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Postby andyjens89 » Sun May 13, 2007 5:19 pm

Gibbs4Life wrote:Can Landry cover Jason Witten? He is alittle small no?

Can Roy Williams cover anyone?

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Postby Gibbs4Life » Sun May 13, 2007 9:30 pm

Can Roy Williams cover anyone?

No but he's used more as an extra LB, did u watch the NFL Replay of the dallas game, Roy was stuffing our Run and sacking boonell. Wade P. is a fat piece of garbage but he knows how to use talent on D. I think we have to be prepared for all out war in our div. esp against ttit, I'm surprised we won that game I watched today it shows that we did have heart last year and for one game some luck.

Witten is a matchup problem for us and most of the NFL the guy is big strong and can catch, he's like the white antonio gates, Laron Landry needs to earn his bones by knocking this guy out. by out I mean un-concious.
Owens is just as much of a danger, he's going to be more comfortable in his 2nd year and his hand will be healed, I'd like ST to knock him out but Owens is in TX as we speak running and cutting, while ST is throwing 1's and 5's at the pole in FL. I don't like it, we need to send PORTIS and MOSS down there to get his a$$.

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