I really hope

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I really hope

Postby NEWSKINSFAN119 » Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:58 am

We take two tackles and a center. I believe that would be the best outcome for this franchise's long term success. As I have stated before my older brother is a jets fan and I hope we take the same strategy they took in 2006 taking Ferguson and Mangold who are now Pro bowl anchors. Imagine if we could get Russell Okung at #4 and Maurkice Pouncey at #37 they would anchor our line for at least a decade. We could then take a chance at developing a guy on the roster like Chad Reinhart to be our right guard and then maybe we could find a developmental guy in say round 4 or 5 to be our future right tackle while Artis Hicks held the spot. I am not saying we don't draft a QB I would prefer they wait for a stronger class next year but if we do I hope he is a late round (4 or 5) developmental guy we can stash on the practice squad while JC starts and Sexy Rexy and Colt battle for #2. Then say in round 7 we take a flyer on a guy like Stafon Johnson who could develop into the feature back like another late round draft pick of Shanahan's. :)
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Postby fredp45 » Sun Mar 28, 2010 7:16 am

I absolutely agree...football is won at the LOS.

While there are a lot of JC haters, I've seen him do some very good things when given time. You don't need to have a future HOF QB to get into the playoffs and put yourself in position to win.

However, having a good offensive line takes you a long way in the NFL today. It allows you to run the ball, it gives your QB time to find open receivers (and allows the receivers more time to get open) and maybe most importantly, it avoids the Defense from hitting or rushing your qb into mistakes, either fumbling the ball or throwing ints. Giving up an easy 6 by fumble or int is normally a backbreaker.

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