The 46 base defense does it have a secondary long pass flaw?

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Postby HEROHAMO » Mon Dec 24, 2007 5:17 am

Dishgeek wrote:
welch wrote:I was just remembering a couple of great, great Redskins upsets in the playoffs. And smiling at the memory.

You made me smile too. The Falsons playoff game was the infamous MC Hammer game. It was proof positive that "swagger" is overrated. It also sadly illustrates why Irvin is in the Hall and Monk is not. The media, and by extension the electors, don't value guys that just show up and do their jobs with a minimum of fuss. I'm sure they hated the '91 Redskins 'cause they didn't run their mouths, and their sidelines were not a sideshow. It's just hard to fill in your column-inches writing about a team that is truly a team, greater than the sum of its parts, devoid of loudmouths desperate for attention.

HEROHAMO: I'm going to guess you also need a pretty good safety to run the 46, since it's named after one. It would certainly explain Williams' fascination with the position, too.

I commented on the secondary. The safties are part of the secondary you know.
Sean Taylor starting free safety Heavens team!

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