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You Like That: Wallpaper Wednesday

That’s right, it’s Wallpaper Wednesday again, and while we may be playing the Cowboys this week…

… it doesn’t matter because we’re going to the playoffs!

Largely due to the play of Captain Kirk.

We Like That.


Click for the 1440×900 wallpaper size, and please feel free to share across your social networks.

Hail #RedskinsNation!

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Jason Hatcher: #WallpaperWednesday

My apologies for the unforeseen layoff of the Wallpaper Wednesdays… I was out of internet commission for a little bit.

This week’s wallpaper is Jason Hatcher. With it being Dallas Week, it seemed most appropriate.

Enjoy, and just click on the image for the full 1440×900 resolution image.


P.S. – I hate Dallas.

Follow me on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet. I will be serving up Cowboys vitriol in my timeline all week.

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Jordan Reed: #WallpaperWednesday

After sitting out the previous two games with a concussion, it didn’t take long for Jordan Reed to make an impact when he returned.

Reed’s presence was obvious. Not only did he catch 11 passes for 72 yards and two touchdowns, but his last catch was the game winner in Washington’s thrilling 31-30 come-from-behind victory over the Bucs. The Redskins lined up 4 receivers left, Reed to the right, and what looked like a good position and time for a fade, turned into a quick slant for a touchdown when Reed immediately planted, went inside, and too quickly for anyone to react. Cousins hit him in stride en route to the end zone, and the Redskins polished off the biggest comeback in franchise history.

Reed’s Touchdown


Just click on the picture for a full 1440×900 wallpaper.

Trent Williams had some pretty high praise for Reed after the game, “You show me anyone in the league who can guard that man one-on-one. I haven’t seen that yet. As long as we’ve got him, we got a chance. He’s the best receiving tight end that I’ve seen.”

Welcome back Jordan. Stay healthy.

Enjoy. Share. Hail.

Follow me on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet.

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DeSean Jackson: #WallpaperWednesday

I thought that this week I would make DeSean Jackson the subject of #WallpaperWednesday. His status for Sunday’s game against the Bucs is still questionable, so I’m trying to send a little good mojo his way. And the Redskins way.

Because they sure need a dose of something.


Just click on the image for the full 1440×900 wallpaper.


Follow me on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet.

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Trent Williams: #WallpaperWednesday

Still feeling down over the tough loss to the Falcons? Maybe a new Redskins wallpaper for your desktop will cheer you up.

Personally, I think the offensive line has played well to date this season – perhaps even better than expected. After all, 40% of the line has virtually no NFL experience. Run blocking has been tough sledding as opposing teams stuff the box to make Kirk Cousins beat them. The line’s pass protection has been very good. That line currently begins and ends with Left Tackle Trent Williams.

The Silverback.


Just click on the image for the 1440×900 wallpaper.



Follow me on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet. Share the graphic there too. :)

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Redskins Wallpaper: Chris “Swaggy” Baker

Last week, Terrance Knighton signed with the Redskins, perhaps largely due to the efforts of his good friend and current Washington Redskin, Chris Baker. Read the rest of this entry »

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New RGIII Superman Wallpaper and Twitcon

Well I figured since RGIII loves Superman, and plays like a superhero, why not do up a wallpaper?

SO I present to you another RGIII wallpaper for your desktop,and I even modified it for use as a twitcon.

Just click on the image to download the zip file, and then unzip the file into a folder of your choosing to put on your desktop, or in your Twitter profile.

Please don’t remove the subtle watermarking on them – the abuse spreads. Work goes into these things.

RG3 Superman Wallpaper

Twitcon – 500×500 pixels

RG3 Superman Twitcon

Enjoy them.

Please share them on your social networks if you enjoy them, and be sure to hit me up on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet and let me know if you put them to good use!!



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Redskins 2012 Schedule Wallpaper – RGIII Style!

Well with training camp opening next week, and rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III having just signed his rookie contract, it seemed appropriate to start putting together a schedule wallpaper for the 2012 season.

OBVIOUSLY, RGIII is the focus of just about everyone’s attention – both in and out of Washington, so I put together this optimistic spin on the Redskins upcoming season – their first with Griffin under center – and called it ‘Invitation to the Playoffs.’ Read the rest of this entry »

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RGIII Wallpaper

When Robert Griffin III was drafted in April, I needed to come up with something different for my avatar/twitcon. I had been rocking the RGIII Composite Draft picture up until the draft, but obviously that wasn’t quite as cutting edge once there actually were photos of Griffin being drafted. So I came up with doing a Close Encounters of the Third Kind avi.

Many people asked me if I was going to be doing up a wallpaper in the same style, so it’s finally here!! Read the rest of this entry »

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Evan Royster Wallpaper

To commemorate a great close to the season from Redskins’ running back Evan Royster, I was inspired to do up a wallpaper to honor his two consecutive 100-plus yard rushing efforts.

The rookie got his first career NFL start against the Vikings, when fellow rookie running back Roy Helu couldn’t go. Royster made the most of his opportunity with 132 yards rushing on 19 carries, and another 15 yards on two receptions. Considering the Redskins released Ryan Torain, you’d have to assume that the Redskins were impressed enough with Royster to give him Torain’s back-up role. Read the rest of this entry »

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