: Read the rest of this entry »

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    The Indignity of a Dallas Loss

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    The Monday after a Redskins loss is always a miserable day for Redskins’ fans. It always seems that people will cross the street to point and laugh at you for your team losing. People who aren’t even football fans will get their little barbs in like “So what happened to your Redskins yesterday” and “Saw your team get it’s butt kicked” and “I’m just pointing and laughing at you because everyone else is. I’m not even sure why they are, but I like to point and laugh.”


    The day after a loss to the hated Cowboys of Dallas, however is considerably worse. This is because there are simply way to many Dallas fans in Washington.


    The part that sickens me the most is the fact that better than 99% of the Dallas fans that I’ve met, haven’t even been to Dallas. This in my opinion is the worst kind of fan. They are “Joiners.”


    I, for example, am what you would call a “Homer.” I root for my home team. I live and die with my home team. In my opinion that’s why you have a “home team.”


    Contrarily, most of these “Joiners” simply root for Dallas because of their Super Bowl wins from the ‘90s. Don’t think so? Ask them about their team when they lose and they’ll all tell you the same thing “I don’t even really watch football” or “well I only started liking them back when they had [insert player’s name here]” or “I just like the color blue.”


    Occasionally you’ll find these “Joiners” are simply working out some unresolved “Daddy-issues” (e.g. “My Dad was a Redskins fan, but he’s a jerk”), but very frequently they are simply Cowboys fans so they can be “different.”


    Not the good kind of “different” as in “refreshingly unique,” but more the goth-kids-at-the-mall kind of different. The people who want the shock-value that comes with painting their face white and wearing seventeen layers of mascara but then want to whine about how they are consistently persecuted by mall security for “being themselves.”


    The worst part about the Redskins losing to the Cowboys, and then having to deal with the avalanche of Cowboys fans, who suddenly come climbing out of the gutters, is having to bite your tongue.


    The simple fact about this last game is that yes, the Redskins lost and the Cowpies won. Unfortunately, that’s not how the ‘Pie fans retell it.


    “Cowboys kicked butt last night” is the general consensus by the average ‘Pie fan.


    Unfortunately, there is nothing you, as a Redskins fan can say. Sure you can point out the fact that the ‘Pies merely won the game, but there was no kicking of rears involved. You can point out that the game was decided by less than a touchdown, and a total of 24-points, but really anything you say forces you to face the obvious.


    The Redskins were worse than the Cowpies. That’s what it will always come back to. Whether you realize it before you say it, or whether you give them the satisfaction of hearing it from your own mouth, that’s what it always comes back to.


    The Redskins offense was both porous and predictable. They could not stop the pass rush, Campbell couldn’t find his receivers, and when he did, they were either stopped at the line of scrimmage, or they simply dropped the ball.


    The Redskins defense held up their end of the bargain by picking off Tony Romo twice but on both occasions the offense simply turned the ball back over with a three-and-out.


    Special Teams tried to get them a seven point lead at the half by returning a kickoff all the way back into field goal range, but the Redskins again went three and out and settled for the three-point-lead.


    So, unfortunately Redskins fans, we’ve just got to suck it up. We are finally seeing the rookie head coach that we expected to see earlier this year. Our dreams of a play-off berth were squashed by Sunday night’s exhibition of how to run an offense that results in yards gained but no points.


    Until the Redskins can figure out how to convert on third down, and how to score touchdowns from the red-zone, this team would only be embarrassed if it did somehow back into a play-off spot.


    The only bright spot from Sunday night’s game came on the Redskins very first drive. They showed they could move the ball, and they scored a touchdown from the red zone. Unfortunately they could not repeat that performance for the rest of the night. Until they figure out a way to accomplish the efficiency of that first drive four or five times a game, they simply will not be play-off ready.


    Now watch, since I’ve typed this, the Redskins will win the Super Bowl just to spite me.


    Hey, if that’s what it takes, right?


    Go ‘Skins!

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    What Can You Say about the now 4-1 Redskins?

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    The Washington Redskins may not be the best team on paper, but they certainly look like one of the best in the league right now.

    After falling very painfully to the Giants in week one, most had written this team off to a 5-11 record. Their chances versus the New Orleans Saints seemed pretty slim. Drew Brees was a much better QB than Eli Manning and had thrown for over 300 yards in week one. The Redskins defense would not be able to stop them, and Jason Campbell would not be any better than his efforts versus the Giants. The West Coast offense was just too hard to learn. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Corners Outstanding

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    There were a lot of good, even great, performances from Redskin players in their 26-24 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. Were any of them better than those of Carlos Rogers and Shawn Springs?

    For most of the day, the job of trying to stop Terrell Owens fell to Springs; but when Springs strained his calf, Rogers took over. By game’s end, Owens did have seven catches for 71 yards, but Tony Romo threw the ball in his direction 18 times. I’m not even going to get into how ridiculous I think it is to pander to a receiver that much (and of course, T.O. didn’t think getting 1/3 of the team’s offensive looks was enough anyway).

    Both Springs and Rogers accomplished their task by playing T.O. very physically. There was a lot of post-game griping from Cowboys Nation about contact after five yards, but in reality, the Redskins just out-worked the Cowboys receivers. Washington pressured the receivers at the line and then brought a safety over the top, and the Cowboys were just unable to put together any of the big plays that their offense is capable of.

    “They do a good job in their man-to-man coverage. Their corners are physical, they climb up all over the receivers,” Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett said. 

    Climb up all over the receivers? 

    When the Redskins weren’t bumping the Cowboys receivers at the line, they were blanketing them downfield anyway. Owens wasn’t getting any separation against either Springs or Rogers. The Redskins ability to cover T.O. with man-to-man coverage freed up other defenders to do other things as well, like make sure Marion Barber did nothing (8 carries for 26 yards), and provide occasional help on tight end Jason Witten.

    While experts will point to a million different scenarios and reasons as to WHY it happened, the truth is that Rogers and Springs flat out played better ball than T.O. did.

    Considering that Rogers has sometimes struggled to cover a team’s number one guy, I thought that it was one of his best games in the burgundy and gold. Congratulations Carlos.

    Springs stayed in Dallas to be with his father (who is in a vegetative state). It isn’t hard to figure out where he drew his inspiration from on Sunday.

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    Skins vs. Cowboys Wrap-Up

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    What a tremendous effort from the Washington Redskins in defeating the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday at Texas Stadium. In what was the Skins last ever trip to Texas Stadium, they scratched out a 26-24 victory to stun the Dallas crowd and seemingly ‘football experts’ everywhere. Here are some links to help you relive it all again today: Read the rest of this entry »

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    Redskins Haiku’s: Dallas Week

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    If you are unfamiliar with Hiaku’s check out the link in BossHog’s first Haiku blog.

    Here’s a few to get us started.

    The season is young
    The Zornskins are 2 and 1
    Get em air cowpukes

    Tony Romo’s good
    at least when its september
    playoffs — not so much

    T. O. can make plays
    but not if he’s on his butt
    Dirty Thirty time.

    It is Dallas Week
    Time to throw out the records
    and watch a slugfest

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