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Redskins Facing Tough Test this Week Against Rams

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The Washington Redskins kicked off the 2017 season with a gut-wrenching loss to their division rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. The team now has to put their disappointing season opening loss to the Eagles behind them, and turn their attention to their week two opponents, the Los Angeles Rams.

Since they were picked by many experts to finish fourth in the NFC East, the Washington Redskins season winning predictions are still on track.

The Rams are coming off a season opening win against the Indianapolis Colts. Sean McVay, the Redskins 2016 offensive coordinator, gets his first chance to go up against his former team as the head coach of the Rams. The game between the two teams is scheduled to start at 4:25 PM. ET.

McVay, who turned 31 in January, is the youngest head coach in NFL history. At the same 31-years-old, Washington coach Jay Gruden was coaching in the Arena League as the head coach of the Orlando Predators. Read the rest of this entry »

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Looking at Pryor Supplemental Drafts

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Much ado has been made recently about Terrelle Pryor and his eligibility for the supplemental draft today. So is it worthwhile internet chit chat, or is it just much ado about nothing? While the pundits and arm chair quarterbacks like to rant and rave about the merits of drafting these supplemental picks, one only needs to look back at history to determine if their opinions are warranted. And if you’re looking at history… they probably aren’t.

The reality of it is this, very-few-to-none, that have been drafted in the Supplemental Draft, have ever amounted to much of an NFL player. Oh sure, there have been some fringe pick-ups, but rarely has a team missed out on a perennial Pro Bowler, by not jumping on this draft. Read the rest of this entry »

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