Hog Blog with Adam Carriker - Week 13
By: Adam Carriker 
Posted: 2010-12-03
Category: Washington Redskins News
Against the Grain

Last week was a tough loss. The team fought and played hard. Obviously it wasnít enough to get the job done. We knew the Vikings were going to come out motivated after the firing of their coach and having a new interim head coach. Often when that happens a team gets rejuvenated and starts playing inspired just look at what has happened with the Cowboys. Obviously the Vikings did as well. We thought this would happen. They are a very talented team and are very dangerous when they are motivated. We had chances to win the game but came up short.

Our next opponent is a very good New York Giants football team. They run the ball very well, have a very good defense, especially on the defensive line and have a very good quarterback. I think it is going to be a great challenge for us on both offense and defense. I am excited and canít wait to go out and play on Sunday. Also, donít write us off just yet. We are not out of the playoff race just yet and I believe we have a team that can still get in.

As I am writing this blog, Iím watching the return of LeBron James to Cleveland. The guy gave Cleveland seven great years. I donít think itís the fact that he left that turned the city against him, I think it was the way he did it with ďThe DecisionĒ and all of that. It turned a lot of people off. But the reason I wanted to mention it is that there is a video of Jordan responding to the LeBron James commercial online and I thought it had quite the ďwowĒ factor. You should check it out if you get a chance. I am still rooting for the Heat this year, not because they are the favorite or the new popular choice, but actually quite the opposite. Most people donít like them and thatís why they appeal to me, especially LeBron. He had the courage to do what he wanted and what was best for him, even though he knew it would be widely unpopular and against the grain. I respect that. I like it when people have the courage to go out on a limb, overcome adversity and prove people wrong.

A lot of you know that I am big wrestling fan. I thought I would offer an opinion about a couple things. First of all, I miss WCW. The WWE needs some competition. I miss flipping back and forth between the end of Raw and Nitro trying to catch the end of both of them at the same time; and this was before TiVo, so if you missed the end, you missed it. TNA is trying to come up in the wrestling world but they just arenít to that level where they can push the WWE and make them better. One last thingÖ I really wish Goldberg, The Rock or Stone Cold would come back. Wrestling really lacks a major star right now, unless you count John Cena, who I like, but find rather cheesy. By the way, Goldberg is my favorite wrestler of all time. Who knows, maybe that will be what I do when Iím finished with football. I could definitely body slam a few people. Watch out, the Dark Horse is coming!

One last football note; donít give up on the old Redskins just yet. There is a lot of football left to be played this year. We appreciate all of our loyal and supportive fans out there. Remember what I said about overcoming adversity and proving people wrong? I still believe we as a team can go against the grain do something this year.

ďFor all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.Ē Romans 3:23
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