The Pig Pen: Packers
By: Fran Farren 
Posted: 2004-11-04
Category: Washington Redskins News
Halloween arrived at Fed Ex Field and one would assume it was early fall or late spring! The weather was absolutely beautiful! The temperatures crept up to 74 degrees Fahrenheit as TheHogs.Net crew tailgated in anticipation of a Redskins victory over the Green Bay Packers.

As we tailgated, we looked all around to see whether people came dressed up in a Halloween costume; however, costumes in the tailgating area were few and far between. Once we got into the stadium, however, there were many more people seen in costumes. As promised, I donned my dress, wig and hog nose to honor the Hogettes.

Speaking of Hogettes, tailgaters were graced with the presence of actual Hogettes once again this week. Howiette showed up and talked to some fans near by. This time, he brought Georgette as well!! As the hot sun glared down upon us, Howiette and Georgette talked with us and with folks that decided to drop by and say “hi”. Halloween day was a special day as well for the Hogettes, as Howiette stated, because they were celebrating their 22nd birthday!! Twenty-two years of wearing wigs and dresses and hog noses cheering for the Redskins. Twenty-two years of raising money for less fortunate children. Twenty-two years of pure “class.” To learn more about the Hogettes, stop by their website.

As far as the tailgate was concerned, staff members including myself, DEHog and Hailskins666 didn’t disappoint. There were ribs, filets wrapped in bacon, scrapple sandwiches, ribs, Bubba Burgers, chili, and beverages. There certainly was no shortage of food. In fact, we had left-overs! For the few pictures available for this week’s event, click here. (I have to apologize for the limited number of pictures for this week. Some were not viewable due to sun glare.)

One final thought. I want to share a number with you all: 11:53. That is how much time was left on the clock in the 4th quarter when the Redskins missed the field goal in an effort to pull within 20-10 against the Packers. That was the time on the clock when hoards of Redskins fans began leaving the stadium in apparent disgust. The only one disgusted, however, was me. I couldn’t believe that fans would leave the game so early! What all of these people missed was a valiant effort by the Redskins to come back and win this game.

To the readers of, if you attend a Redskins home game, I ask that you please continue to show your support. We fans need to stick by our Redskins through thick and thin.

Well, that’s it for now.

Until next time, save one of those beers for me!"

-- Justice Hog
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