Please Draft Calvin Johnson

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Re: Please Draft Calvin Johnson

Postby jeremyroyce » Fri Apr 27, 2007 8:37 pm

Gibbs4Life wrote:We have Moss and El...then it gets sketchy with lloyd...what makes us think brandon is a number two? Last year he had every opportunity and didn't produce. Calvin Johnson will strike fear into every team we face and with Santana opposite and Cooley in the slot! Forget about it. Give JCam the perfect weapon Moss, Johnson, Lloyd, El, Cooley! Defense is a need but the bottom line is the guys we already have on Dline need to just step up. At wideout however we are missing that guy, that possesion reciever who can also stretch the field. I suggest we trade #6 and next years 1st for Calvin Johnson. I just keep having the vision of us going down to dallas and lining up Calvin and Moss and it being lights out.

If CJ is an absolute no possibility... Laron Landry next to ST baby.

Brandon Lloyd did not have every opportunity. And even Joe Gibbs said that they need to get the ball to him more. In a game last year Lloyd had one catch for 50 yards and then he went right back to the sidelines.

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