Updated Draft Selection Order
By: Mark Solway 
Posted: 2006-01-27
Category: Washington Redskins News
With the conclusion of the Championship games last Sunday, all but two of the 2006 Draft selection slots are known.

Carolina's bid for a Super Bowl ended with their loss to Seattle and they end up with the 27th selection overall as the final team eliminated the playoffs that finished with an 11-5 record.

Jacksonville closed out the regular season with the fourth best record at 12-4. They follow the Panthers with the 28th pick.

The Denver Broncos end up with the 29th selection by virtue of their 13-3 mark. Denver will also have the 22nd pick overall thanks to the Jason Campbell deal with the Redskins in 2005. Having two first round selections is a nice commodity, but the Broncos have to be disappointed that they are both in the final ten selections.

The Colts hold the final known selection number. Their 14-2 record guaranteed them a low draft pick, but surely many thought that it could have been even lower still. A phenomenal season that flirted with the 1972 Miami Dolphins perfect season, ends with disappointment and the third last selection of the first round.

The Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers will square off in Detroit in Super Bowl XL on February 5th. The winner will take home the Lombardi Trophy and gladly take that 32nd overall pick over the 31st.

2006 NFL Draft Order

Team W L PCT. S.O.S Opp. Rec.
1. Houston Texans 2140.1250.535137-119-0
2. New Orleans Saints 3130.1880.523134-122-0
3. Tennessee Titans4120.250.512131-125-0
4. New York Jets 4120.250.527135-121-0
5. Green Bay Packers 4120.250.531136-120-0
6. Oakland Raiders #4120.250.539138-118-0
7. San Francisco 49ers # 4120.250.539138-118-0
8. Buffalo Bills 5110.3130.5128-128-0
9. Detroit Lions5110.3130.504129-127-0
10. Arizona Cardinals 5110.3130.508130-126-0
11. St. Louis Rams 6100.3750.484124-132-0
12. Cleveland Browns6100.3750.508 130-126-0
13. Baltimore Ravens6100.3750.523 134-122-0
14. Philadelphia agles6100.3750.531136-120-0
15. Atlanta Falcons 880.50.492126-130-0
16. Miami Dolphins 970.5630.457117-139-0
17. Minnesota Vikings 970.5630.484124-132-0
18. Dallas Cowboys970.5630.523134-122-0
19. San Diego Chargers970.5630.559 143-113-0
20. Kansas City Chiefs 1060.6250.504129-127-0
21. New England Patriots1060.6250.508130-126-0
22. Washington Redskins1060.6250.539138-118-0
23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers1150.6880.449115-141-0
24. Cincinnati Bengals1150.6880.477 122-134-0
25. New York Giants1150.6880.492126-130-0
26. Chicago Bears1150.6880.457117-139-0
27. Carolina Panthers1150.6880.449115-141-0
28. Jacksonville Jaguars 1240.750.465119-137-0
29. Denver Broncos 1330.8130.5 128-128-0
30. Indianapolis Colts 1420.8750.457117-139-0
31. Seattle Seahawks * 1330.8130.43110-146-0
32. Pittsburgh Steelers * 1150.6880.492 126-130-0

# - Subject to coin flip
* - Subject to Playoffs

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