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Leftovers – Week 7

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In this week’s edition of Leftovers, Andre Carter talks about if he could possibly return to defensive end, how the defense countered Peyton Manning and the Redskins Alumni homecoming.

To read this week’s edition of THN Weekly, click here: THN Weekly with Andre Carter – Week 7

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Have you ever wondered to yourself how the Redskins coaching staff haven’t been able to see in a practice, the same things that we fans see in a game? Read the rest of this entry »

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Cruel Rumors, Wishful Thinking, and Joe Gibbs

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The rumors are rampant today. Redskins fans are running around fan sites like giddy little girls.
Desperate fans, latching onto even the most remote omen of hope…

Someone said the magic words…

Joe Gibbs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sacred Cow Tipping

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Oh, I know I’m gonna ruffle some feathers with this one.

Here’s my question; Was Jack Kent Cooke really the genius we believe him to be, or did he just have the right cogs fall into place? Read the rest of this entry »

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JJG’s Z-Men

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You have to give credit where credit is due… Zorn has everybody focused on the task at hand. With two losses this team should be in the dumps. Not because of the the losses, but to whom and how. Week one against the Giants it looked bad when the final whistle blew but Zorn and his staff had them ready to the next week, after basically laying down for the Rams (by overlooking them) it would have killed other teams but not Zorn’s crew.

But because we must give credit where credit is due…

This is a team that was built by Joseph Jackson Gibbs, coached by a staff that was but together by Gibbs. And front office running on a philosophy that he converted it to.

The big spending slowly came to an end and that brought a end to the big names, it has gotten to the point where the team can now offer contracts to players before they can even hit the free agent market

Portis is being used more like he was being used before he came to Washington, as far has what he can do when the play starts. But it’s still the same playbook when it comes to the ground game.

Moss has moved back to the X receiver position (the one Gibbs originally had him playing prior to the 700 page AS playbook came to town), and is once again a deep threat that takes a man “out of the box” 

Campbell was a big mistake when people heard Gibbs had did another deal with Denver and first round picks were involved, these are the same people that said Gibbs had been ripped off in the Portis deal. Yet he still hasn’t thrown a pick after seven weeks in the first year under Zorn… where he also happens to have more freedom once the ball is snapped.

Zorn has drafted big receivers that can’t get on the field, yet the same undersized wide outs that Gibbs brought in are running free in everybody’s secondary.

Gibbs had the right idea but he missed the mark.

He didn’t make too many bad moves in free agency while he was here for round two, OK load was his call best I can tell but AA was all on the the guy with three “Gs” in his five letter first name. Other than those two he left a pretty good crew of other teams cast offs. He had pretty good drafts with Carlos Rogers, Rocky McIntosh, and taking Sean Taylor over the son of a guy that he knew very well. Montgomery and Golston weren’t bad. How many people joined the “The game has pasted him by” crowd after he by passe KW2 only to later trade up for some guy known as Captain Caos. May be he wore too many hats when he returned, but seems to have worked and got this team where he said he wanted to get it “back on track”.


OK to be fair and accurate since Gibbs went back to NASCAR there has been a couple of big names signed to the roster , but no huge signing bonuses or long term deals that will have to be reworked. The did what most teams that have been set back on course. They had needs to fill and they went out and signed  a Shawn, and a Taylor

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