Team Needs: Indianapolis Colts
By: Bernie Marshall 
Posted: 2007-04-19
Category: Washington Redskins News
Between now and the 2007 NFL Draft, THN will be taking a look at all of the NFL teams' off-season needs. Up next is the team with the 32nd overall pick in the draft, the Indianapolis Colts.

2006 Results: 12-4 (1st in AFC South) Ö NFL 2006 Super Bowl Champions

2007 Projected Cap Status: $103,100,000 $5.9 million under the Cap (as of March 2nd)

2006 Season Recap:

The Indianapolis Colts went through the 2006 season just as they had gone through the 3 seasons before, they won 12 or more games (14-2 in 2005, 12-4 in 2004, and 12-4 in 2003) and cruised into the playoffs. Thatís when things strayed from the beaten path; the Colts didnít fold the first chance that came their way. In the 2006 post season, the Colts got most of the 'monkeys off their backs'. By winning the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning will not have to hear 'he can't win the big one' anymore, the Colts defense will not be accused of being a strictly a cover 2 scheme that canít stop the run, and the Colts proved that they can win outside of a Dome. In the end, the team thatís been pegged for years to make it to the playoffs and lose, was the only team that didnít.

Team needs:

1. Defensive Line
DT Montae Reagor's contract forced the team to release him because of a bonus that was coming due and he may not be ready for mini-camp. Injuries slowed defensive end Dwight Freeney for a number of weeks last year. Re-signing Dan Klecko will add depth but Booger McFarland and Raheem Brock may see competition during camp for there starting positions.

2. Linebacker
The Colts defense wasnít very good during 2006 but that changed in the post season, the loss of LB Cato June to free agency weakens an already limited group. A physical run stopping linebacker could provide some punch to all the speed in the unit.

3. Defensive Back
Safety Antoine Bethea had a breakout year but with the loss of safety Mike Doss, the Colts will need to find an aggressive hard hitting safety in the draft or via free agency. CB Nick Harper signed with the division Titans, so theyíll also need to find another young corner in the second day of the draft.

2007 draft picks:

Rd. 1 (32nd)
Rd. 3 (95th)
Rd. 3 (98th)*
Rd. 4 (131st)
Rd. 4 (136th)*
Rd. 5 (169th)
Rd. 5 (173rd)*
Rd. 7 (242nd)
* Compensatory Picks

Free Agency Status:

Franchise Player:
DE Dwight Freeney: Tendered at $8.66M

Playersí Signed/Re-signed:
LB Gilbert Gardner (re-signed)
DT Dan Klecko (re-signed)
OG Ryan Lilja (re-signed)
LB Rob Morris (re-signed)
DE Bo Schobel (re-signed)
QB John Navarre: (RFA Cardinals)

Un-Restricted Free Agents:
CB Curtis Deloatch
LB Terrence Melton

Restricted Free Agents:
CB Jason David (tendered at $850,000 with 4th-round pick as compensation)
OG Jake Scott (tendered at $1.3M with 2nd-round pick as compensation)
QB Jim Sorgi (tendered at $850,000 with 6th-round pick as compensation)
DE Josh Thomas (tendered at $1.3M with 2nd-round pick as compensation)

Players Lost:
CB Nick Harper (UFA Titans)
LB Cato June: (UFA Buccaneers)
DT Montae Reagor (released/failed physical)
S Dexter Reid (released)
RB Dominic Rhodes (UFA Raiders)
WR Brandon Stokley (released/failed physical)
DE Jonathan Welsh (released)

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