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Postby skins75 » Wed Dec 03, 2003 9:29 am

I know that things need to change for us to be successful next year but I am scared to see what happens in this offseason. If history repeats itself its going to be another overhaul of players and possibly coaches. I for one am tired of this. Although we need to add talent on our DL and to sign a quality corner and safety (if Champ goes) our offense should not change too much. Allow some consistency at least on one side of the ball. Of course keeping in mind there may need to be some minor changes in the starting line-up (ie: Rockhands Gardner). Keep Spurrier another year and demote GE to LB Coach and hire either Williams, Haslett or even Fassell to run our defense (if any are possiblities).

Am I alone here in my thinking that we should not pick apart this team and its coaching staff?

Is Gardner's contract up next year?

As someone wrote in a previous post "I am so tired of waiting until next year". The line up chages year in and year out have yet work for DS no matter how much money he spends on big name free agents. Please dont pick this team apart.

Thanks people for allowing me to ramble.

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Postby BossHog » Wed Dec 03, 2003 10:04 am

Ramble all you want brother, in a season such as this... it's all we have to stay on course.

As for changes... as much as I don't want ANY more full scale changes, the problem with the Redskins starts very near the top. That means that if GOOD moves are made, there is a chance that LOTS of moves will be made.

But it's doubtful that the Redskins will do what they need to to be successful - hire a real football person at GM - so you shouldn't have to worry... everything will stay pretty much the same.

Unfortunately... I just don't see that as a positive.
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Postby Justice Hog » Wed Dec 03, 2003 10:34 am

The biggest change that I would love to see is the Redskins actually getting a quality General Manager. If/when that occurs, the rest of the team's problems (i.e., upgrading the DL, etc.) will take care of themselves in my opinion.
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