My Take on the Champ Bailey Hoorah

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My Take on the Champ Bailey Hoorah

Postby The Skins Fan » Sun Dec 28, 2003 11:54 am

This is a very sensitive topic to everybody so I know everybody will have their own take but here's mine:

Obviously Champ is one hell of a corner back. Did he have a great season? In my opinion NO. Did he have a Pro Bowl Year? In my opinion ABSOLUTELY NO. But I'm not sure I can place the blame solely on Bailey this year. Edwards' defensive schemes were absolutely pathetic. My meaning behind that is that when we had them at 3rd down and more than 5 yards to go, why oh why did Edwards have corners playing 8-10 yards off the LOS?? I think you all will agree with me on that when their offense throws a little 5 or 6 yard pattern and then easily get the first down because Edwards was so paranoid at getting beat deep (which happened many times anyway) that he gave up the short stuff which allowed Offenses to move the chains, move the clock, keep the defense on the field and drive down until points for them were on the board so I'm not sure I can put the blame solely on Champ (or Smoot and the rest of the secondary with the exception of a few--Jimoh, Franz) But I'm positive the Redskins will slap the Franchise Tag on him especially with Arrington's new deal. By using the tag, all the skins have to do is match an offer from another team which will cost less than the $55 mill contract he turned down last summer. But another option is to get the 2 first round draft picks out of it. I wanna see champ in Burgendy and Gold for years and years but the price may be too expensive. There will be other corners that put up numbers that champ has available through free agency. Overall take- use the franchise tag, match offer and keep him here OR use his trade value for the #1 picks and use one of them for a top corner or get one out of FA which will clear up cap space. Either way they need to get some serious depth at the corner position and at Safety. Jimoh, Franz obviously CANNOT play in this league (I think you guys will agree with me there) Bottom line- Obviously keep Champ if the price is right but if not use his value to get some #1's in the draft
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