I'd like to order a big cup of Joe

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I'd like to order a big cup of Joe

Postby Chris Luva Luva » Thu Jan 08, 2004 12:31 pm

Ok ok ok, it was last week I was screaming, GIVE ME JIMMY GIVE ME JIMMY!!. And I was right, and I'd still pick him OVER ANYBOY, except for Gibbs. HAHA, did U feel anger rush into your heart before I said, "Except for Gibbs". I was 7 or 8 when Gibbs was here. I remeber watching the last Super Bowl, I'm going on 20. I'm happy to see him here, and is a better fit than Jimmy. Gibbs can do all the things Jimmy can do. Im not reffering to the team but in regards to Napolean. Gibbs is not going to take Danny's nonsense and he is going to show Danny the ropes. Gibbs is going to show Danny how an organization should be run, this will be the learning experience Danny needs. I say this becuase Joe won't be here too long, he's 120 for Heavens sake, but when he does leave a foundation should have been made. Danny should see that Gibbs formula is a winning formula and should find a coach in his mold and keep the organization running in the same manner, not as he been doing it previously.

Just my My 2 cents

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Postby skinsfaninroanoke » Thu Jan 08, 2004 12:43 pm

Just to respond to the age thing - my dad was a workaholic. He lived to be 76 but sold his business at 73. He was still travelling 50k a year on the road calling on customers up to that point. The decline after he sold the business was phenominally fast.

The moral of the story? I think Gibbs will be like this til the day he dies but that because he is like this it will be a long time in coming because it is what drives him and keeps his heart beating.
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