NFL Draft: Top 32 Overall prospects
By: Mark Solway 
Posted: 2007-01-18
Category: Washington Redskins News
The Bowl games are over, just the All-Star games and the NFL Combine stand between this year's crop of draft hopefuls and the NFL Draft itself. The underclassmen have declared (though their declarations have not been made official), so it's time to put together a list of THN's top 32 overall draft prospects for 2007.

As always, the underclassmen had a tremendous impact on the rankings with three of the top five prospects being juniors, and six of the top ten. In all, fourteen of our top 32 overall are juniors.

THN's Top 32 Prospects for the 2007 NFL Draft
1. Calvin JohnsonJRWRGeorgia Tech
The guy has everything; including the title of 'best talent in the draft'.
2. Joe ThomasSROTWisconsin
Will be a franchise tackle for the next decade. Big and powerful.
3. Brady QuinnSRQBNotre Dame
Great mechanics, strong arm. Complete package
4. JaMarcus RussellJRQBL.S.U.
Cannon for an arm. Strong and powerful.
5. Jamaal AndersonJRDEArkansas
Run or pass, it doesn't matter. Great athlete, complete player.
6. Alan BranchJRDTMichigan
Awesome run stopper. Versatile. Cream of the defensive tackle crop.
7. Adrian PetersonJRRBOklahoma
Only injury and durability issues keep him out of the top 5.
8. Gaines AdamsSRDEClemson
Great ability to get to the passer.
9. Marshawn LynchJRRBCalifornia
Great north-south back. Gritty runner.
10. Quentin MosesSRDEGeorgia
Great edge rusher.
11. Leon HallSRCBMichigan
Fundamentally sound. Great zone cornerback.
12. Paul PoslusznySROLBPenn St.
Bednarik Award winner as college football’s best defensive player.
13. LaRon LandrySRSL.S.U.
Very productive on one of the premier defenses in the country.
14. Ted Ginn, Jr.JRWROhio St.
Speed to burn.
15. Amobi OkoyeSRDTLouisville
Collapses the pocket and clogs up the middle.
16. Reggie NelsonJRSFlorida
A big playmaker with immediate ST capabilities.
17. Dwayne JarrettJRWRUSC
Awesome size.
18. Charles JohnsonJRDEGeorgia
Extremely productive in his junior season.
19. Levi BrownSROTPenn St.
Massive frame, great athlete, great package.
20. Jeff SamardzijaSRWRNotre Dame
Soft hands. Great size, great athletecism.
21. Jarvis MossJRDEFlorida
Former gator has a great burst, good speed rusher.
22. Tony UgohSROTArkansas
Great quickness and vision. Could move to guard.
23. Sidney RiceSOWRSouth Carolina
Inexperienced but gifted physically..
24. Marcus McCauleySRCBFresno St.
Great size/speed.
25. Robert MeachemJRWRTennessee
Good speed. Could be a draft climber after the Combine.
26. Lawrence TimmonsJROLBFlorida St.
Raw but athletic.
27. Patrick WillisSRILBOle Miss
Sound tackler from the SEC who could play at any LB spot.
28. Darrelle RevisJRCBPittsburgh
Underclassmen with great cover skills and ST ability.
29. Ryan Kalil SRCUSC
Always bring his lunch pail.
30. Justin BlalockSROGTexas
Could play either tackle or guard in the NFL.
31. Michael BushSRRBLouisville
Big, powerful back.
32. DeMarcus TylerSRDTNorth Carolina St.
Great senior year. Good run stuffer.
On the bubble:
Chris Houston (CB - Arkansas), Greg Olsen (TE - Miami),
Zach Miller (TE - Arizona State), Quinn Pitcock (DT - Ohio State),

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