The Bandwagon
By: Les Barnhart 
Posted: 2002-09-18
Category: Washington Redskins News
Plenty of seats have suddenly become available on the Redskins bandwagon. As I receive the reactions of Redskins fans, I get more and more upset. Yes, we lost Monday night and yes, we were embarrassed on national TV. But really, who cares? It is week 2 of our first season with a new coach and a new system. Did you honestly think that we would run the tables and be the next '72 Dolphins? If you did, lay off the drugs.

I have suffered through the losing seasons and I think what we have now is far from another one. But holy cow, the Eagles were a short hair from going to the Super Bowl last season. Did you not think that they would be a good team this season? I think the problem is that we fans have visions of grandeur regarding our own teams. In fact, we have expectations that no team can attain. As fans, we are allowed to do that. But don't act like a spoiled child and threaten to take your ball home when our team gets beaten by a better team. Hell, take your medicine and get ready for the 49ers. I understand the need to discuss and complain about the team and their performance but lets do it is a way that is not paramount to sipping Jamestown Kool-Aid if we dont beat every opponent by 40 points.

We need to keep the season in perspective. We are 1-1 and beleive it or not, we have the makings of a good team. We just can't realistically expect to win the Super Bowl in our first season under the new coach. steps, baby steps, baby steps. Personally, I think everything will be okay.

Be sure to come back to the Cheap Seats, there will always be a seat and a cold beer waiting for you.

The Wingman
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