Pig Pen 3: Buccaneers
By: Fran Farren 
Posted: 2004-09-14
Category: Washington Redskins News
You could smell it. The hamburgers, sausages, hot dogs, scrapple sandwiches, and BBQ chicken cooking on the grills. You could feel it. The excitement. The anticipation. The deliria. Those of us that attended Sundays game against the Bucs were there to witness history . . . and we were excited about it. The Bucs game was Joe Gibbs’ first regular season game since returning to the Redskins. The victory would also be #500 for the Reskins. Ladies and Gentlemen, it doesn’t get much better than that.

This week, TheHogs.Net tailgate was up and running again and there were a lot of folks partying nearby. We met some old friends (from previous tailgates) as well as some new friends. It was obvious that all of us were a little stir-crazy at the thought of entering FedEx Field and seeing Joe Gibbs coach his first regular season game . . . and we surely weren’t disappointed, were we?

There were a lot of Hogs.Net brothers in attendance this week. Including myself, DEHog and Hailskins666 (which will be the “regulars” at the tailgates), there was also JPFair, Jansenfan, and RedskinsRule56. In the future, we hope a lot more of our fellow Hogs.Net brothers and sisters come out and join us. If you do, be sure to remember to wear your Hogs.Net tee-shirts!!!

Many other people stopped by our tailgate this week. Here’s what they had to say (and my apologies if I misspelled anyone’s name):

Neal Sheladia from Gaithersburg, MD writes, “Redskins all the way!”

Rocky Sheladia from Gaithersburg, MD writes, “Gibbs is back!”

Not to be outdone, Pamitha Weerasingle from Marietta, GA writes, “A new Clinton in Washington!”

Brian Bette from Germantown, MD was extremely excited when he states, “You’ll rock! It’s our year baby!!”

Rukshan Gunawardana from Germantown, MD stopped by our tailgate and stated, “We Want Dallas!!”

Ron Levin (RedskinsRule56’s father) from Potomac, MD stopped by and wrote, “Gibbs all the way!”

Rick Hargreave from Centreville, VA stopped by to give us this year’s prediction: “10 – 6, playoffs!”

Not to be outdone, Scott Tucker from Silver Spring, MD stopped by and gave us his two cents: “12-4!”

Indian Girl from Arlington, VA walked up, all decked out in her garb, and wrote, “Go Skins!”

Sean Conway from Elliott City, MD was giddy with excitement when he wrote, “Hail to the Chief! Gibbs is back!!! 1 – 0 vs. Tampa!!!!”

Michael Goddard from Crawley, WV was passing along messages when he wrote, “See you tomorrow, Gridironmike!”

Finally, Kelly Goddard from Manassas, VA stopped by and said, “Happy days are here again. Joe & the dirtbags are back!!!”

Folks, this is just the beginning of our tailgate activities. Each week, we expect it to grow, and to become bigger and better. We are here to tell others about the best Redskins website on the ‘Net and to celebrate Redskins football. We would love it if you all came out to join us!

Be sure to check the Tailgating photos section too.

Until next time, save one of those beers for me!

-- Justice Hog
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