THN Hogcasts Offer the Voice of the Fans
By: Scott Hurrey 
Posted: 2006-08-07
Category: Washington Redskins News
We here at (THN) pride ourselves in our content. As a result, we strive to bring you news on your favorite team in any way possible. The latest of these endeavors is the THN Hogcasts.

We deliver our Hogcasts in mp3 format, and you can play them on any mp3 player, as well as uploading them to any portable mp3 player. This allows Redskin fans the opportunity to listen to the voice of fellow fans that are at camp or at the games to pass on observations, not from the local beat reporter or television anchor, but people that bleed burgundy and gold, just like you.

Be sure to check our podcast section every day to see catch the latest broadcast. Also, be sure to watch for an announcement in the near future, as we make our podcasts available via RSS feed to iTunes.

To close the first week of camp, Mark Solway and I break down goings on at Redskin Park, from notable player performances to general observations in Training Camp Podcast #1.

Then we come to you live from A75 in the green lot at FedEx Field, both before the Redskins-Ravens scrimmage and afterwards in our first ever Tailgate Podcast.

We at THN will continue to try to bring you Redskin news in new and innovative ways. We even have the web’s only wireless Redskins site.

-Scott Hurrey
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