THN Cartoon: U-G-L-Y!
By: Mark Solway 
Posted: 2005-09-15
Category: Washington Redskins News
Week two of the cartoons, and this week we come up against our old arch-rival Dallas Cowboys.

You may or may not know that on Fan Appreciation Day, Joe Gibbs did in fact call Cowboys fans ugly in front of thousands of people. We thought it would be fun to do something on that and so we present to you... U-G-L-Y!

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This cartoon was put together by the THN 'Toon Staff:
Mark Solway - Animation, Sound, Graphics
Danny Carmical - Concept, Graphics
Scott Hurrey - Voices
Scott Peek - Graphics

Have a laugh, send it to your friends (especially the Cowboy fans), and be sure to 'Toon in every week to THN for the latest spoof.
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