Pig Pen: Philadelphia Eagles
By: Dan Hines 
Posted: 2005-11-11
Category: Washington Redskins News
Star-studded is the only way to describe this week’s THN tailgate party. Isaac’s once again provided an excellent meal, highlighted by a potato salad that had everyone going back for seconds. While we did not have at least one new THN member attend the tailgate party for the first time all season - unfortunately Fios was unable to make it in time because of the traffic - THN did welcome some “high profile tailgaters”.

The first celebrity to join the tailgate was the Commissioner of Tailgating Joe Cahn accompanied by Comcast SportsNet (his story ran on Monday Night Football). The next guest we met could be heard before he was seen, as THN welcomed the squawk of Harry Joe Yorgey a.k.a. the Birdman. Needless to say he we sent him home with a big L. Also on hand was U.S. Senator George Allen Jr., son of former Redskins Head Coach George Allen. He was on hand to campaign for Virginia Republican Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore, who was there shaking hands and cheering on the Skins!

The Redskins completed what was with out a doubt the best THN tailgate of the season with a thrilling 17-10 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, who had a tumultuous week thanks to the T.O. saga.

Be sure to join THN, Isaac’s, and Freedom Grill and of course, the Hogettes in two weeks when we take on Randy Moss and former head coach Norv Turner’s Oakland Raiders. Lot A75 is the place to be before every home game. PM JansenFan or myself for details or directions.

- DEHog
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