Note from Boss Hogette
By: Mikey T aka Boss Hogette 
Posted: 2003-12-17
Category: Washington Redskins News
The Cowboys came into FedEx Field and whipped up on our butts, again. Plain & simple. It was horrible. The Cowboys own us. They have lost only once in FedEx since the place was opened. They should rent the place out more often throughout the season, especially with as many Cowboys fans who were able to get tickets in the lower deck, the place is like a home field to them. It seems like when the Cowboys go onto the field against the Redskins, they just know that some how, they are going to find a way to win the game. Having won 12 out of the last 13 against the Redskins, I'd say they have pretty much locked up the formula. There just is no spark in this Redskins team. But, enough about another cold, wet, lousy day at FedEx.

This weekend the Redskins travel to Chicago to take on the Bears, who have had pretty much a bad year, too. But, they beat the Vikings last Sunday, and with a rookie quarterback. The Bears will be lead by Coach Spurrier's last Qback at Florida, Rex Grossman. I am sure it will be cold and windy, but, maybe we'll get lucky. Go Skins!!!

Cheers...MikeyT., Boss Hogette, HoF '99

* Thank heaven for Jim Thorpe, a man who helped pro football, now the passionate NFL game we love today, get started.
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