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  • Game Recap: Washington 16 Tampa Bay 13

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    The Game Was Over When…

    Jeremy Jarmon forced a Clifton Smith fumble with less than a minute to go in the game, and Chris Horton recovered. Read the rest of this entry »

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    A Horse Walks into a Bar…

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    The Bartender asks; “Why the long face?”

    How many of you realize that the Redskins actually won the game yesterday? Show of hands?

    No seriously, they did.

    Yes…they did. I wouldn’t lie to you, they won.

    Yes, I know they only scored nine points, but nine is greater than seven.

    Oh sure, they naysayers are saying “same old Redskins; only scored nine points. That won’t be enough to beat our tougher opponents.”

    Consider this: Read the rest of this entry »

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    By the Numbers – Week 1

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    By The Numbers

    Here is a look at some of the ‘numbers’ from the Redskins 23-17 loss to the Giants on Sunday afternoon: Read the rest of this entry »

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    New Season; Same Result

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    There were two things the Redskins needed to do yesterday to beat the Giants and the Redskins didn’t accomplish either of them. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

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    At the end of last season, many were ready to see Jason Campbell go the way of the Do-do. Many made it clear that they believe that Campbell is the problem with the Redskins offense (even though the stats don’t quite support that).

    Then, as soon as the Redskins show interest in another QB, some of those same people started a “Hands-Across-America” campaign for Campbell wondering why the Redskins would ever think of being disloyal to their starting QB.

    Now we all know that the only stat lacking in Jason last year was touchdown passes. His completion % was over 60% even though the Redskins lead the league in dropped passes. He protected the ball well throwing very few interceptions, and even though he was knocked down more than most QB’s in the league, he didn’t fumble the ball very often.

    You know what I think it is? I think the very thing that many people like about Jason (his poise and composure) are the very thing we all find maddening in Jason.

    He’s not an edge-of-your seat kind of guy. He looks too relaxed…all the time.

    He just doesn’t have that “infectious spark” that gets us all fired up about him. He doesn’t show any emotion…ever. You are as unlikely to see him throw his helmet in disgust as you are to see him leap into his Center’s arms after a touchdown pass. He just stoically walks off the field either way.

    It doesn’t look like he’s having any fun out there, which makes it easy to question his heart.

    The man has ice in his veins, but no fire in his heart. I’m not questioning his desire to win, but I am questioning his ability to fire up his teammates.

    Look at some of the great QB’s. Steve Young played this game with a passion. You see him celebrating that Super Bowl win where he is hugging that trophy like a kid with a teddy bear. There’s a guy who played all-out. He left it all on the field.

    As sick as we all are hearing about Brett Favre, back in the day, there was a guy who would do whatever it took to win. He looked like he was having fun out there. Sure, Brett lost a few games, but you never questioned his desire to win. You always believed that with him under center, the Pack had a chance to come back.

    Look at Elway giving up his body in the Super Bowl for a touchdown. He got his team to believe in him. Two minutes to go, ball on the two yard line, and you just knew he was gonna get you there.

    Jason is a very talented QB. He’s efficient, but he is not the emotional leader of this team…and in my opinion, that is the biggest problem with the Redskins offense.

    Wanna know why the fans were screaming for Brennan last year and Daniel this year? It’s not just because these wide-eyed rookies are looking great against the second and third stringers, it’s because they look fired up. The fans are craving that. They want to see a guy that pumps his fist after a first down. They want to see a guy who leaps into the air after touchdown, or runs to his receivers for a big pat on the back.

    It’s not always about “act like you’ve been there before” sometimes it’s gotta be “act like you wanna get there again!” We don’t want the Terminator, we want the bastard love child of the Terminator and the Tasmanian Devil.

    Make believers out of us Jason. Take some chances. Have fun, but most importantly…WIN!

    Go ‘Skins!

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    That New Season Smell ’09

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    It’s that time of year again. Training camp has only just begun and to some fans the season is already lost. I can understand some of the concern myself, but I’m not quite ready to completely write our team off just yet.

    Here’s my take on some of the off-season moves.

    Jason Campbell

    So, the Redskins took a look at some available options at QB, the most serious being Jay Cutler. Let’s not kid ourselves; Sanchez was never a serious option. Here’s the thing; Campbell is in his final year and he hasn’t exactly knocked anybody’s socks off. He’s not the worst QB in the league, but he’s certainly not the best either. He’s adequate.

    Prior to the Redskins inquiring about Cutler, Campbell wasn’t good enough to lead us to the Super Bowl, but once the rumors started flying about the Redskins talking trade for Cutler, suddenly it was “Hands across America” for Campbell.

    I personally don’t think Cutler was that big an upgrade over Campbell, but if you could get him for a reasonable price, he was certainly worth looking at. I think the Redskins handled the situation right by not trying to outbid the Bears for Cutler, but you can’t blame them for looking.

    Now just because the Redskins were interested in Cutler doesn’t mean they hate Campbell, it’s simply a reflection of the facts, and the facts are that Campbell hasn’t really done much (yet) to warrant an undying loyalty from the front office. I think even he understands that much.

    Albert Haynesworth

    I said this before the start of free-agency, and I still feel the same, I think Haynesworth was a bad move. Now I’m not in any way comparing it to the moves of earlier this decade (such as Bruce Smith or Deion Sanders) but I feel it was a little overkill when there were far more pressing matters on the team.

    If Haynesworth can play a majority of the season, and plays to his full potential when he’s healthy, he may turn out to have been a great move; but I can’t shake this nagging feeling that he is going to become just another expensive benchwarmer hobbling around on the sidelines on crutches whose only contribution will be to hurl profanity laden insults to the opposing offenses.

    The Redskins’ defense has long relied on the strength of their secondary, using the D-line more to fill gaps and bat passes than actually rushing the passer. With the Drafting of Orakpo (is it a bad sign that Word’s spell-checker offered “Crapo” as an alternative for Orakpo?), and the acquisition of Haynesworth, it would certainly appear that Blache wants to see more big guys in burgundy in the backfield.

    Farewell Springs, Washington, and Jansen

    I know these guys were once fan favorites (and to some they still are) but I couldn’t help thinking that Springs was a bit of a cancer. My first beef with him was that he never reported for off-season workouts with the rest of the team. I know he wasn’t always the only one as Clinton Portis and Sean Taylor had both done the same things, but last year, he was the only hold-out not to report to camp.

    Portis reported to camp for the first time last year, and had arguably one of his best years. If that doesn’t show the benefits of working with the team, I don’t know what does.

    My second beef was that Springs never renegotiated his contract. Other players on the team would, knowing that with the renegotiation they were giving the team more cap-space so they could go out and improve the team, but Springs was one of the lone-holdouts that always refused to negotiate. If anyone should be lining up to give money back, it was definitely Springs based on my third beef with him.

    My third beef with him was that he could never stay healthy. Some of that could be blamed on the fact that he never worked out with the team, but we’ll never know because he never tried it. Eight games a year doesn’t cut it in this league so I wasn’t sorry to see him go, and I’m not sure that we’ll even miss him all that much (anymore than we would have with him hobbling around on the sidelines with some form of muscle pull or hamstring injury).

    I do hate to see Marcus Washington go, but that’s more emotional than practical. I always liked Washington, but even I have to face the facts that he was really struggling to stay healthy here for the past few years.

    I feel the same way about Jon Jansen, but I felt the team treated him as fairly as they could. They knew he wasn’t going to be their guy this year, and offered him the opportunity to retire as a Redskin. They gave him this choice early enough in the offseason that he still had options available to him if he still wanted to play.

    Now I’m hypothesizing here, but I believe Jansen expressed that he did still want to play, and the team offered to try and trade him to the team of his choice (to at least try and get some value for him). I believe that Jansen wanted to go to Detroit as he was a Michigan St. Wolverine and his family lives in that area. The Redskins probably called Detroit and offered a trade and Detroit refused.

    The reason I believe this is based on the fact that Detroit had him signed in less than six hours after the Redskins cut him, and the ‘Skins made no accusations of tampering. I have NO proof mind you; it’s just my gut feeling.

    I know there are many more developments, but I’m already a little long on the tooth in this blog. Fret not, I’m not usually shy about my opinions, and will get to them in later blogs.

    If I don’t see you before the next pre-season game…

    -GO ‘SKINS!!!

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    Slop From The Trough 06-12-09

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    This is a new blog I’ll plan to do at least weekly starting with training camp. For now, at least, it will just be something along the lines of a Redskins notebook. I’ll be going to the internet trough and posting some of the slop that I come across that seems relevant. Feel free to comment to let me know if I’ve missed something or you have ideas for improvement.

    For now, let’s get started with LaRon Landry, Jason Campbell, two signings and James Thrash:

    Read the rest of this entry »

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    The D.C. Gossip

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    Oh how we love our drama here in D.C.! I never watched the Gossip Girl, but here’s how I think the Redskins would be described if you asked a teenage girl. Seems fitting because it’s not far off from how the regular media is reporting it!


    Okay, so did you hear that Jimmy called out CP in front of the whole world and blamed him for the Redskins entire offensive troubles?


    Like, OMG!!! Right?


    So then CP calls up this radio show and he’s all calling Jimmy a “genius” but in that sarcastic way, where you know he totally doesn’t mean it!


    I mean, c’mon right? I’d be all mad too if my boss had just told everyone I was a loser.


    So then CP is all “we never talk anymore” an stuff, and saying “maybe they should put me on IR” and all that junk, but then Jimmy says he all understands what CP is saying, and totally gets why CP would go on and slam him on the radio, while I’m all like “oh no he didn’t,” but Jimmy’s bein’ all cool about stuff.


    I had to lol!


    Totally, right?


    So then CP is all talking about how he feels good after not playing in the big game, and then says he’ll be at practice, and you just know there’s gonna be all this drama. I would so die if Jimmy just rolled his eyes at CP, y’know? That would be too-funny and I would just have to ROTFLMAO!


    I mean, everybody knows all of this is because of Jason. Do you remember last week when Jason was all “boo-hoo-hoo I’m so sad ‘cuz everyone is blaming me for everything?”  What-ever!


    Jason’s just mad ‘cuz all those bullies are knocking him down and not letting him do his job because those guys who he thought were his friends can’t seem to stop the bullies from getting to him? And he’s all like “I can’t just throw the ball if there ain’t nobody open!” I know, right? Seriously!


    So then Jimmy says all that stuff about CP because he doesn’t want Jason to start crying again, and Clinton’s all like “uh-uh, you ain’t blamin’ me for all this, I tried to stop them” and Jimmy’s all like “yeah, but you aren’t stopping them” so he goes and sends out Ladell who doesn’t stop those bullies either, but he doesn’t say anything about that so you just know there’s other things goin’ on between CP and Jimmy!


    So I heard that Jimmy was all mad because whenever he and CP are hanging out at practice, that CP’s all just standing there and not doing anything, but CP’s all mad because he says he’s been doing all the work, but Jimmy’s all like “nuh-uh!”


    Why does there have to be all this drama all the time? Why can’t Jimmy and CP just get over it and be friends? And why isn’t anyone paying attention to Freddy ‘cuz you know he’s all mad ever since everyone started hanging out with D’angelo, but everyone’s so caught up in this JZ/CP thing that they are all missing the fact that Freddy really needs a hug!


    That’s all for now, see you at the Mall!!




    J. LaCanfora

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    The Indignity of a Dallas Loss

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    The Monday after a Redskins loss is always a miserable day for Redskins’ fans. It always seems that people will cross the street to point and laugh at you for your team losing. People who aren’t even football fans will get their little barbs in like “So what happened to your Redskins yesterday” and “Saw your team get it’s butt kicked” and “I’m just pointing and laughing at you because everyone else is. I’m not even sure why they are, but I like to point and laugh.”


    The day after a loss to the hated Cowboys of Dallas, however is considerably worse. This is because there are simply way to many Dallas fans in Washington.


    The part that sickens me the most is the fact that better than 99% of the Dallas fans that I’ve met, haven’t even been to Dallas. This in my opinion is the worst kind of fan. They are “Joiners.”


    I, for example, am what you would call a “Homer.” I root for my home team. I live and die with my home team. In my opinion that’s why you have a “home team.”


    Contrarily, most of these “Joiners” simply root for Dallas because of their Super Bowl wins from the ‘90s. Don’t think so? Ask them about their team when they lose and they’ll all tell you the same thing “I don’t even really watch football” or “well I only started liking them back when they had [insert player’s name here]” or “I just like the color blue.”


    Occasionally you’ll find these “Joiners” are simply working out some unresolved “Daddy-issues” (e.g. “My Dad was a Redskins fan, but he’s a jerk”), but very frequently they are simply Cowboys fans so they can be “different.”


    Not the good kind of “different” as in “refreshingly unique,” but more the goth-kids-at-the-mall kind of different. The people who want the shock-value that comes with painting their face white and wearing seventeen layers of mascara but then want to whine about how they are consistently persecuted by mall security for “being themselves.”


    The worst part about the Redskins losing to the Cowboys, and then having to deal with the avalanche of Cowboys fans, who suddenly come climbing out of the gutters, is having to bite your tongue.


    The simple fact about this last game is that yes, the Redskins lost and the Cowpies won. Unfortunately, that’s not how the ‘Pie fans retell it.


    “Cowboys kicked butt last night” is the general consensus by the average ‘Pie fan.


    Unfortunately, there is nothing you, as a Redskins fan can say. Sure you can point out the fact that the ‘Pies merely won the game, but there was no kicking of rears involved. You can point out that the game was decided by less than a touchdown, and a total of 24-points, but really anything you say forces you to face the obvious.


    The Redskins were worse than the Cowpies. That’s what it will always come back to. Whether you realize it before you say it, or whether you give them the satisfaction of hearing it from your own mouth, that’s what it always comes back to.


    The Redskins offense was both porous and predictable. They could not stop the pass rush, Campbell couldn’t find his receivers, and when he did, they were either stopped at the line of scrimmage, or they simply dropped the ball.


    The Redskins defense held up their end of the bargain by picking off Tony Romo twice but on both occasions the offense simply turned the ball back over with a three-and-out.


    Special Teams tried to get them a seven point lead at the half by returning a kickoff all the way back into field goal range, but the Redskins again went three and out and settled for the three-point-lead.


    So, unfortunately Redskins fans, we’ve just got to suck it up. We are finally seeing the rookie head coach that we expected to see earlier this year. Our dreams of a play-off berth were squashed by Sunday night’s exhibition of how to run an offense that results in yards gained but no points.


    Until the Redskins can figure out how to convert on third down, and how to score touchdowns from the red-zone, this team would only be embarrassed if it did somehow back into a play-off spot.


    The only bright spot from Sunday night’s game came on the Redskins very first drive. They showed they could move the ball, and they scored a touchdown from the red zone. Unfortunately they could not repeat that performance for the rest of the night. Until they figure out a way to accomplish the efficiency of that first drive four or five times a game, they simply will not be play-off ready.


    Now watch, since I’ve typed this, the Redskins will win the Super Bowl just to spite me.


    Hey, if that’s what it takes, right?


    Go ‘Skins!

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    By The Numbers: Lions

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    Each week, we take a peak at some of the ‘numbers’ that might have contributed to the past game’s outcome. Here are this week’s numbers from the Redskins 25-17 win over the Detroit Lions: Read the rest of this entry »

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