The B. Lloyd Show - Dallas Week / Bang Out
By: Scott Hurrey 
Posted: 2006-11-01
Category: Washington Redskins News
In the second B. Lloyd Show, Brandon and I discussed Dallas Week, B. Lloyd's take on the team, and a few controversial topics that are dividing Redskin fans as the season progresses. To hear what Lloyd had so say, be sure to check out the week 2 podcast on the B. Lloyd Show page.

In the second segment, we introduce you to the song “Bang Out,” and talk to B. Lloyd about the song, his music and the stigma associated with athletes that pursue musical careers. You can check out the full-length single in the podcast, as well as on Lloyd’s MySpace page, which you can find on the B. Lloyd show page, as well.

The podcasts will be recorded Monday nights at the Redskins Store in Tyson’s Corner Center, so be sure to drop by, check out Brandon and Bram Weinstein as the broadcast live on Triple X ESPN radio, meet B. Lloyd, and watch the taping of the B. Lloyd show. Lloyd is a very fan-friendly guy, so you will not regret it.

-Scott Hurrey
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