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By The Numbers: Saints

Posted: Sep 09 2012

By Mark Solway

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Here are some of the more interesting, and/or poignant numbers and statistics from the Washington Redskins impressive 40-32 victory over the New Orleans Saints at the Superdome:

464 - Total yards of offense for the Redskins. Not a bad debut for an offense that contains a lot of new pieces and had several question marks. The Saints had 358 total yards.

320 - Yards passing for Robert Griffin III in his NFL debut. Why would anyone be surprised that a superstar like RGIII would dazzle in his first game? He dazzled, he led, and he won. Officially 19 of 26 with 2 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, and a passer rating of 139.9. Pretty good job rookie.

109 - Yards receiving for Pierre Garçon. On 4 catches. In just 2 series. (see #88)

96 - Yards rushing for rookie Alfred Morris, logging 28 carries. Very decent numbers - even better performance. He was impressive in his debut. Also a great place to mention what a tremendous game the offensive line had. Equally impressive.

88 - Yard touchdown reception by Pierre Garçon. Unfortunately it was his last play of the game because he hurt his foot, but it was pure YAC - something sorely missing from the Redskins arsenal for a while. Garçon was still limping after the game, but expected to be able to play next week.

52 - Yards receiving for Aldrick Robinson, also playing his first NFL game after spending last year on the practice squad. He came in when Garçon got hurt, and made the most of it with 4 catches, including a touchdown. Speed kills.

46 - Percent completion percentage for Drew Brees (24/52). Why is this significant? It's the first time he's had less than 50% since 2006.

40 - Points scored by the Redskins, is the most the Redskins have scored since October 23, 2005 when they beat the San Francisco 49ers 52-17.

39 - Minutes time of possession for the Redskins (39:10) , to the Saints' 20:50. The Redskins had the ball for a quarter and 1/3 more than the Saints. Arguably the most amazing stat from the game.

32 - Yards rushing for the Saints. Total. The Redskins front 7 weren't just good against the run - they were great. Stephen Bowen had his best game as a Redskin and Barry Cofield wasn't far behind.

30 - Games in a row with a turnover for the Redskins - the longest current streak in the NFL. It ended on Sunday. Good riddance.

12 - Penalties for the Redskins, totaling 127 yards. Good thing for the Redskins that the Saints also had 12 penalties for 107 yards. Sloppy first game play? Replacement referee officiating influences? Yes, to both.

10 - Carries for RGIII. So much for not running the ball much.

4 - For - 4, for Billy Cundiff in his first action in the burgundy and gold. Graham who?

2- Fumbles for Brandon Banks. Neither one cost, but tsk tsk!

2 - Catches for Fred Davis. He was surprisingly and disappointingly quiet.

1 - Blocked punt. It could have been a dagger, and long-snapper Nick Sundberg broke his ulna on the play to add insult to injury.

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