OTA Review: Offensive Linemen In the Trenches
By: Scott Hurrey 
Posted: 2005-06-15
Category: Washington Redskins News
Redskins.com continues to provide an inside look into the off-season training regimen of an NFL team with their OTA videos. The short clips hosted by Larry Michael chronicle what its like out in the heat of Redskins Park working on technique and building team chemistry. The videos can be found at http://www.redskins.com/news/multimediaFire.jsp.

TheHogs.net is a site with respect and admiration for the often-overlooked offensive linemen, for it is the guys in the trenches that frequently determine a team’s offensive success. This OTA showcases the offensive line performing drills with the blocking sleds.

The “arm pump” technique being practiced is most often used in run blocking. The offensive lineman brings his arms up to his side, cocking them before driving them upward into his opponent’s chest, similar to a forklift raising a pallet off of the ground.

This Joe Bugel trademark is used to prevent the defensive lineman, who is taught to hit the offensive lineman in the chest, for getting the first shot. It also encourages the O-line to be aggressive and makes it very difficult for defensive linemen to hold them.

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-Scott Hurrey

Scott Hurrey is a senior writer for theHogs.net. Feel free to contact him with questions or comments at Scott.Hurrey@theHogs.net.
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