Pig Pen: Redskins Win, Eh!!
By: Dan Hines 
Posted: 2004-12-08
Category: Washington Redskins News
What a great day it was to be a Redskins season ticket holder... the weather was fantastic, the company at the tailgate was better, and the Redskins won!

This week thehogs.net were honored to host three of our Canadian Brothers (Hill66 and his two buddies) a.k.a the McKenzie Brothers. They made the drive all the way from London, Ontario, Canada (home to another one of our long haired theHogs.net brothers). These guys are hardcore Skins fans and really know their football. They even joined us for the “after party”. Looking forward to seeing you guys next year!

One of our “regular” tailgate neighbors actually had the nerve to bring a Giants fan !! Turns out he worked for Budweiser…so the moral of the story is, if your going to bring a fan of the opposing team to our tailgate party, they better bring beer!!

Once again we were blessed with the presence of Hogette Howiette. I really want to thanks the Hogettes and in particular to Howiette, who has made it a point to make the long trek from the orange lot just to support us. He is a very generous man with quite a resume. This past year Howiette was inducted to the Visa Hall of Fans in Canton, Ohio. He continues to raise money for children and this weekend you’ll find Howiette and the rest of the Hogettes in Bethesda, MD with Cory Raymer and Pat Fisher raising money for military families in need. On Sunday he’ll be right back at it, selling last minute tickets at FedEx (Gate G) for the Joe Gibbs autographed truck to be given away at halftime of theEagles game. Thanks Howard for all you do!!

This week thehogs.net are going to give back, so after we tailgate, we are going to join forces with the Hogettes in the orange lot and gate G to help sell those last minute raffle tickets for the truck. We’ll still be starting out at our usual spot in the Red # 4 lot. So be sure to join us and to stop by gate G and pick up your chance to win a Joe Gibbs autographed truck!! Also there’s a rumor that the Hogettes will be joined by one of the Redskins all-time 70 greatest players!! If you want to know who... be there!!

Thanks for supporting theHogs.net tailgate party and hopefully we'll see you in the Pig Pen.

You can check out the pics of all the tailgating parties here.

-- DEHog
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